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Top Plant Based Butters


Certain vegan ingredients taste so much better than the normal alternatives. One of the main components to mastering a vegan diet is utilizing plant-based cooking oils. Vegan butter is made from plant milk with a somewhat similar appearance to butter made from animal milk. Vegan butter has the same mouthfeel and some vegan butter is also flavored to make a dish even more mouthwatering. The cruelty-free butter in your plant-centered kitchen is a must-have and the main ingredient in many vegan desserts. Many butter products deliver good benefits as well as fantastic taste: welcome omega 3 fatty acids! Six different brands of vegan butter are listed below, and we encourage you to add these to your vegan diet!

Earth Balance

Earth Balance is the best vegan butter in all in terms of flexibility and accessibility. Not only is this butter virtually similar in flavor and feel, but it is also one of the most commonly found and inexpensive vegan butter in the grocery stores. 

Earth Balance is now available in soy-free, natural whipped, olive oil, omega-3, alongside the initial flavor. The Earth Balance is a great go-to butter, and it’s all about baking chocolate cookies to sauteing veggies. 

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

While some vegans would choose to buy only from vegan firms, establishing a national brand makes it easier for more consumers to access this vegan commodity. So, in the milk aisle near the normal margarine, you can find the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Vegan.” 

This vegan spread does not bake as well as typical butter since it is based on margarine. But it works well for sauces and soups.

Miyoko’s Kitchen

Cultured Vegan Butter from Miyoko’s Kitchen in European style is the third-best vegan butter. Miyoko’s Kitchen is a smaller cheese brand, but this is probably a commodity that is only sold in a niche supermarket type. Surprisingly it’s even cheaper than the two kinds of butter previously. 

It is not only milk-free but herbal and palm-oil-free. Miyoko uses coconut oil and cashews instead to give them a rich, well-baked buttery feel.

WayFare Whipped

This is rated fourth in our line up since it is another butter that can only be sold in specialized food shops. You could possibly find them in Jewish delis and supermarkets because they have vegan and kosher goods approved. WayFare was founded by the family of former dairy farmers who decided to grow an environmental and client-enhancing commodity.

What makes it worth looking at is that WayFare Whipped is super spreadable with its whipped texture. Moreover, it comes with sweet and savory aromas such as cinnamon and garlic. 

Melt Organic

Melt Organic is another butter like Miyoko’s Kitchen because the main ingredient in their butter is organic and fair-trade coconut oils. Yet Melt has vegan spreads and “buttering sticks,” which can be baked with much better than just spreading onto food. 

Butters made from Melt are marginally easier to locate than butter from Miyoko. They are likely to be sold on the west coast in grocery stores such as Safeway or more organic stores such as Whole Foods. Melt has quite a few sweet tastes like honey and cookies, but the sweetened flavors are not 100% vegan. 

Nutiva Organic Buttery Coconut Oil

Nutiva Bio buttery Coconut Oil is also included in the list. The best part of this vegan butter is that it is flavored with coconut oil. Like most normal butter this one seems to spread well onto food. It’s also non-GMO, as well as organic. In most grocery stores, you can find Nutiva goods, but you will also need to find the cocoon oil buttery in a healthy grocery shop. 

Is Vegan Butter Healthy?

Organic vegan butter uses essential ingredients and does not include trans fats, animal fats, additives, and preservatives. Hence, it has healthier ingredients than other vegan kinds of butter purchased in the supermarket. It also has a high-fat content and calories to be consumed sparingly, like all kinds of butter. 

Is Vegan Butter The Same As Margarine?

Vegan Butter and margarine are equivalent but not equal. 

Margarine has a unique flavor and a very light feel that is not like regular milk butter. Also, it is not necessarily vegan friendly. It also includes milk derivatives, including those that are often classified as plant-based, so be careful. Look for ingredients such as whey, lactose, and casein. Be cautious of animal-derived lecithin and vitamin D3 too.

How to store

Simply store the vegan butter in a container with a lid, just like any other butter.

How long does vegan butter last, you may be wondering? Hold it in the fridge, and it will last for about two weeks. However, this depends to a degree on the milk that you use to produce the butter. It lasts longer if you use store-bought milk than if you use homemade milk due to the preservatives. Vegan butter also freezes well. 

If you get creative you can always try to make your own vegan butter at home! Until then, check out the options listed above as quick and easy to use vegan butter. Make sure to read up on whatever brand you may buy because some brands are meant for baking while others are not.