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Find Vegan Restaurants In Your Area


Veganism is spreading at a fast pace globally. In the United States, you can locate several vegan restaurants or at least places that offer exceptional vegan food. This article brings you everything about finding the nearest vegan spots using apps. It also discusses the various dining options for vegans. 

Apps To Locate Vegan Restaurants Near You

Many online tools bring you the best nearby vegan restaurants and dining choices. One of the ways is to ask your Google Assistant for “vegan restaurants near me.” It will locate all the closest places on the map. 

If you use an iPhone, you can search through Apple’s Maps app. However, the directory of Google is more extensive in matters of finding hotels and restaurants. They even have helpful customer reviews along with the places. Ensure that you download Google Maps even on an iPhone, especially if you’re a traveling vegan. 

Happy Cow

If you’re looking for vegan restaurants anywhere globally, not just in the United States, Happy Cow is your one-stop. You can have their app for easy access, but directly visiting the website will also work. Plus, Happy Cow lets you look for “vegan near me,” both in terms of markets and restaurants. 

City Guides

Several small organizations maintain lists of “vegan restaurants near me.” These are tons of guides that tell you some fantastic vegan cuisine places in a particular area. So, a quick Google search will bring forth a wide range of delicious possibilities. 


Are you looking for some vegan-friendly restaurants in your area? If so, Yelp can be a great help. All you need to do is specify the location! Also, since Yelp is a site that displays feedback, it is a great place to find honest reviews and suggested dishes. You can know about each vegan restaurant’s menu before deciding where to dine. 


Here’s a website that covers a wide variety of food, both vegan and non-vegan. You may even look for chain restaurants that offer vegan options and their best dishes. But, there are several detailed articles about vegan restaurants in major cities across the US. 

The Vegetarian Resource Group

In Canada and the United States, there are several vegan-friendly and vegan restaurants. The Vegetarian resource group brings forth a list of the top ones.

VegDining and TripAdvisor and are two of the best sites to find vegan dining spots around your home. Although they cannot meet the depth of OK Google, they still have helpful reviews written by vegans. 

If no other app is satisfying you, come to It is one of the most well-known international directories with restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, and everything. A huge reviewers community tells it all about the meals available in various dining spots. So, even though TripAdvisor does not explicitly talk about vegan near you, it brings forth exciting options. 

Types Of Vegan Restaurants 

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

If you cannot find vegan restaurants close to your place, you can look for many mainstream restaurants. Even though they aren’t purely vegan, they serve delicious vegetarian and vegan meals. Take a look at their most vegan-friendly cuisines so you can order there with confidence. 

Some cuisines are made of vegan foods, while Korean and French restaurants have little vegan to offer. Cuisines that vegetarians especially love are Middle Eastern, Mexican, Ethiopian, Italian, and Indian. 

Vegan Dining At Casual Chains

Restaurants like Denny’s, Applebee’s, and TGIFridays are casual dining places. Often vegans avoid these places, fearing their food essentially carries non-veg. However, they have some vegan options and are improving their quality. 

It’s because even the employees do not know the ingredients from scratch. If the website research tells you the menu items are vegan, go for them! Just hunt around for ingredients as you look for vegan restaurants near you. 

Vegan Fast Foods

If you’re traveling and don’t have much time, vegan food fast is just the right thing. Fast-food chains have standard menus. So, you can quickly discover vegan options. Check out the websites of all major fast-food chains in your area as they publish each ingredient there. 

Some of the largest chains like Subway, Burger King, and Taco Bell have good vegan options. These are solid and filling foods instead of extra snacks. It’s just the beginning, as you’ll discover more in their vegan fast food guide. 

Both White Castle and Burger King offer a vegan veggie burger. If you order a burger here without cheese and mayonnaise, it will be 100% vegan. Again, Qdoba and Chipotle offer delicious vegan Mexican food with the filling of tofu, beans, rice, guacamole, and lettuce. 

At The Most, You Won’t Find A Restaurant

You can have several vegan dining options near your place. Yet, you may have trouble locating a good restaurant in small towns. In such cases, you need not stay hungry. Just visit a local grocery shop and buy pasta, rice, and canned beans. Also, take a look at the vegan travel guide and delicious vegan meals to prepare on your own. 

Seafood And Steak Restaurants

If you’re a vegan, seafood and steak restaurants are the last places you’ll visit. Even so, many steakhouses offer vegan salads. You can either get it customized or pick yours from the salad bar. 

People often skip the eggs, cheese, and croutons and add Italian dressings instead. So, at some of the best steakhouses in your area, you can order a delicious vegan salad. Even if you happen to be at such restaurants, you can order some pasta with vegetables and olive oil. 

Are Restaurants Rapidly Turning More Vegan-Friendly?

Your local vegan dining options may be disappointing right now. But, things are improving with time. Campaigns all over the globe like Meatless Mondays are getting attention. As a result, plant-based and vegan diets are becoming popular. 

Many restaurants and their owners are eager to accommodate better vegans and foods. If you wish to improve the vegan meal options around you, use platforms like Here communities gather to organize restaurant gatherings. 

If several people group together, even non-vegetarian restaurants happily prepare vegan menus. Just work things out with the owner beforehand. You should know that restaurants are always looking for new business. So, customers who politely request vegan options are rarely denied. So, ensure that you discuss your food requests with the owner or manager of the hotel and not the waitstaff. 


New vegan restaurants open up in every corner of the United States, almost every day. Just follow the tips given above to discover any vegan restaurant near you. And relish some of the most delicious vegan meals you’ve ever tasted.