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Healthy Vegan Junk Food


It takes immense courage to switch to a vegan diet and let go of familiar cuisines and their texture & taste. However, switching to a vegan diet is something that you should take pride in for the sake of animals. So, do you miss the familiar taste of junk food or an extravagant milkshake? Well, it’s not to make you get your cravings up or create a sort of temptation but to remind you that healthy vegan junk food does exist. Yes, you heard it right; you can satisfy your cravings with some healthy vegan food that will keep your spirits lifted and at the same time protect the animals from the horror that they face. The question of the day is, Are you a junk food vegan? Junk food vegan terminology has gained traction in the movement of the vegan regime, a step towards animal welfare. It feels great and a sense of respect to people who have adopted a vegan diet towards saving animals. Well, you are indeed saving animals but have you thought about your diet. It’s good to have a vegan diet, but you are also subject to incorporating vegan unhealthy junk food into your body. It is a challenging transformation; however, you need to take care of your healthy food habits with a vegan diet. Everything is possible with careful research.  You need to beware that there are unhealthy vegan junk foods as well. Therefore, you must know which vegan junk foods are unhealthy and healthy. This will help you follow a healthy lifestyle and adapt to a vegan diet. Sounds like a plan, right? You might have encountered some junk food vegan dishes and are probably unaware of the impact it has on your health. So, how do you check if the vegan junk food you are consuming is healthy or not? Here’s how you can.When the label of vegan food has more than 400 mg sodium, it’s a no-no for your health. Beware of no-chicken nuggets or other products that have high sodium amounts.Check the contents of the food product and see if it has artificial ingredients and preservatives. If the product comprises these ingredients, it is better to avoid it as it is low in protein, Vitamin B12, and other essential nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, vegan desserts have higher starch and sugar levels than traditional desserts. Chefs often substitute eggs and butter with gum & starch to maintain consistency. This increases the unhealthy factor of the desert.  Well, honestly, fries made at home are 100% vegan. There are various controversies involved with fries, especially in McDonald’s as they use milk in the batter or something like that. However, making fries at home and throwing in some veggies make a great healthy junk food alternative. You can make a vegan dip with vegan cream cheese and throw in the spices & herbs you like. Fries combined with tomato puree also make a great combo.

Home-Made Vegan Nuggets

The processed no-chicken nuggets include preservatives and high-sodium contents with low nutritional value. However, you can quickly cook no-chicken nuggets at home and enjoy a nutritious and delicious nugget with easy vegan cooking. The ingredient list is readily available and requires chickpeas and tofu. The texture is the same as a traditional chicken nugget. However, the nutritional value is high. You can make your vegan dip and enjoy this comforting, healthy vegan junk food. You no longer have to compromise on its firmness and crispiness.

 Vegan Drumsticks

Vegan drumsticks are the best alternative to chicken drumsticks. Adding variety to your vegan diet is essential as it determines your overall well-being. You can check out various vegan drumstick recipes on the internet, and they are indeed delicious. Its ingredients are readily available in the market, including tofu skins, soy protein, and sugar cane sticks. The process of making vegan drumsticks takes time, but the ultimate result is deliciously cooked with sauces and marinated to the extent that it melts in your mouth. 

 Vegan Cheesy Bagels

Vegan cheesy Bagels with hot dogs would not make you feel left out on national hot dogs’ day. The recipe is readily available online with ingredients a shopping cart away. All you need is vegan hot dogs, vegan cheese, and you are set to go. They are seasoned with herbs and spices of your choice and make a delicious combo with chocolate soy milk. Bake it in the oven and enjoy healthy vegan junk food made only to satisfy your cravings. 

 Vegan Tacos With Soy Strips & Crisped Corns

Well, tacos are something that you undeniably like. However, switching to a vegan diet takes precedence. You no longer need to compromise on your taco cravings with this tasty recipe with the same texture and composition as a traditional taco. The only difference is the vegan aspect. You can use avocado cream, crisp corn, and soy strips readily available in the market. You can also add some vegan cheese to improve the texture. It is a healthy alternative filled with protein and makes the perfect healthy vegan junk food. 

 Vegan Burgers

Vegan and gluten-free burgers are a paradise dream come true. There are many vegan burger recipes for the bun and the patty on the internet that will help you bring diversity to the vegan diet you have adopted. You can easily make the burger patty with soy chunks or chickpeas that preserve an excellent crispy texture. It blends well with lettuce leaves and vegan cheese. Your burger cravings now have a healthy vegan option, and you can eat it without feeling guilty. 

More healthy vegan junk food

As you have observed in this article, there are many options to adapt to a vegan diet and, at the same time, be healthy and fit. You can no longer complain about eating the same type of vegan dish again and again as a vegan diet does have a variety to offer. However, remember to check the product’s contents and decide whether or not it is good for your health. Therefore, you can quickly ditch veggie junk food recipes that are unhealthy. You can also develop your vegetarian junk food recipes and be creative, attracting more youngsters to a vegan diet, saving one animal a day at a time. Therefore, you can quickly ditch veggie junk food recipes that are unhealthy.