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Vegan Trends That Are Blowing Up!


Veganism is growing increasingly popular, as people have now started realizing the benefits of both- environmental and personal health of adopting a vegan lifestyle. Several celebrities and “influencers” have turned vegan in the past couple of years, causing more people to hop onto the bandwagon. Due to such a rise in consumer demand, a wealth of vegan commodities have emerged in stores. Most of us know that vegans consume only plant-based products, but there is still a sense of curiosity regarding what exactly their eating pattern involves and what you can and can not have while on a vegan diet. 

Well, in your interest, this write-up will talk about some of the top vegan food trends from 2020, which will not only give you a brief insight into the vegan options but also excite you to accept the subculture due to the trendsetting variants that blew up last year. 

Here are the top vegan trends that came up in 2020:

Vegan Eggs

A vegan egg is nothing but a plant-based alternative to resemble real chicken eggs. It is made from mung bean protein with a hint of turmeric to produce the classic egg-like texture, color, and flavor. People were pleasingly amazed by its resemblance to chicken eggs in all aspects- texture, smell, and taste. However, the real question remains: Are vegan eggs as healthy and nutritionally sound as the real ones? The trending vegan egg is nutritionally similar to the chicken egg as they both pack an equivalent measure of calories and protein. 


Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that is now being used as a meat substitute. It packs incredible nutritional value. The reality that you can cook, grill, chunk, or shred it like any meat variants such as chicken or pork has made it a go-to ingredient in various vegetarian and vegan food. Its flavor and essence are relatively neutral, and it catches all sorts of seasonings. Therefore, in 2020, the trends report has noticed that many people are looking for jackfruit as one of the most prominent meat alternatives to suit their plant-based diet. 

Vegan Chocolates

A piece of good news for all chocolate lovers is that chocolate can be vegan too! Chocolate is essentially one of the cocoa bean-based products, which suggests that it is inherently a plant-based food. Whether chocolate is vegan or not, such a question arises when it starts getting processed with numerous milk ingredients. All you need to do is look for a high cacao percentage within 55 to 85% and be sure to examine the list of ingredients and purchase the dairy-free ones only.

Plant-based Milk

Mainstream cafes, including Starbucks, have been offering almond and soy milk for a while. But lately, they have also extended their plant-based milk variants by adding coconut and oat milk, creating a trendsetting change for other cafes. Some local coffee houses have started producing their nut-based dairy, which they use for vegan food items. Milk coming from cows and other animals are regarded as a product of animal cruelty. Therefore several big companies began campaigning to substitute cattle milk with plant-based ones like soy, coconut, almond milk, etc. 

Vegan Protein Options

In the early year, we noticed increased and enhanced plant-based protein choices than ever before. As purchasers grew more invested in understanding where their food originates, consumer demand for plant-based protein sources will continue to expand. Reports indicate that hemp, pumpkin, avocado, and even watermelon seeds are excellent protein sources that make up for tofu, eggs, and other protein products. A mindblowing trend of vegan protein powder and shakes is also increasing, which proved super helpful to many vegans. 

Plant-based Seafood

Seafood is probably one of the most challenging foods to make a vegan option for, but some firms have started betting on new technologies to overcome the challenges. Overall, it has taken vegans a while to begin clamoring for plant-based seafood. Some plant-based seafood items have significantly taken over the vegan market this year. It includes tuna, salmon, caviar, scallops, squid, crab, and shrimp. The most constant constituents in these products are yeast, seaweed, soy, legumes, and different starches and vegetable oils. 


Google trends report suggests that an increase in veganism was at an all-time high in 2020, and a plant-based lifestyle is increasing in popularity amidst a global pandemic. For putting things into perspective, veganism has now gotten twice as widespread as it was around five years before, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Veganism has become more popular than ever, as you can see that more and more trends are being created and followed, turning almost everything into a plant-based form. There is no better time with such exciting vegan food trends than right now to pledge to turn vegan.