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Top Rated Vegan Restaurants


A vegan diet is trending these days in America. In this kind of diet, you are only supposed to consume plants and their products like fruits and vegetables and not animal products. Even dairy products like milk, curd, eggs, etc., are not allowed. 

With the increase in people following a vegan diet, many alternatives of dairy products are available in the market, like soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. But many people face the problem of the lack of vegan restaurants in the states. Nowadays, due to increasing demand, the number of restaurants dedicated to veganism is also increasing and developing in America.  Chefs from all across are using their cooking skills to create plant-based menus and dishes. Their focus is mainly on providing meat-free comfort food. 

The following restaurants combine different cuisines from all over the world, cooking styles to provide a vegan-free overall dining experience.  

J. Selby’s, St. Paul, Minnesota

This often crowded Cathedral Hill restaurant is like many popular American counter restaurants, except that everything on the menu is 100% plant-based. It offers various creative bowls, seitan salads, broccoli wings, and veggie burgers, including locally made Juicy Lucy veggie fare. With a homemade Beyond Burger mix filled with melted cashew cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and mayo added to whole wheat bread, it provides a fantastic dining experience. In addition, this restaurant serves a sustainable and cruelty-free dish giving the best alternative for turkey. 

Bunna Cafe In New York, NY

Bunna Cafe is in a humble spot on Flushing Avenue near Bushwick, Brooklyn, and it is a lively Ethiopian vegetarian restaurant that doubles as a music venue. We highly recommend that you indulge in a Feast for Two (only $34), it serves you nine signature dishes: starting from Keyser selata (sautéed cold beets, carrots, and potatoes) to enguday tibs (with bell peppers, rosemary, garlic, mushrooms, ginger, and onion) and a rotating seasonal dish.

Vedge, Philadelphia

Since opening in 2011, Vedge has been the mainstay of Philadelphia’s best restaurant review, and its ambitious and creative meatless menu can turn any skeptic on. Chefs Kate Jacoby and Richard Landau focused on local vegetables prepared with advanced and bold techniques. Instead of beef carpaccio, the restaurant offers compelling versions of portobello, including capers and kale. Wood-Roasted Carrot Kimchi “Reuben” served with sauerkraut, carrot mustard, and pumpkin requires no corned beef. Desserts, including Meyer Lemon Cheesecake and Sticky Caramel Pudding, are also great without dairy. Creative wine, beer, and cocktails complete the experience, especially during happy hour from Monday through Friday. 

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw In Washington, DC

For only $80 per person, you would be delighted in this high-end overall dining experience in this historic home in Washington, DC (open only on Friday nights). Just by adding $60 more, you can enjoy an organic wine pairing to complement your decadent meals. They include crispy tapioca cups made with cherry chartreuse pearls and gorgonzola cheese, king trumpet mushroom cakes, and palm crab cakes. The menu is entirely plant-based, and any indication of traditional food is only for context. 

By Chloe, New York City

New Yorkers lining up to eat vegan dishes would be a joke, not a reality. But By Chloe changed this and introduced delicious salads, sandwiches, and vegan burgers that people lined up outside to try. They make this classic with tempeh-walnut-lentil-chia patties and semi-traditional ingredients: kimchi, onions, beet sauce, and specialty sauces. To your surprise, Guac Burger quickly entered the list of iconic New York dishes. An alternative to meat patty made with black beans, quinoa, and sweet potatoes, topped with corn sauce, onions, guacamole, tortilla sticks, and jalapeño aioli, all piled high on a loaf of whole-grain bread.

Plant Miami in Miami, FL

If you are looking for exclusive vegan cuisine, then you have found your paradise. Here, vegan ingredients go through cooking techniques usually reserved for high-quality meat-centric menus. Pastry chef Verónica Manolizi and executive chef Horacio Rivadero first dehydrates, then decomposes and reassembles quinoa, mushrooms, and eggplants to create vegan menu dishes such as the zucchini lasagna and Mediterranean bowl. The open-air restaurant is often filled with beautiful locals drinking biodynamic organic cocktails while savoring delicacies like superb cannelloni.

Avo, Nashville, Tennessee

This elegant meeting place is just a short drive from the bustling city center and attracts a loyal following of sustainable development-conscious locals. Locally sourced produce stands out in various healthy cooked and raw vegetarian dishes, from small servings of beetroot carpaccio, kimchi spring rolls prepared with Thai peanut sauce to the CaliBurger with coconut cheese, coleslaw, onion, jalapeño, and guacamole on sweet potato bread.

The elegant space also offers a powerful cocktail show, housed in a renovated container with a strip of reclaimed wood and a wall of green plants, making it a preferred destination for those who want to maintain a certain healthy balance when traveling out of town.

Seed in New Orleans, LA

If you crave locally sourced dishes but are on a vegan diet, Seed will help. The spacious restaurant serves regional vegetarian dishes such as po boy aubergine, okra, and artichoke cakes. Those who wish to go beyond boxed dishes can choose the Thai-style pad thai made from cucumber and feast on the great fresh juice cocktails.


These restaurants shall make your bucket list, as these not only provide vegan-friendly dishes but also provide an overall dining experience. The specialty of these restaurants is that they prepare these foods with different cooking techniques and provide for best alternatives for animal products. You can also customize your dish by making it gluten-free. All vegan-based restaurants in this compendium are worth giving a try. So next time you go out, ditch your regular meat and animal products and try these flavored plant-based dishes.