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Vegan Options at Taco Bell



The new vegan taco bell menu is out for all taco lovers with healthy, meat-free ingredients. It is quite tricky for a vegetarian to find mouth-watering and satisfying meals at fast-food restaurants. Mostly you get a small, sad pile of fries and apple slices, whereas your friends are partying over greasy foods. There is a ray of hope, and that is Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is the only big fast restaurant with a massive list of vegetarian and vegan items on the menu, and they have over 7000 locations worldwide. You don’t have to worry about ordering Taco Bell anytime, anywhere.

The Soft Taco

Order at least five and then feasts like a king or queen. Pick a set of 12 packs and have a fabulous vegan party.

Place your order like this:

add pico and take out the cheese and ground beef.

Mexican Pizza

It’s a little strange, but to make it a vegan pizza, you get it home delivered, add some vegan cheese, and make it hot in the oven. 

Place the order: 

Two tortillas in place of pizza filled up with beef and beans and topped with cheese, tomatoes, and Mexican pizza sauce. While ordering, ask to switch the meat for extra beans and take the cheese out and melt the vegan cheese on top. Don’t forget to add jalapenos for a different taste. Its flavor makes it all the tastier.

Black Beans and Rice

You can order this dish order as it is; no changes are needed. 

Fiesta Taco Salad

Taco Bell and many other fast-food chains don’t make healthy salads; they add unnecessary items that make it unhealthy. You can get more lettuce and rice and live with those red tortilla strips.

Place your order like this:

The fried salad shell can be contaminated, so ask them not to include it, resist cheese and sour cream and ask them to add pico.

Veggie Power Menu Burrito

It’s my favorite menu item, it provides you with all the healthy stuff, such as black beans for protein, healthy fat in guacamole, veggies, and the best part is it is more significant than a standard burrito.

Place your order like this:

Just ask them not to include cheese, no avocado ranch sauce, and no sour cream.

The Double Decker Taco

A Crunchy regular taco in a shielding softshell. It’s slightly costlier than a traditional taco but more creatively designed.

Place your order like this:

Ask them to swap the beef with black beans inside the shell for variation because there are refried beans between the shells.

Pintos and cheese

This dish may look simple; however, it is challenging to prepare. You should undoubtedly try the taco filling: refried beans are not only extraordinarily delicious but 100% vegan, which is very unusual as usually, the refried beans served in Mexican cuisines are not vegetarian in the first place. 

Place your order like this:

Just forego the cheese, and you have a delicious vegan meal.


With just a couple of ordering tricks, there is a world of vegan possibilities at Taco Bell restaurants worldwide. Substitute meat with beans, and replace the dairy cheese with a vegan-friendly option at home, and you have a delicious and healthy meal any vegan or vegetarian can enjoy. Enjoy your vegan taco treat with friends.