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Vegan Dessert Ideas

Vegan dessert: A healthier choice for your sweet tooth


With nearly 1% of the world’s population and 6% of the US natives practicing veganism, the interest in the Vegan diet (especially vegan desserts) has risen over the past decade. Vegan and gluten-free products make the best combination.

A basic vegan diet includes vegan hot dogs, vegan mayonnaise, veggie burgers, non-dairy yogurt, cheese, and ice cream. The foods associated with veganism are non-dairy milk substitutes, soy milk, tofu, nutritional yeast, and hemp tofu made of hemp seeds and soybeans.

Vegans eat peanut butter sandwiches, cornbread, spaghetti, chips, green salad, and salsa. Vegetarian Thai curry is a popular vegan dish. It is made from vegan coconut milk. Bread, tomato, and vegan sauce pasta can be consumed by vegans. They do not eat eggs, milk products, and other animal products such as meat, fish, and honey. 

However, those having a sweet tooth cannot resist the fragrance of a chocolate cake and peanut butter. It’s a myth that egg is an essential ingredient in these mouth-watering vegan desserts and delights. Here’s how vegans can savor their favorite desserts using the best vegan ingredients, relish the sweet treats and satisfy their sweet tooth. 

Vegan dessert ideas


Some of the tastiest vegan desserts stand testimony to the fact that you do not need milk, eggs, butter, and cream to make them delicious. Coconut oil and flaxseeds are the best alternatives for butter and eggs, respectively. Maple syrup is also a healthy ingredient. Many desserts including cakes, cookies, and puddings can be easily prepared using 100% vegan products and savored. The best part is they do not consume a lot of time.

  •   Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and bars, Tahini almond cookies, Oatmeal bites, Vegan Peanut butter cookies, Apple oatmeal cookies, and Pistachio oat squares are some of the cookies you can enjoy and serve as sweet treats. 
  •   These use ingredients like sea salt, peanut butter, oats, chopped apples, pomegranate arils, almond butter, flax, cinnamon and pistachio.

chocolate cookies

  •   Vegan brownies are prepared with the help of Medjool dates, cashew butter, cocoa powder, pecan nuts, and chocolate chips. Sunflower oil, dark chocolate, rice or wheat flour, caster sugar, vanilla essence and organic soya milk are also added. 


  •   The most delicious puddings include Avocado Chocolate Pudding Pops, Creamy Butternut Squash Pudding, and Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake. Their ingredients are avocados, almond butter, cinnamon, maple syrup, coconut cream, nutmeg, lemons, walnuts, and raspberry.
  •   Other cold desserts are Tart Cherry, Mint Sorbet, Creamy vegan lemon bars, and Vegan pumpkin pie parfaits. They use pumpkins, cherry, mint leaves, coconut whipped cream, lemon, Medjool dates, and maple syrup.


  •   A delightful vegan chocolate cake requires flour, cocoa powder, white sugar, baking soda, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, and white vinegar. Mix these ingredients and bake them at 350 degrees for nearly 45 minutes. Add chocolate chips and nuts to make it tastier. Studies have shown that eating a slice of chocolate cake every morning can increase your work efficiency throughout the day. It also helps reduce weight. 

Chocolate cake

  •   Plant-based desserts are tasty and the healthiest of all. For those having a sweet tooth, Raspberry Crumble, Coconut lime cheesecake are the best. They can be prepared using shredded coconut, almonds, almond oil, fresh berries, and cinnamon. Since berries and coconut are naturally sweet, you may not add sugar to your desserts. This will help reduce the calories in these vegan desserts.
  •   Plant-based vegans reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and brain ailments. They are more environmentally friendly than diets based on animal products. A healthy diet should aim at vegetables, whole grain, fruits, nuts, and legumes. Avoid soda, sugary cereals, white pasta, sausage, bacon, and likewise. 


  •   Fruit dessert recipes are easy. They are tasty and do not require added sugar because fruits are naturally sweet. Such vegan desserts include vegan apple crisp, strawberry crumble, apple-walnut breakfast bread, Cranberry apple crisp, vegan apple crumble, apple-lemon breakfast bowl, baked apple chips, raspberry apple crumble, and vegan apple pie.
  •   These fruit vegan delights contain lemon juice, cinnamon, chopped apples, cranberries, dates, walnuts, almond butter, oat flour, and maple syrup. Date sugar, nutmeg, strawberry juice, raisins and balsamic vinegar are added as well. 


  •   Peanut butter made of sea salt and ground peanuts with oil and sugar added is a completely vegan dessert. Peanuts reduce the chance of cardiovascular diseases and they are high in proteins. 
  •   Vegan peanut butter uses sugar instead of honey. It is utterly delicious and healthy. Almond butter is prepared using almonds instead of peanuts. It is just a little heavier compared to peanut butter.


