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Snacks You Did Not Know Were Vegan


Snacks are a gift to humanity, unlike anything else. They can get you through extensive all-night study sessions, difficult break-ups, and the stress of tiny mundane things and make you feel better. Well, many companies have been making vegan snacks for a long time. They didn’t make them specifically for vegans, but the snacks are accidentally vegan and have no animal products as ingredients. So here’s a list of all your favorite snacks that you didn’t know were meat-free and dairy-free.

Oreo Cookies 

Although the package says that you should eat them with milk, the cookies on their own do not contain any dairy products. So you can now eat them with oat milk instead.

Sour Patch Kids 

Your favorite childhood snack is gelatin-free and totally vegan. It is sweet, sour, soft, chewy, and perfect for going to the movies.

Nutter Butter

Sweet and salty, shaped like peanuts, these cookies taste creamy and peanut buttery without any actual butter or any other animal products.


Airheads are extremely chewy and completely vegan. They’re made out of different sugars and stain your tongue in different colors. Fun, right?

Ritz Crackers 

Don’t let the smooth taste fool you; there’s absolutely no butter used in making them. Vegetable oil? Yes. You can enjoy them with vegan cheese or salsa.


The original flavor of this widely popular snack is vegan and easily found at your nearby shop. The barbecue flavor is vegan in some regions as well, and you can check the ingredients for milk to make sure.

Bac’n Pieces 

Taste of bacon, without any actual bacon? A big vegan, yes. You can sprinkle them on anything, and it will greatly improve the flavor.


Everyone loves these hot spicy crunchy tortilla chips, right? Two of the variants – Takis Nitro and Takis Fuego are vegan-friendly.


While not all these popular snack flavors are vegan, the Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili is. You can easily find it at any store and vending machines.

Unfrosted Pop-Tarts 

The frosting contains milk, but the unfrosted brown-sugar cinnamon, strawberry, and blueberry Pop-Tarts are vegan.

Amos Peanut Butter Cookies 

These cookies are great for the plant-based crowd. No guilt while eating these delicious snacks!


The original Fritos and the BBQ flavor are dairy-free. The only ingredients for the original are corn, corn oil, and salt. And those are not animal products.

Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups 

This dark chocolate and peanut butter delicacy is a vegan favorite. They are like Reese’s cups but dairy-free.

Lay’s Potato Chips 

The classic version of this salty, greasy snack is vegan-friendly. 


Did anyone say candy bracelets? Necklaces and rings? Smarties are vegan and fun. It is also delicious.

Smucker’s Uncrustables PB&J Sandwiches 

It doesn’t get more classic. You can get them from the frozen aisle at your nearby store. The peanut butter and grape jelly, and strawberry jam variants are vegan.

Nabisco Grahams’ Original Crackers 

Nabisco offers many different vegan snacks. Salty crackers, ginger snaps, and their Oreos 100 are all free of animal products.

Swedish Fish 

This soft and chewy gummy candy is perfect for vegans. It doesn’t contain gelatin, and it’s fat-free.

BelVita Biscuits 

Late for work and no time to prepare breakfast? BelVita biscuits are a life-saver. They are vegan and provide lots of energy. They come in different flavors, including blueberry and toasted coconut.

Lindt Chocolate Bar 

Let’s clear a common misconception – being vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up chocolate. Just choose the darker 70% and 80% cacao versions of Lindt bars.

Maple Bacon Kettle Chips 

The name says bacon, yes, but rest assured, it’s actually vegan. The chips emulate the taste of bacon with paprika, salt, and smoke flavors.

Ruffles Potato Chips 

The original version and the all-dressed version are vegan. Have at it! These potato chips with ridges are savory and animal-free.

Nature Valley Granola Bars 

Are you going hiking, having a picnic, or preparing for long travels? Pack these vegan energy bars so you don’t get hungry. Available in apple crunch, peanut butter, and pecan crunch flavors.

Clif Bars 

Clif energy bars are super healthy. Except for the blueberry flavors, all other variants are vegan.

Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces 

Synder’s also has many vegan snacks under their belt. We recommend the Jalapeño flavored pretzels. Fiery and appetizing.

Thomas’ Bagels 

Thomas’ blueberry and cinnamon swirl bagels are vegan. Enjoy these with vegan cheese and satisfy your hunger.

Sun Chips 

The healthier of all chips, SunChips are vegan-friendly and hearty.


There are so many vegan snack options available at your local convenience store. Go pick some up and snack away. A lot of your childhood favorites are sure to be vegan and hopefully made it on the list above.