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Vegan Substitutes You Can Find At Any Grocery Store


 A vegan diet is a nutritious and healthy preference that can help you avoid a lot of health disorders. Switching to vegan is one of the most nutritional choices you can make this year. Though it can be challenging to make the transition smooth, here are some possible substitutes.


Jackfruit is an unprocessed food item that is reasonably priced and very versatile. You will often get jackfruit in cans. Hence you can store it for further use. Originating in Asia, jackfruit is now gaining skyrocketing popularity here. You can use it with pulled pork, as it precisely copies the shredded texture. You can make creative and delicious dishes using jackfruits like tacos, gyros, crab cakes, stir fry chicken, and fish delicacies.

Milk Substitutes

Some non-dairy milk is very popular such as soy, almond, hemp, oat, cashew, and hazelnut milk. Anyone can easily make it home by soaking raw nuts, blending them, and straining them. These nut milks are great options for drinks, and you can use them in several recipes for baking and cooking. Keep experimenting to know which one tastes better in recipes. Oat barista milk certainly tastes the best for making classic foamy coffees. The taste was so good that this product was in high demand, steering people to stocking. In some baking recipes, soymilk is the best as it can be soured with apple cider vinegar instead of buttermilk.


Chickpea water is a superb substitute for egg white. Using this water, you can make many desserts, such as mousses, meringues, and baked goods, such as macarons, sponges, and brownies. You can even use it in dairy-free sauces such as mayonnaise or cocktails for a vegan whisky sour.

Tofu & Tempeh

Tofu is made from soybeans and is a less refined choice for meat, a complete protein. Tofu’s firm texture is the best for preparing savory dishes. You can use it for a tofu scramble instead of egg or add it to bakes and puddings. Tempah is made with fermented soybeans and is further in texture. Soybean is a considerable alternative for protein in Asian recipes and can be used like bacon if you slice it thin and fry it. Tofu and tempeh have delicious flavors. Hence you can use them in many dishes.

Alternative Creams And Yogurts

There is an array of plant-based yogurts similar to alternative milk, and you can add granola and fruit or just have it as a snack. You can use these in cooking and baking as well. Like other dairy-free options, they are enhanced with vitamins and filled with probiotic bacteria. That implies that vegans can get the same health benefits as other regular dairy products. Coconut-based creams and yogurts in Asian curries give a good flavor. Sometimes you can use more neutral yogurt options like almond or soy for toppings and various recipes.

Whole Egg Substitutes

You can make a flax egg by adding hot water into the flax meal (primarily for baking purposes). Chia seeds are also an excellent alternative to eggs. 

Spreads And Fats

There are various non-dairy butter brands available in supermarkets. Some prefer using Flora while others go for Pure; both are used for baking purposes, especially cakes and biscuits, or can be used as a spread.

Alternative Cheeses

A variety of vegan cheese is available in the supermarkets, from cream cheese-style to mozzarella and cheddar. Mostly coconut solidified vegetable oil, chickpeas water, and nuts are used for making vegan cheese and guess what, just like the regular cheese, these are also infused with vitamin B12 and calcium. Apart from being a great source of B12, alternative cheese is rich in other vitamins as well, and since it has a savory flavor, it is good to use for salad dressings and pasta. 


Seitan is wheat gluten. There are plenty of seitan products available at stores, but you could prepare one at home and all by yourself. Mix wheat gluten flour with a milk substitute, tofu, and any other seasoning you like. Mix it well and knead it into the dough. Then, you can fry it in chunks. However, the best thing would be to bake, roast, or grill it. On one of the days that you really want to have bacon, duck, sausage, or beef, it’s a perfect substitute. It has an intense meaty texture thanks to the proteins in the gluten.


Until a few years, vegan was an alien term, and vegans had minimal access to products that suited their pallets. Restaurants also offered a limited meal menu for them. However, given the trending vegan culture and growing awareness and sensitivity towards animals, a whole new world is opened to vegans now. Many vegan substitutes are readily available at any grocery store near you.