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Best Vegetables to Grow in any Climate

Some vegetables grow in a particular season – summer or winter – only. Among these seasonal vegetables, the common ones include celery, kale, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, – to name a few. Thankfully, you will also find vegetables that can grow all year long. In this blog post, we present some annual vegetables that you can grow at any time of the year! 


When provided with ideal planting conditions, tomatoes can grow in any season. However, the problem is that tomatoes can’t thrive in the freezing cold. The solution is to move the tomatoes in a greenhouse or bring them indoors. For this, you will have to ensure you grow the tomato plants in pots or containers. 

Ideally, tomatoes grow in the tropical climate. Make sure you provide them with moist, well-draining soil, regardless of the season you grow them in. 


Like tomatoes, peppers are tropical perennial as well. During winter, you can bring the plant inside your house to prevent it from the winter chills. Placing it in a greenhouse is also a great alternative.

There are so many varieties of peppers that you can enjoy all year, including bell pepper, Habaneros, Poblano pepper, Piri Piri, etc.


In the extremely warm and temperate climate, artichokes can grow throughout the winter. However, be mindful of the frost. Move the plant indoors or water it every couple of weeks to keep it alive.

Artichokes usually begin new growth as the spring arrives and is ready for harvest during early or mid-summer. Keep in mind that artichokes require special attention. They prefer deep watering and need full sun or partial shade for healthy development. 


Horseradish is an easy to grow vegetable that can thrive in a variety of climatic regions. This hardy vegetable usually takes one year to grow. This means if you plant horseradish in a fall season, it will ready to harvest by the next fall.

Ideally, you should grow horseradish in the fall or spring. Take note that the roots of horseradish make the best growth in late summer or early fall, so plant accordingly. Horseradish also needs moist clay or sandy loam for perfect growth.


Radicchio grows best in spring and fall. It takes about 80 – 90 days for the vegetable to mature fullyThis means if you want to enjoy a fall crop, you should consider planting the perennials in midsummer. Radicchio should be eaten soon after its harvest. But it can sustain its freshness in a refrigerator for at least a week.

Grow these perennial vegetables in your garden any time you want and enjoy seeing them thrive and survive throughout the year!