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What Happens To Your Body When You Lose 20 Pounds

What Happens To Your Body When You Lose 20 Pounds 

Losing weight is also referred to as a “happy problem” because it has its own health benefits and downsides. Having a tighter tummy can turn and alter your life in some really unexpected ways, which might be either amazing or inconvenient. Losing 20 pounds is directly associated with dieting, sprinting, and saying no to junk for countless numbers of months. Here is a list of few changes that take place in your body when you lose weight. 



You will feel chilly.

It is a proven fact that even when you lose only about 10% of your body weight, the level of thyroid hormone in your body will go down, making you feel chilly. So, you will definitely need to put on more cardigans.

Chilly Girl


 You will not fall sick frequently.

The adrenal glands and respiratory systems of overweight people are much strained, which increases their chances of asthma and allergy symptoms. Moreover, besides allergies, losing 20 pounds of body weight has several health benefits like controlled blood sugar and high blood pressure, prevention of type 2 diabetes, reduced risk of heart diseases, cures sleep apnea, and much more. 

Sick Woman

Happiness is everything

You may not believe the fact that post weight loss, that simple dinner will also taste much better than before. This is because obese people have lower taste sensitivity as compared to those who are slimmer. The way taste receptors communicate with your brain drastically changes during weight loss. Also, your T levels will increase so you are more easily aroused and feel less conscious in the nude, increase your desires, and skyrocket satisfaction with making love. 

Losing Weight


People’s Reaction

Every person is so nosy and has different opinions regarding dieting, weight loss, and exercise. You may get negative comments from your family and friends, but shake them off and don’t let them pose an obstacle in your weight loss journey. Whereas on the other hand, there are also those kinds of people who won’t even notice that you have lost any weight. On the flip side, people who will notice a change in you will look up to you for advice regarding your diet strategy and challenges along the way.

Weight Loss


You will have to change many things.

After you lose 20 pounds of weight, you will find your life entirely changed. If your face becomes slimmer, fine lines and sagging will be visible. So, you will have to alter your morning routine to keep your complexities vibrant and youthful. You will stop snoring, and the best part- trimmer people have better memory and cognitive skills. So, you will definitely become a pro in Sudoku and other games. You will fall in love with Zumba and other exercises due to endorphins that flood your body. You will find that the rings you used to wear every day do not fit anymore and you can’t wear them anymore. Similarly, you will have to change your clothing size.

Slim Waist

How to do it?

If you are wondering how to start with the plan of losing 20 pounds, here are some of the ways by which you can set yourself up for success:

  •       Take decisions beforehand: You can’t rely on your willpower and determination to ensure that you will always make healthier choices and decisions. You generally have to make about 200 food decisions each day. Among them, try to make as many decisions as you can in advance. For example, to avoid making a bad decision to have fries and coke from the cafeteria, it would be better if you take your lunch with you to work. While at home, use smaller plates to consume smaller portions automatically.


  •       Fruits and veggies: Make sure that you include fruits and vegetables in every meal. They help you feel full for longer, and you are likely to lose weight easily and keep it off. Pre-washed greens make the best salad that you can before your meals. Before eating, roast your veggies. This will make them tastier while still not compromising with the nutrients. It doesn’t even take much time. Only a couple of minutes will turn the simple vegetables into some sweeter and healthier dish.


  •       Be selective: Before you buy and eat anything from the marketplace, think whether what you are going to eat in a few minutes will make your month’s hard work go wasted or not. Just don’t go to the store- buy sweets and cakes. You will have to become a dessert snob to be successful in losing weight effectively. Also, you are advised to ditch the strict diets and take only the good from them. To elaborate, suppose your diet promotes fiber and greens as they keep you full and satisfied, then instead of going whole hog, you can try adding some of the satiating foods in your snacks and meals.


  •       Dine out no more than twice a week: Food at restaurants, takeout, pizzas, breakfasts at coffee shops, and premade foods at grocery stores contain many more calories than you want. Therefore try to avoid them as much as you can. If these are too limiting for you, go for some easier options. You can always have veggies, salads, grains, and protein like tempeh or tofu when you go out or limiting every dish to only half a cup can also keep calories down.


  •       Take care of what you drink: Not only foods, you will also have to watch out what you are intaking in the form of liquids as you know that your body is made up of water- about 80%. Therefore, water is the only drink that makes your body happiest. Others like alcohol, soda, coffee drinks, and sports drinks are mere calories that do no good and only harms your body.


  •       Be responsible: You will have to take the responsibility of your eating habits on yourself. You can’t blame your surroundings and circumstances for your ever-increasing weight. Cook your own food, freeze the leftovers, and eat your veggies. It’s all about you.


Healthy Eating



The drive to have a fit physique urges people to start with a weight loss program without considering the substantial impacts of losing weight. Don’t stop until you reach the desired weight range, which will make you gain confidence and improve your health. Moreover, you will save many pounds, which you earlier spent on unnecessary medications, doctor visits, and surgeries. 

Don’t get disheartened if you don’t see results even after putting in efforts. Start a medical weight loss program, which will assist you with proper guidance and tools to make you successful in losing weight and keeping it off.