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Vegan Options You May Not Know

Vegan Options You May Not Know


Vegans are the people who take out all animal products from their diet. They avoid non-veg foods and other items derived from animals. The things that exclude from a vegan diet are meat (beef, pork, etc.), chicken, eggs, butter, cheese, honey, milk, cream, fish foods, fish oils, vitamins D3, omega three fatty acids and many more.


Some of the reasons driving people to follow a vegan diet can be ethical if your religion prohibits animal killing or maybe a desire for a healthy life. A vegan diet comes with innumerable advantages. It has high nutritional value, maintains body weight, keeps blood pressure under control, reduces the risk of cancer, and arthritis, and above all helps live longer.


So many of the benefits but a limited number of alternatives. All these include cereals, green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and that’s all. People tend to get bored with the same kinds of dishes. Variations are significant in life. Consuming the same foods time and again may make life monotonous. Therefore, to resolve the issues arising out of this repetition, which is being faced by so many of the vegans at this time and age, I have come up with some of the delicious and amazing menus of different world-famous food chains. There are over 50 of them, some among them are listed below:

People Eating


  •     Atlanta Bread Company Vegan Menu

If you plan to go out for lunch with your non-vegan colleagues, no place can be better than this. It’s the best alternative if you have to eat with everyone and do not wish to be left out with your dish alone. Some of the fantastic items on the vegan menu are salads with fat-free dressings, vegetable soup, Avocado and Italian veggie sandwiches, a wide variety of bread, and fresh fruit salads.



  •     Burger King Vegan Menu

Ever thought of enjoying vegan at a place well known for its cheesy chicken burgers? And I am not just talking about side salads as an option. Burger King has many additional items which include French Fries, prepared in 100 percent vegetable oil, exclusive animal-free toast sticks, crispy Hash Browns, Apple pie, oatmeals, and there’s much more. These Hash Browns come with the goodness of potatoes and are bite-sized. Therefore, to satisfy your appetite, order them in loads. Besides food, Burger King also has a range of drinks from Sprite and Dr. Pepper to the refreshing lemonade. 



  •     Baskin Robbins Vegan Menu

Baskin Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream and frozen dessert specialty shops. It is widely prominent for its hard scoop ingenious ice cream flavors, beverages, and desserts. The non-vegan ice creams gave their debut on 1 August 2019. The two mouth-watering flavors were non-dairy chocolate chip cookie and non-dairy chocolate extreme. After that, many pieces of ice like Raspberry Sorbet, Watermelon splash ice with candy seeds, cake cones, and drinks comprising mango, strawberry, and mixed fruit blast came into the picture. 



  •     Del Taco Vegan Menu

Del Taco provides its customers with a ton of non-vegan items to get creative with. The current menu includes Hash Brown sticks, beyond Avocado taco, the beyond eight-layer burrito, street tacos, signature taco salad, and vegan sauces like Green sauce, Pico De Gallo salsa, taco sauce, Cilantro sauce and California chilly sauce. One important thing is that while placing an order, you will have to mention explicitly that your food should be “without cheese”. 



  •     Jimmy Johns Vegan Menu

The place is not very much vegan-friendly, but if you are out with your family or friends, I would not say not to go there, but it is merely non-optimal. It’s the menu for vegans include:

  1. Vegan bread- French and lettuce wrap
  2. Vegan toppings- Cucumber, Lettuce, Onion, Avocado, Alfalfa Sprouts, etc.  
  3. Vegan spreads- Regular mustard, Italian Vinaigrette, Oil and vinegar sauce, Oregano basil, and much more.
  4. Others- Thinny, Classic Jimmy, Jalapeno, and BBQ chips.


  •     KFC Vegan Menu

KFC isn’t that bad an option when it comes to vegan items. It’s far better than other players in terms of avoiding beef fat for frying; their corn is without salt, which makes it all the more healthy. Their Green beans are free of bacon and superfluous milk. The non-vegan KFC has the following items in-store: BBQ baked beans, Green beans, Potato fries, Apple turnover, House side salad without cheese, Sweet Kernel corn (no butter), Grape jelly, Strawberry jam, Lemon juice, Sweet and tangy sauce and the rest.




