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How a Plant-Based Diet Aids Weight Loss

If you’re interested in weight loss, a vegan diet can help you get the results you want and keep the weight off for a long time. Shedding those pounds can be difficult, but switching to plant-based eating can help your body look toned and lean. It’s also environmentally friendly and kinder to our friends in the animal kingdom. So, how can going vegan help you look slimmer? Here are four solid reasons why!

A Vegan Diet Can Help you Shed Pounds

Vegans get more fiber in their diets than meat-eaters. This is because common substitutes for meat, like beans and legumes, are higher in fiber. Vegetables are also bursting with fiber and other nutrients that can help you keep the founds off.

When you are getting all of your fuel from fiber-rich sources, you are fueling your body with what it needs to process energy most effectively. While excess fat sits on the outer part of the body, fiber burns up for energy, letting you operate at an optimal level while also looking your best.

Too Many Healthy Fats Can Make You Gain Weight

Popular diets like Keto and the Paleo diet advertise that you can eat as much fat as you want and still lose weight. Paleo talks about the benefits of healthy fats from lean meat sources but tends to gloss over the reality that even healthy fats can make you gain weight.

Plants tend to have far fewer fats in them, and a plant-based diet is often accentuated with fats like olive oil and avocado as opposed to having the fat be the star of the dish. Over time, even healthier fats like leaner cuts of meat will pack on those pounds.

Plant-Based Diets Have Been Linked to Lower BMI

BMI, or Body Mass Index, has been used for decades to assess how healthy people are. Those with lower BMIs have less fat on their bodies and can look much leaner. Vegans and vegetarians usually have far lower BMIs than their meat-eating counterparts.

This is primarily because the foods that vegans and vegetarians are eating are far healthier and full of fiber. Without even trying, people who subscribe to a plant-based lifestyle are lowering their BMI and keeping their weight down or good.

A Healthy Lifestyle Will Keep the Weight Off

Fad diets are appealing because they offer people immediate solutions to their weight woes, but they rarely ever work in the long run. Most of the weight that you will lose from a diet like Keto is water weight, and you will put it right back on the minute you quit the diet.


The only real, long-term way to keep your weight at bay is to change your lifestyle through diet and exercise. Going vegan is one excellent way to keep weight off for good and increase your overall health.