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Top 6 Plant-Based Food Companies


Vegetarianism is the new drift in the food industry. According to health experts’, plant-based food is healthier and much better for the environment. Human anatomy accepts plant-based food more easily than animal-based food. The plant-based food market is expected to grow 12% globally in the next five years. The shift in a plant-based diet is primarily due to health concerns and digestive intolerance towards animal proteins.

Vegan Food And Plant-Based Food The Same?

A vegan diet is free of all animal food substitutes. It is free from animal flesh like poultry, meat, pork, beef, fish, and eggs. It also eliminates the consumption of dairy products like milk, cheese, curd, and butter. A vegan diet also rejects the consumption of honey. A plant-based diet may not eliminate milk products and honey consumption, but a significant portion of meals are fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Is Plant-Based Food Healthy?

Plant-based foods such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes are better for your health than animal products. A plant-based diet is rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins, which lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and lowers diabetes and heart disease risk. 

According to Harvard Health Publishing and Harvard School of Public health, plant-based meals, which consist of fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, grains, and healthy oils, are a better dietary option than meat-based products.

Top Six Plant-based Food Companies

A plant-based diet protects us from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease.  Let’s take a look at the top plant-based food companies that will change your views about a plant-based diet. 

   Impossible Food Inc.

Impossible Food Inc is making meat, fish, and milk alternatives possible. The company is making big waves in meat substitutes with its veggie burgers and plant-based sausages.

Pat Brown made it thinkable by backing research in animal products, breaking the molecules, and selecting specific nutrients and proteins to recreate similar plant-based products.

The products are available in over 5000 fast-food chains in the US, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific, and Singapore. Today the net worth of Impossible Inc is more than $4 billion.

   Daiya Foods Inc.

Daiya Foods is producing plant-based food alternatives of yogurt, cheese, and desserts. It is an offshoot of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. The company has also joined hands with other companies that make dairy-free macaroni, grilled sandwich pizza, and meatless substitutes.

Daiya Food Inc has its sublets in the South American Continent, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. This Canada-based company is America’s fastest-growing food company in plant-based alternatives.

   Gardein Protein International Inc.

Gardein Protein International is marketing and manufacturing fake meat, fish, and dairy products; the products are from vegetables, soy, grains, pea proteins, and wheat. The company also claims that its products have more protein per ounce than meat products.

Gardein Protein became a Pinnacle Inc’s subsidiary after the company was purchased for $154 Million in 2014. The company has its market in Europe and North America.

   Maple Leaf Food Inc.

In 2018 Maple Leaf Food announced its intentions to make alternative meat products. Their products include snacks, lunch packs, and other plant-based products; however, hot selling products remain Light-Life burgers and the famous Beyond Meat Burger.

Maple Leaf Inc. plants in Massachusetts and Seattle are hitting capacity. Its plant in Indiana is also making meat alternatives in the main league. 

  The Hain Celestial Group Inc.

The Hain Celestial Group is marketing and manufacturing alternative meat products and various other products such as personal care products, food items, and grocery. The company has four segments of products; snacks, groceries, personal care, and tea.

The company offers almonds, oats, rice, soy, and coconut beverages; it also sells frozen desserts and plant-based meat products. Plant-based products are under various brand names like Natumi, Lima, Dream, WestSoy, Yves Veggie, and Linda. The products are available in supermarkets, food stores, e-commerce platforms, and foodservice clubs and channels. Hain Celestial has its production facilities in North America and Europe and sells its products in more than 70 countries worldwide.

   Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen is producing and selling organic and natural frozen foods. The major products are veggie meats, veggie burgers, beans, pasta sauce, chili, salsa, candy, pot pies, snacks, pizza, pasta, soup, burritos, and wraps.

The company sells its products globally through grocery stores, natural food stores, colleges, online stores, and supermarkets. The company has its manufacturing plants in California, Oregon, and Idaho. The company has a substantial market in Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and North America.

Concluding Thoughts

People have preferred plant-based food for centuries. Even today, in many traditions such as Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists, plant-based food is the main ingredient of their diet. Plant-based food is good for digestion and positively affects your thoughts and mind. 

With a paradigm shift in eating choices, plant-based foods have a substantial future consumption and protein-rich foods. In the coming years, we will see many brands giving plant-based foods alternatives, including vegan products. These options are healthier and taste as good or even better than their animal counterpart products. Try them before changing your food preference.