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2020 Best Vegan Meal Ideas Of The Year


A large number of people all through the United States are drifting towards a plant-based diet. They have given up on animal foods like cow’s milk, honey, meat, etc. These people have shifted to a healthy vegan diet because of vegetarian or vegan food’s enormous benefits. If you are a vegan, this article is the right place for you to know all about the best vegan recipes of the year 2020. 

Creamy Broccoli Vegan Pasta

If you want the traditional taste of mac and cheese, it is the ideal and luscious creamy pasta to include in your vegan meal. This dish contains nutritional yeast, white beans, lemon juice, and a tangy sauce. This vegan pasta is a full source of protein and is delicious beyond words. 

Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells

Butternut squash stuffed shells are among the favorite vegan recipes of many food lovers. The ricotta or creamy spinach present in this vegan dish would make you fall for its appearance and taste. If you are a cheese lover but prefer to have something vegetarian or vegan, have butternut squash shells. The rich flavor of cashew cream sauce and caramelized butternut squash cubes are delicious. 

Delicious Vegan Pizza 

Did you know that making a healthy vegan pizza is easier than you thought? Is it necessary to add cheese to make the pizza tasty? The answer to the first question is a big YES! and to the second is WHY NOT! You can have a homemade pizza with no added animal products. This baked vegan pizza contains only plant-based foods and includes many spicy, juicy, savory, and crisp vegetables. You also need a handful of fresh basil leaves and lemony cashew cream sauce. 

Spaghetti Bolognese

If you do not eat meat but prefer a healthy and delicious vegan meal, spaghetti bolognese is a fantastic treat. We assure you that its taste will be similar to your old animal foods like meat in this plant-based food. It is rich in lentils and walnuts. The balsamic, rosemary, white sage, and protein make it one of the best vegan recipes worth enjoying every time you feel like having something unique. 

Creamy Pasta Pomodoro

It is an easy vegan pasta you can include in your vegan meal on the weekends or whenever you wish. Creamy pasta Pomodoro is one of the best parts of your vegan diet at night. It would be best to use floppy rigatoni noodles, marinara, cashews, tomato sauce, fresh veggies, and cashews to make this delicious vegan recipe. 

Jerk Spiced Vegan Tacos

If you are a chicken lover but have shifted to plant-based foods over time, Jerk spiced vegan tacos are the best for your vegan diet. It includes jerk-spiced jackfruit that tastes like chicken. You can top this healthy vegan dish with cucumber, fresh mango, and avocado salsa to make it a tasty fulfilling meal.  

Veggie Burgers for Vegans

This veggie burger is full of vegetables and plant-based ingredients. It stands true to the name by excluding all animal foods from the item list. You need walnuts and mushrooms to make it more healthy and delicious. You can use smoked paprika and tamari for seasoning the vegan burger. You will be fully satisfied after including this veggie burger in your vegan diet because it fulfills the craving of having a burger and is suitable for your health with a smoky umami flavor at the same time. 

Sesame Soba Noodles

You can make these tasty vegan noodles for your lunch. You can eat the sesame soba noodles with snap peas, radishes, and watermelon. Veggies pair well with sesame, and it remains a tangy and light vegan meal. You can add your favorite foods of the season with these delicious vegan noodles. Isn’t your mouth already watering? 

Butternut Squash Soup

You can savor this fantastic butternut squash soup in winter. As a matter of fact, it is among the topmost easy vegan soups that you should include in your repertoire. It has a comforting and light taste, but the best part is it is super easy to prepare. Add sage, fresh rosemary, and ginger to fill the soup with a cozy and robust flavor. 

Tahini Sauce and Whole Roasted Cauliflower

It is one of the tastiest vegan recipes of the year. Olive oil is drizzled on white roasted cauliflower, and zaatar spice is sprinkled over the finished dish. This spice can either be purchased or prepared at home. Use tahini sauce and fresh herbs as toppings for this delicious and healthy vegan recipe. You should cut the stem of the cauliflower for easier roasting. 

Vegan Quinoa

There are many nutrients, particularly protein, in quinoa. It is a delicious vegan food item that you can prepare at home in only 15 minutes. You will find a nutty flavor in quinoa that is perfect for grain bowls or cookies. Although it is not a recipe, you would surely fall for its fantastic taste. It is better to have vegan quinoa than the processed foods in the market. 

Easy to Make Vegetable Biryani

It is a vegan dish with chickpeas and vegetables. Savor the cilantro-mint chutney that pairs great with this fantastic vegan recipe. You can include it as a vegan meal because of the wholesome rice it contains. Vegetable biryani is perfect in all seasons for people who want complete nutrition with staying away from animal foods. The aroma is mindblowing! 


This article brought you some of the delicious vegan recipes of the year 2020. We know that there are countless benefits of a plant-based diet. But suppose these vegan foods are consumed in tasty recipes like creamy vegan pasta, pizza, burger, Szechuan tofu, butternut squash. 

In that case, you can eat delicious ingredients with a lot of nutrients and feel good about it. Choose the best vegan recipe from the ones given above. You may prepare these recipes on the weekend or once every day for dinner or lunch. Your kids will surely enjoy these delights and stay in their best of health.