  •   Chocolate is considered the “food of the gods” and dark chocolate helps increase cardiovascular function. Vegan dark chocolates have a high concentration of cocoa powder. Instead of milk, they use alternatives like soy and coconut milk. Coconut milk adds to the flavor of the dark chocolate. 
  •   Some dark chocolates are free of gluten and nuts, for those allergic to them. Other ingredients include rice powder, sugar syrup, cocoa butter, and orange extract. A pinch of sea salt is added to make the chocolate all the more delicious.
  •   Chocolate keeps our heart healthy and reduces the risk of strokes. It contains potassium and zinc good for health. Dark chocolate protects our skin from sun damage. Chocolate increases our memory and has a positive impact on the mind. 

Dark Chocolate

  •   Coconut milk, a non-dairy product is made of the white part found in a brown coconut, with water added to it. It is sweet and has a coconut flavor. Vegan coconut milk pudding includes full-fat coconut milk, dark chocolate, vanilla extract, berries, mangoes, and whipped coconut cream. 
  •   Since it is extremely low in proteins and carbohydrates, it is good for those looking for a low-carbohydrate diet. Research suggests that coconut milk helps reduce weight and balance cholesterol levels. Vegans can consume a moderate amount of coconut milk. 
  •   Vegan ice creams are rich in taste. Some of them include Chocolate avocado ice cream, raspberry ice cream, banana ice cream, and sweet potato ginger ice cream. Their ingredients are chocolate, almond milk, avocados, coconut oil, cardamom, and coconut milk.
  •   These ice creams also may have cocoa powder, palm syrup, coconut butter, vanilla extract, raspberry, chopped banana, maple syrup, almond butter, raw cocoa, mashed and steamed sweet potatoes, ginger powder and cinnamon. Any other plant-based milk can also be used instead of almond milk and coconut milk.


  •   Coconut flour is healthy. It has high protein fiber and is gluten-free for those allergic to gluten. It is a pure vegan flour. It is also helpful in maintaining blood sugar levels. It is a rich source of natural energy and helps in regulating human metabolism. 
  •   The vegan dessert recipes that use coconut flour are Double Coconut Caramel Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Mint Chocolate truffle, Chocolate Coconut flour cookies, Gluten Free peanut butter cookies, and raw cherry chocolate coconut cookies. Their ingredients other than coconut flour are coconut flakes, oil, sugar, oats, and beet juice.
  •   Coconut cream is used as an ingredient to make royal vegan Swedish Princess Cake. It is a dessert having layers of sponge cake, custard layer, and whipped cream layer surrounding. It also contains coconut flour, almond flour strawberry jam, raw marzipan, and vanilla custard. 
  •   Cherry coconut cheesecake with a chocolate crackle as the base, hairy coconut ice cream, litchi coconut sorbet, coconut raspberry pancakes, and coconut sponge cupcakes also has coconut cream as an ingredient.  



  •   Vegan cashew coconut balls are made of shredded coconut, soft dates, raw cashews without oil and salt, and sea salt (optional). Cashew coconut cream cheese is another vegan dish. It is prepared using drained and rinsed cashews, sweet white miso, coconut flakes, agave nectar, lemon juice, and a pinch of sea salt.
  •   Vegan dessert ideas have no end. But some other well-known vegan dessert recipes include Peanut butter caramel rice crispies made of maple syrup, vegan chocolate chip cookies, basil-berry lemonade sorbet, lemon tarts made of coconut, lemon and cashew, vegan chocolate puddings, vegan gluten-free chocolate doughnuts and vegan strawberry and cream cupcakes. 


Perks of a vegan sweet tooth


A vegan diet helps control weight, improves kidney functioning, reduces the risk of heart diseases, and is rich in several nutrients. It has a transforming effect not just on the body of an individual, but also on his mind. This diet energizes the mind and acts as a fuel. Your day can begin and end with a sweet, rich-in-taste, and a healthy diet. But a sweet tooth would always prefer pastries and puddings over spicy dishes. Vegan chocolate cake and brownies are an all-time favorite dessert. Bake vegan cakes for parties and vegan apple pies for Christmas. Adopt an easy vegan diet that contains naturally sweet ingredients like fruits and coconut. Dark chocolate would help reduce stress but a bar of vegan dark chocolate also keeps you fresh and positive. Summers are incomplete without cold desserts and vegan ice creams are its best delight. The sea salt used in vegan dessert recipes is rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It keeps the heart, brain, and muscles healthy. Plant-based desserts are a high source of nutrients. These vegan desserts, all together, greatly help in harmonizing the mind and body.