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Incredible Health Benefits From Oats


Oats, a wholesome pack of fibrous nutrients, are not something you should leave out on your daily breakfast menu. A healthy bowl of oatmeal every day can avert numerous conditions like heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Check out some of the amazing health-related benefits of eating oats.

Incredibly Nutritious 

The nutrient components in oats are well balanced, containing more protein and fat than any other grains. It is a good source of fiber and carbs. In addition, oats have a good amount of antioxidant plant compounds, minerals, and vitamins. While eating half a cup of dry oats regularly, you consume:

  • Vitamin B5: 10% 
  • Folate: 11% 
  • Iron: 20% 
  • Zinc: 20% 
  • Copper: 24% 
  • Magnesium: 34% 
  • Phosphorus: 41% 
  • Manganese: 191% 
  • B1 Vitamin: 39%

Rich In Antioxidants 

With the richness of antioxidants, whole oats help lower blood pressure. Avenanthramides is a unique group of antioxidants, having properties of anti-itching and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, antioxidants in oats have been beneficial to combat rectal, bowel, and colon cancer. Many studies have revealed that eating a large bowl of oats every day can reduce the chances of getting cancer to approximately 20%. 

Improves Cardiac Health

Oats contain soluble fiber, i.e., beta-glucan, in large amounts, which helps to lower cholesterol. Oat bran contains vitamin E, but it also helps prevent heart diseases by blocking the absorption of harmful substances in the gut.

Helps To Aid In Diabetic Treatment 

High fiber and low glycemic index in oats help in regulating blood sugar levels. In addition, beta-glucan fiber helps to slow digestion and boosts satiety. The properties of the classic breakfast oatmeal are helpful for patients having diabetes.

Helps Relieve Constipation 

Oats help relieve constipation because of their rich fibrous content. They can even protect your body from cholesterol cancer. In addition, old-fashioned rolled and steel-cut oats are insoluble fiber, good for your gut health.

Helpful In Treating Hypertension 

If you have high blood pressure, oat bran is a great breakfast choice. Choosing cooked or organic oatmeal reduces the risk of heart diseases by 22%. The study suggests that the oatmeal protein diet reduces medication need for antihypertensive medications. Diet enriched in oats boosts serotonin and reduces levels of stress hormones.

Improves Immunity 

Oats are a good source for an immune booster. Beta-glucan in oats boasts infection-fighting blood cells against a wide range of microbes like viruses, fungi, and bacteria. During intense treatment of radiation or chemotherapy, having oatmeal improves the immune level. Additionally, studies reveal that if a child is fed oats within the first five months of birth, it reduces the risk of asthma in childhood.

Helpful In Weight Loss

Fiber-loaded oats keep your stomach satiated for longer hours, therefore, reducing binging all day. Flavor your oats with toppings such as almonds and raspberries for a healthy breakfast. It is helpful for your digestive system as well.

Healthy Bones

The bulk of minerals like magnesium, zinc, copper, and calcium in oats are beneficial to bone health. In addition, silicon mineral, which is helpful in bone maintenance and formation, is also available in oats.

Enhances Sleep Quality

Nutrients like amino acids in oats help produce melatonin, which is a chemical that induces sleep. For a simple bedtime snack, eat oats mixed with honey or milk. Moreover, with richness in vitamin B6 oats helps in reducing stress, thus making you feel calm.


In the United States, heart diseases are the major leading cause of death, accounting for one in every four deaths. However, a study conducted at Harvard University reveals that younger generations regularly eating bowls of oats are 50% less likely to get obese. 

There are endless ways to make your oats appealing that you enjoy while eating them. For example, add fruits, or sprinkle some nuts or chia seeds. With the endless health benefits of oats, there is no reason to avoid them, so do get them on your breakfast menu.