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Top 10 Vegan Travel Tips


If you are vegan, traveling can be tricky. There are plenty of places around the world that cater to vegans, but there may also be times when you need to eat something, but nothing is available, or it’s late at night, and all restaurants have closed. In this blog post, we will share some useful tips for vegan travelers on how to make your life a little easier!

Take Plenty of Food With You

If you’re going to an airport or busy train station, then take some food with you. Sometimes the only thing they sell at these places is overpriced and unhealthy junk food like soda, chips, and candy bars. If there aren’t any vegan restaurants around where you are visiting, then having your own snacks on hand will be very helpful! It probably won’t fill you up, but it beats spending money on something that isn’t healthy.

Find Amazing Vegan Food Using Happy Cow

Find vegan food using Happy Cow! Happy Cow is an excellent website where you can type in your location, and it will show you all of the places to get vegan food nearby. If there are no restaurants, health food stores, or cafeterias, they may also list other types of businesses that serve meals like bed & breakfasts. It’s always great when traveling to come across vegan-friendly places because it means you won’t have to worry about where you’ll be eating once it’s time for lunch or dinner!

Remember That Some Places Are Vegan By Default

Some places are not specifically catering to vegans but still have plenty of good options that you can make into a meal. This usually only happens if you don’t plan enough or try visiting off-season, so remember these tips and save them whenever something like this comes up on your journey! As long as you do your research ahead of time, you shouldn’t find yourself stuck when traveling somewhere new. 

Always Have A Set of Vegan Recipes With You

It’s always nice to have your own vegan recipes with you if you get stuck somewhere and don’t know what else is available. Even if it means stopping by a grocery store on the way, having some staple ingredients like vegetables, rice, pasta, or beans will ensure that you can whip up something tasty whenever necessary! Being hungry when traveling sucks, so be prepared for all possible scenarios because this one tip right here could potentially save your life while exploring new places off the beaten path.

If It’s Not On The Menu, Then Ask!

Sometimes a restaurant will have the ingredients to make vegan food, but it’s not listed on their menu, so you would never know. If something sounds good, then ask if they can do that for you, and chances are they’ll be more than happy to accommodate your request! Doing this is especially important when traveling abroad because some countries all have different names for certain types of foods, cooking methods, or spices which could lead to confusion unless you speak directly with someone who understands what veganism means. Most people working in restaurants worldwide should understand English well enough, too, so this shouldn’t prove difficult no matter where you go as long as there isn’t a language barrier already involved.

Always Stick With The Basics

If there isn’t anything specifically available as a vegan option, it might be time for some improvisation. At least these staples are usually easy to find anywhere around the world. It could be as simple as rice, beans, vegetables, and tofu, but sometimes even those same ingredients can end up tasting completely different depending on where you are visiting. You may have come across something in the past that you thought was good, but when ordering it again somewhere else around the world, then it’s not quite as delicious. Sticking to basics like these is usually your best bet because no matter what, they will always taste relatively familiar – even if it doesn’t necessarily mean delicious!

Prepare for Language Barriers

It’s always possible that you can get stuck somewhere without any vegan options available, but this usually isn’t the case if you prepare for it ahead of time. This could mean having a set of your own recipes with ingredients listed in their local language or even trying to learn some key phrases like ‘I don’t eat meat’ beforehand, which are super simple to memorize! At least these two tips will allow vegans to enjoy themselves when there is no other choice.

Notify Your Accommodation Ahead Of Time

Sometimes there aren’t any good vegan options available, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t request some anyway because at least this way, your hosts will know what types of things you like. It’s not always guaranteed that someone will have all these ingredients on hand. Still, it never hurts to try something new, so don’t forget to request ahead before accepting an invitation somewhere.


Remember always to plan ahead, especially when traveling, because it could potentially save your life. Even if you are stuck somewhere without anything available as a vegan option, these tips will help you survive until the next meal.