  •     Red Robin Vegan Menu

Red Robin is one of the best places which truly gratify vegans. Some of the delicious and most favorite foodstuffs constitute veggie burgers that you can customize; you can ask to top it with plant products like cucumber, cilantro, carrots, basil, pineapple slices and so on. This eating house also has a fantastic side salad containing diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh spring greens. This, too, can be tailored by the customer. You can ask for the previously mentioned toppings on your salad.


  •     Spicy Pickle Vegan Menu

Spicy Pickle vegan card gives prominence to many different soups and salads for your delight. It includes soup made with fresh garden vegetables, deli brown mustard sauce, no cheese spinach salad, balsamic vinegar sauce, Santorini unaccompanied by cheese, and no cheese-no mayo bastille. 


  •     Subway Vegan Menu

Subway is full of vegan options that you can try and enjoy. If you wish to eat vegan at Subway, order a veggie delight sandwich or a veggie delight salad and then get it customized by just telling the sandwich or salad artist your preferred flavoring and other options 

  1. Bread options- 9-grain wheat, Italian bread, Roasted garlic bread, tomato basil, wheat wrap, sourdough, Habanero wrap, spinach wrap, etc.
  2. Options in veggies- Tomatoes, green pepper, cucumbers, shredded lettuce, olives, spinach, pickles, Jalapenos, avocado- all fresh
  3. Seasoning- Yellow and Deli brown mustard, Oil, Vinegar, and Subway vinaigrette, Sweet onion sauce, Mustard seed spread, and Fat-free Italian dressing.
  4. Side to go’s- Oven-baked Lays, Apple sauce, SunChips original and Lays classic potato chips.


  •     Zaxby’s Vegan Menu

Zaxby’s was a fast-food restaurant, but recently, it has added some vegan options in its menu. Moreover, you can make certain adjustments while ordering your cuisine, to make it all the more vegan. Also, ask for the ingredients before placing your order. At present, the vegan things at Zaxby’s side salad with a light vinaigrette dressing, Tater chips or celery sticks without Ranch dressing, crinkle fries, BBQ sauce, and Texas Toast (confirm it with the server that you don’t want it to be buttered). 

Veggie Burger


Eat fresh without flesh

Following only a plant-based diet while avoiding all the animal-based products doesn’t mean you are taking in all healthy and nutritious. Even vegan junk is junk and harmful for our bodies if consumed in excess. If you have voluntarily opted for a diet free from animal-based ingredients to stay fit as a fiddle, here is a list of some of the vegan junk you must avoid consuming daily; only then your real purpose of going vegan will be served.


  •     Vegan Junk Food

If you decide to follow a plant-based diet to save animal lives, make sure you don’t ruin yours by a junk food vegan. Heavy dependence on processed and laboratory-made products can have adverse effects on your health. Vegan dressings, ice cream, chips, etc. contain high quantities of added sugar and fat while lacking the essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and other useful compounds derived from plants. In this beautiful adventure of veganism, try swapping unhealthy, ready to eat and microwaved stuff with healthier additive-free options. 


  •     Sweeteners

Vegan sweeteners include agave nectar, maple syrup, sucanat, brown rice syrup, Splenda, stevia and the list goes beyond. Some of their discovered disadvantages are that they increase the risk of cancer, lead to obesity, hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, and increased level of sugar cravings.


  •     Mockeries 

Mock meats and cheeses are processed foods containing much fewer proteins when compared to natural plant protein sources like lentils, peas, beans, nuts, and seeds. They should be avoided in the first place. Don’t just go by the label claiming it to be trans-free, fat-free, and chemical-free. Think twice before making a purchase decision.


  •     Dairy-free milk

Lactose-free milk comprising rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, soy milk, cashew milk, coconut milk etc. are sweetened by adding excess sugars to make them tasty. You should always buy their unsweetened counterparts. They may taste bad but are good for your health.


  •     Vegan proteins

The vegan protein bars are filled with refined sugars, calories, food coloring, fructose- corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils, which is going to make you miss the mark.  

Junk food

Bottom Line 

Undoubtedly, going for a vegan diet is very good for your health. But, only satisfying yourself by thinking that only plant-based items are going to work wonders for you, God forbids your delusional brain. Limit the intake of processed vegan food items and go for foods that are consumed in their original form. Even foods that are entirely free from animal products can be harmful. Therefore, it is essential to choose your diet smartly if you have an ardent desire to optimize your health.