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Vegan Food That Is Not As Healthy As You Thought


Many commercially processed vegetable burgers are packed with refined soy and preservatives. You must reveal the facts if you want a vegetable burger instead of a meat patty because you think it’s a better choice. On Nutrition Stripped, registered dietitian and nutritionist McKell Hill said that if what you are after is a low-calorie, fiber-rich, and nutritional option, you will not get it in a vegan burger,

To make sure you’re getting a healthy meal, build your vegetable patties from new key plant-based ingredients at home.

Yogurt Parfaits Are A Misleading “Healthy” Choice

You’re in line and in desperate need of a snack at your nearest coffee shop. Instead of choosing the nearest muffin, you prefer granola and yogurt. A safe decision, isn’t it? It seems like a lot of great yogurts can have almost as much sugar as a pastry. The parfaits at famous fast-food chains can have up to 22 g of sugar. When filled with honey, sugared granola, and sugared fruit, the perfect snack could quickly shift to a sugar bomb.

That Veggie Burrito Could Be Ruining Your Diet

Think you’re going to be healthy by missing a quick-food burger joint and choosing a tall, vegetable-packed burrito?

The calorie count can be easily increased by filling your vegetable burrito with things such as guacamole, cheese, and sour cream.

Calories are not, of course, the only means of well-being. It is also essential to make sure you get essential vitamins and nutrients, but it can lead to health problems by consuming too many calories to fulfill your needs.

Your Post-Workout Smoothie Could Add A Ton Of Calories To Your Day

It would be delicious to refuel with a fresh smoothie after a workout, but you might gain back all the calories you’ve just burned, and then some.

Additives such as peanut butter, bananas, cashews, and hemp seeds provide a lot of protein, but they’re also calorie-dense and high in sugar.

The USDA reports that two servings of peanut butter have 180 calories, and one large banana has 121 calories. Put 360 calories in addition to half a cup of cashews and 182 calories in a few cups of almond milk, and immediately add 800 calories to your protein smoothie.

Granola Bars Are Dessert

Have you ever looked at a packaged granola bar’s ingredient list? On an ice cream sundae, several of the things packed into those bars will be on it as well. Additions can add up, such as chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, butterscotch, bits of candy, and sweetened yogurt glaze.

According to the USDA, one familiar granola bar has 14 grams of sugar in one bar. You may also find unwelcome ingredients such as artificial colors and flavorings.

While there are essential nutrients and healthy fats in many of the ingredients in these snacks, do you want to max out your sugar allowance on a granola bar for the day?

Plant-Based Hot Dogs Aren’t A Healthy Swap For The Actual Thing

Imitation hot dogs may satisfy your craving for something tasty and salty, but they’re not the best option.

Nutritionist Shannon Kadlovski informed HuffPost, ‘Certain hot dogs are prepared with unnatural ingredients, including refined soy, sugar, and unnatural flavorings.’

If you choose to eat a balanced diet, skip the fake meat, and fill your dish with unprocessed foods.

High-Fiber Grains And Oatmeal Can Be An Unreliable Source Of Sugar

It may seem like a healthy choice to fix a large bowl of high-fiber cereal or porridge, but you may need to pay attention to the nutrition labels.

If you consume instant oatmeal or pre-packaged cereal, you’re likely to get a lot more sugar than you thought. According to the USDA, one serving of regular oatmeal comes in 12 grams of sugar per box. A serving of different traditional all-brand dry cereal packs a surprising 14 grams of sugar per serving. It’s almost like consuming a breakfast cupcake.

Vegan Macaroni And Cheese May Be Tasty, But It’s Not Healthy Food

Just because there is no animal protein in a food does not mean that it is the most natural choice on the menu.

Vegan macaroni and cheese may include artificial flavor and coloring. You’re always consuming refined food, even though you make your vegan mac at home with dairy-free cheese.

“The building pieces of processed cheese are anything that the [maker] desires to put in it,” cheese specialist Tia Keenan said HuffPost. “Soy cheese can entirely be processed in a factory. It’s a more mechanical product … not something made from someone’s hands.”

Vegan Desserts Might Be Dairy-Free, But They Should Still Be Consumed In Moderation

If you feel that market vegan foods are more common than their dairy equivalents, think again.

“When producers take out butter and eggs, they often put in sugars, gums, and pectins to produce a good quality and texture,” Maggie Michalczyk, a registered dietitian, told Men’s Health.

Ensure you check the ingredients for each vegan dessert so you won’t finish consuming chemicals that you can avoid instead.

Veggie Chips Can Be Just As Bad For You As Regular Old Potato Chips

It may be heartbreaking, but those sweet potato, carrot, and kale chips you’ve been eating are most likely fried and covered in salt, just like potato chips. This means that they contain a lot of sodium and fat.

Michalczyk told Men’s Fitness that buyers should see air-fried chips and not contain any added sugar or spices. Making your vegetable chips at home will also help you monitor what’s going on in your snack.

Frozen Fake Meat

Things such as no-chicken chicken nuggets are not as safe as they sound. Sodium is also high in these alternatives. Check the label: if you have 400 mg or more sodium per serving, it’s a no. Synthetic ingredients, additives, and processed oils may also be taken care of in almost every nutrient required by vegans (protein, vitamin B12, mineral-like iron, etc.) 

Check for packages that list the very first component of beans or vegetables. Beans and legumes are two healthy sources of pure plant protein, along with quinoa and hemp. Quinoa is ideal because it contains lysine amino acid, making it a complete protein dependent on plants, and hemp is packed with protein and fiber.


Just because it advertises it is vegan, and there are no animal products, it does not always mean it is a healthy alternative. If it is a processed food, it is more likely to be unhealthy for you than if you made it at home. Don’t forget to check the nutritional labels and the ingredients of these foods before you deem them a better alternative