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Why Is Vegan Food So Expensive?


Why is vegan food so expensive? Is it really more expensive to be a vegan than an omnivore? What are the costs of being a vegan, and why do they seem to outweigh the benefits in some people’s minds?  Many reasons contribute to the higher price of vegan products. This blog post will explore these questions.

Organic Fruit And Vegetables

Vegan foods are often organic or more expensive than conventional produce. This is because vegan diets require lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Due to their short shelf life, these items don’t keep for very long, so it can be difficult to meet a vegan diet’s demand. The cost of importing these goods increases the price of vegan food, especially in areas that do not grow them locally. Many vegans will spend more money to buy organic fruits and vegetables because they are GMO-free.

Vegan Milk

Almond, coconut, rice, cashew, and soy milk are among the most popular vegan milk options. They are all available at a much higher cost than dairy milk. This is because they do not contain the same vitamins or minerals that cow’s milk does. Many people buy these types of milk because it does not contain lactose or cholesterol. If someone is lactose intolerant, they may spend more money on these types of milk. 

Vegan Bread And Baked Goods

Vegan bread and baked goods are more expensive than non-vegan bread and baked goods. This is because vegan products contain no eggs or dairy, which are often used to keep bread dough together. Vegan bread requires lots of water for moisture, so it cannot be sold at the same price as normal bread in most cases. Eating vegan baked goods can often require lots of added sugar, oil, and fat to make them taste good. This contributes to the higher cost.

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan chocolate is made with soy lecithin instead of dairy lecithin, which can be difficult to find and expensive. Dark vegan chocolate also usually contains less sugar than non-vegan chocolate, which is another reason why it can be more expensive. Vegan chocolate does not contain any animal byproducts, but the cost of buying cocoa butter or soy lecithin often outweighs the benefits of using them in a vegan chocolate bar.

Plant Oils

Prices of oils vary greatly depending on how much demand there is for a certain oil, as well as where it is being harvested. Many supermarkets carry only one type of plant oil, so vegans may have to purchase it at a more expensive health food store.

Research And Development

Other factors contributing to the higher price of vegan food come from research and development. Many vegan recipes require certain amounts of creativity, as some pre-made ingredients are not available in a vegan form. Vegan businesses will often hire people with backgrounds in either nutrition or culinary arts to create new types of food that they can sell at a profit. This contributes to a higher food cost because research and development often require a lot of money.


Many vegan foods are more expensive than non-vegan foods for a number of reasons. The main culprits are the ingredients that the manufactures must use to replace animal products. Many of these ingredients are difficult to mass-produce because they do not taste exactly like their non-vegan counterparts. Vegans often spend more on foods because it is necessary to get all of the nutrients they need. Some vegans buy organic ingredients that are not genetically modified. Also, always make sure to do a lot of research before changing your diet!