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Top Rated Vegan Halloween Candy

Vegan Halloween Candies

With Halloween around the corner, you can’t go without thinking about all the fun and crazy decorations, costumes, and food. Spooky house décor, Frankenstein-inspired costumes, edible yet gross-looking food, and of course, don’t forget the trick or treating. 

Trick or treat is a Halloween tradition, without which Halloween has no apparent fun for the kids or their families. If you are organizing a party for Halloween, you need to take care of the different needs of your guests. You make sure there is a wide range of food options to cover all dietary habits, such as gluten-free food items, vegan food items, etc. Similarly, it is important to stack up against your candy jar with numerous options. If you are a vegan household, you might have faced a few troubles finding the right candies for your candy jar; take away Milky Duds, Milky Ways, and Hershey’s bar, and what are you left with?

14 Vegan Candies to stack up on this Halloween 


That’s right – this beloved candy is vegan and has been since 2009. Skittles are gluten-free but not taste-free. While you are at the store, get a huge pack, some for the kids and some for you.


Want to eat something yummy and tasty licorice that has zero animal-derived ingredients? Well, look no further because Twizzlers is exactly what you are looking for. 

Eating Evolved

Haters will say that chocolate is food, not candy; whatever the case may be, Eating Evolved still deserves a top spot in all our candy lists. These chocolate bars are a perfect balance between dark and sweet. Plus, the coconut butter cups will make you question the popularity of peanut butter.

Jolly Ranchers

The classics are in the house! Jolly Ranchers deserve all the love and attention. The only issue with these suckers is that it contains lecithin, which can come from plants and eggs. However, according to Peta, Jolly Ranchers are vegan, but if you are a hardcore vegan, you might want to skip them.

Swedish Fish

Another classic candy that you won’t have to skip on because it is 100% vegan.


Some things are created great from the beginning, just like these smart guys, who have been vegan since 1949. That’s right; smarties contain zero gelatine, zero dairies, and of course, no bug-based dyes.

Blow Pops

Blow Pops are 100% proud vegan and hence have nothing to do with their chocolate-containing older sibling, Tootsie Pops.

Sour Patch Kids

That’s right; you will not have to part ways with this heavenly creation; Sour Patch Watermelon is, in fact, vegan!


Obsessed with fruit chews but can’t find a vegan option? Well, don’t worry because Dots is a gelatine-free, vegan option that you can choose to get your fix of gummy goodness.

Now and Later

Although many may be sad as Starbursts fails to make the cut as it contains gelatine, however, you can rejoice in the fact that the original Now and Laters is a perfect vegan chew that you can rely on. The new Shell-Shocked Sour varieties also fail to clear the test, so make sure to stick to the original. 

Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate

Looking for a substitute for the traditional milk chocolate bars? Look no further as Enjoy Life Foods brings you a bar of chocolate free of artificial ingredients and the top eight major allergens. In addition, their new Halloween minis line contains dark, crunchy, and rice milk varieties that serve flavor, taste, and all that you like about those traditional milk bars. 

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could not only avoid animal ingredients but also help save endangered species by simply eating a bar of decadent chocolate? Well, if yes, make sure to purchase a couple of Endangered Species Dark Chocolate to add to your Halloween candy list. 

YumEarth Organic Candies

YumEarth is a forward-thinking brand that has saved a lot of vegan sweet-tooths since its opening. From lollipops to jelly beans and hard candies to so much more, Yumearth candies are an obvious choice because they are vegan and yummy. 


Do not hold your breath for this one, as Airheads is nothing but dairy-free, egg-free, and animal-ingredient-free, tasty, and refreshing classic fruit strips. The perfect option for your candy jar. 

In conclusion

There you have 14 candy options to get you started on your Halloween shopping spree. As long as you check the ingredient list on your candies and stick to the list, you will stay clear of all animal-derived candies this Halloween.