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Why You Should Consider Going Vegan


Going vegan is quite the trend now. At this point, people are more and more understanding towards animals, plus the progress in science has also been a key reason for the popularity of the vegan diet. You see, up until a few years ago, most of us believed that meat, dairy, fish, etc., are crucial for gaining certain minerals. For example, eggs for protein, milk for calcium, fish for omega-3, etc., but with the advance of science, people understood that a plant-based diet is more than capable of delivering all these minerals into our body.

Several years ago, people did not believe in the idea of going vegan, but in the present time, there is ample evidence that shows numerous benefits of going vegan. Choosing a vegan diet might be the best thing you can do for your body, the planet, your mind, and for the speechless animals out there. So, if you are looking to improve your health, support the earth, decrease your carbon footprint, or if you do not wish to eat that adorable rabbit your friend hunted the other day, keep on reading this article to see the seven reasons to go vegan.

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Vegan Diet


According to a report published by the UN, breeding and raising animals for meat and dairy products drastically affects the environment by increasing CO2, nitrous oxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases. By choosing vegan, you help reduce carbon oxide production and reduce water use. 

Once You Start The Journey, It Seems Easier Than You Imagined

Many have, on countless occasions, considered going vegan, but they are never able to take the last step. The reason is doubt. People think that being vegan is hard, that they might not be able to give up the food they have been eating for years. However, when you think about it, you will realize that you consume eggs, milk, and other items because they are always available right in front of your eyes. But if you are one of those who cannot go vegan due to the taste of dairy products, you do not have to worry. In recent years, the world of creative vegan cooking has had many new additions. This means that you can enjoy your favorite cheesy pasta without having to consume any dairy. 

There Is Nothing You Cannot Get From Plants.

Most people have a common misconception that a plant-based diet does not provide enough protein and other minerals; this, however, is entirely false. A vegan diet has several food items that offer more than a sufficient amount of protein. Food items such as nuts, kale, tofu, legumes, whole grains, etc., are rich in protein and other necessary minerals.

Vitamin B and iron, two essential minerals, are also supposed to be present only in meat and dairy products. Still, you can easily find them in many vegetables, soy products, fortified cereals, and other such items.

Animal Protein Is Harmful.

More and more studies are being conducted by major research departments where the result shows that animal protein is bad for humans. Studies have proved links between animal protein and increased risks of chronic illnesses, cancer, and diabetes. So now may be a good time to reach over for the greens. 

Publicly Popular

Now that the stigma around the vegan diet is finally coming to an end, more people gravitate towards it. Public figures such as Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more have been promoting vegan diets and have shared their experiences after making the big switch. Of course, whether or not you make the switch is up to you, but research never hurts anyone. 

What We Eat Is So Weird

Humans are the only species that drink the milk of another animal. The milk from cows and buffalos is meant for their young, not for human children and adults. Animals drink milk when they are young, and after a point, they stop drinking milk. But humans drink milk till the day they die. If you think about it, it is weird, and after a point, it is gross. 

Dairy products provide ample protein and minerals, but why turn to animal sources when you can have all of that through plants. Plus, dairy products contain growth hormones, and RHBT is the ultimate reason to give up on dairy altogether. 

Reduce Animal Cruelty

Most people who eat meat do not think about where it came from, but it is still a dead animal that you are eating at the end of the day. Modernization may be a boon for us humans but certainly not for animals, the makeup industry, the medical research industry, and many others who depend on animals to test out their products. With the current boom that these industries are experiencing, animal cruelty is only going to continue. So when you choose vegan, you choose life. 

In Summary

There you have, seven reasons as to why you should consider going vegan. But, like all things in life, you have to begin something to know its worth. So before you give a hard pass to veganism, do your research, think about it, and if you are ready to make the switch go for it.