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Best Meat Alternatives


With the rise of veganism, there has been an increase in demand for dairy and meat substitutes. A plant-based diet is more sustainable for the environment and provides you with numerous health benefits.  People who switch to an all-vegan diet can struggle when coming from a meat-based diet. If you are looking for your favorite meat alternatives, then this article is for you. 

If you didn’t already know, there are alternatives available for anything you can think of in today’s market, from seafood to chicken and beef. Cooking is more accessible and fun with these alternatives, and these substitutes are purely plant-based yet retain the taste. So here are some plant-based meat alternatives for your non-carnivorous diet. 

   MorningStar Farm 

MorningStar Farm has always been a significant plant-based protein producer due to the increasing demand for meat alternatives. It was famous for its veg-burgers, but it has launched its new incognito line, consisting of plant-based meat substitutes, such as hot dogs, pizza rolls, vegan chicken strips, bratwurst, and Italian sausage. Its consistency and flavor remain the same and unquestionably worth the hype. 

   Gardein’s Fishless Filets and Crabless Cakes

Gardein is another brand that has come up with many meat alternatives by launching their vegan seafood. The Fishless Filets by Gardein are golden and crispy, with the perfect texture and consistency of a fish stick. Gardein has also come with Crabless Cakes to experience the taste of an actual fish without crabs or any carnivore ingredient. 

   Sweet Earth Plant-Based Deli Slices 

Sweet Earth has come with the best alternative for the meat-based sandwich by introducing its vegan deli meats into the market. Their harmless ham, turkey stack-ups, and pepperoni are the most amazing substitutes to enjoy a plant-based pizza of your desires. It is readily available on Instacart and in your nearby supermarkets. 

   El Burrito’s Soyrizo 

Soyrizo is a soy-based version of the classic spicy chorizo sausage. El Burrito has come with the best alternative, which is as spicy and favorable as the natural sausage. Its easy-to-follow recipe is enjoyed by many, and you can have it for your breakfast or cook it for a dinner date. Many non-vegans prefer it, and the particular reason behind it is its lower fat count. Soyrizo has 60% less fat than the real thing, making it the most suitable for your health. 

   Plant-Based Chicken 

If you are looking for a substitute for the chicken nugget, you must know that Chik’n has launched its Alpha Nugget, which has reduced fat and sodium count and is healthy for your body. Chicken substitutes must always contain whole grains like wheat, soybean oil, protein and cornflour, and spices. You can add this vegan chicken to your everyday salads, wraps, whole patties, and sandwiches. 


Jackfruit is similar to figs, and its consistency resembles that of meat. This fruit can be bought as a whole and is even available in shredded cans. Due to its texture and subtle flavor, you can cook it with any sauce of your preference. There are plenty of creative ways to use your jackfruit, from pulled pork sandwiches to a platter of nachos. It pairs well with everything. Its canned version is readily available on Amazon. 

   Canned Black Beans 

If you are looking for a plant-based high protein substitute for meat, then black beans are the best alternative for it. Buying a canned version will enable you to incorporate the packed liquid into other recipes. If you want your beans rich in gravy, you can simmer the beans in the same juice. You can also incorporate them into your burger by blending them. It not only adds a fantastic flavor to your meal but is an excellent way to make your meal healthy and rich in protein. 

   Veggie Burgers

Veggie Burgers are the easiest to make at home and are easily accessible in the market. All you need to do is toss together all the veggies, beans, spices, grains, and salt, then put them all between two breadcrumbs and either grill them or pan sear. To mimic the meat’s flavor, you can add smoked paprika or liquid smoke while garnishing. You must go for veggie burgers that include some whole grains like veggies and beans. You can substitute meat with soy-protein and soy-protein isolates. 

   Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans, commonly known as chickpeas, are available in canned and dry form. Canned chickpeas are usually preferred because they are easy to cook. They can are amazing to add to all your recipes, from falafel, hummus, creamy broth, beans, and crispy snacks. Chickpeas are the best option to add a blast of non-veg flavor to all your dishes. 


Lentils are versatile and are available in many colors like blue, green, red, yellow, and brown. These are staples of a vegetarian diet. You can make a meatless bolognese by substituting the meat with lentils and mushrooms to give it the proper consistency and flavor. Make sure you simmer them well. You can add lentils to curries, stews, fries, plant-based salads, meatless patties, burgers, and pepperoni pizzas. 


Since the vegan diet is becoming increasingly popular, there are so many more meat alternatives out there. Give some of these a try because you are sure to love them all. These meat substitutes give you versatility in what you can cook with them and contain so much flavor. Being a vegan has never been easier in this day and age.