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The Best Vegan Shoe Brands


What Are Vegan Shoes?

Vegan does not only mean what you consume but what you wear can also be a part of veganism. The main thing that you need to avoid is any products made from cows. For example, that leather should not be used if a shoe is a vegan show. Some other things that should not be used are alligator skin, sheepskin, snake, wool, etc. Some shoes that are fake leather might have glue used in them that is made from animals. So ensure that anything that you buy is a hundred percent vegan. Vegan shoes can be made with many different products, and companies are trying out new and better ways to make vegan products that are very good and cost-effective.

Wills vegan shoes

This company makes high-quality products. You might find some cheap shoe brands, but they will tear quickly and get spoiled, so it is better if you invest some more money and buy a good quality vegan shoe that will last you much longer. You can also buy bags and sandals from this company, and they are of excellent quality. These shoes are PETA-approved too. In addition to making animal cruelty-free products, they also try and look out for the environment. Their packaging is carbon neutral, and all the shoe materials are eco-certified. The rubber used in the shoes is recycled, and even the packaging is carbon neutral. 

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather.

This is a French vegan company. All their products are very well made and stunning. You get sneakers, sandals, clogs, cowboy boots. Although the leather is fake, it is very soft to the touch. All the footwear is very comfortable, and you will enjoy wearing it. 


Athletic is a german brand, and its focus is mainly on more casual shoes. You can get shoes that look converse. The issue with converse is that they use animal glue while athletic does not use this glue. These shoes are very comfortable, and if you try a pair, you will love them instantly. They are stylish too, so just because they are suitable for the environment and vegan does not mean cutting corners in the style department. 

Tropicfeel Vegan Travel Shoes

As the name says, these shoes are great for traveling. This is because they are very light. They weigh about seven ounces. You can use these shoes for various activities like hiking, walking, and working out. You can use these shoes to save some space and weight as well. These shoes use recycled plastic to make shoes. They use eco-friendly and animal-friendly materials, so they are outstanding products. They are PETA certified too.

Kave Footwear 

This company is from the Czech republic. They have a unique selection of sneakers. No one else will have the shoes that you do. That is a guarantee. All the shoes are vegan and stylish. What more could you want? 

Nae Vegan Shoes 

The word nae stands for no animal exploitation. This brand is from Portugal. They have different kinds of shoes from sneakers, dress shoes, and sandals for both men and women. You can also buy different products from them like bags, wallets, belts, etc. All the products will be vegan. This company uses pineapple leaves to make its leather. They aim to provide the best quality footwear while avoiding animal exploitation. You do not have to worry about their quality or durability because they are very well made and will last long. 

Vegetarian Shoes 

Despite how the name might sound, the shoes are vegan. The best part about the vegetarian brand is that they are not a new company, but they have been around for about thirty years. There are hundreds of shoes on their site. They have been around so long that they could have so many shoes at some desirable prices. So if you have a budget or no budget at all, you can quickly get some good shoes. They have regular shoes, sneakers, sandals, heels, etc. But they also have things like ballet slippers so whoever you are can find shoes for your needs. 

Fair Shoes 

If you are a woman and want some good dress shoes, you will find it challenging to find vegan options. Proper shoes have all the heels that you can dream of. They are a Portuguese brand, and they create some fantastic footwear for all needs. All their workers are treated well, and they work in good conditions. The company makes its products by trying to save animals and prevent any cruelty. 

Beyond Skin 

Beyond skin is a luxury brand. You can get vegan shoes, boots, and sandals, etc. You can also get different animal prints on your shoes. So you do not have to feel guilty, but you can still look fashionable with your animal printed shoes. The brand is from the UK, but they make their shoes in Spain and deliver them worldwide. 


No one is forcing you to buy vegan shoes, but it is just more excellent that we make shoes that do not have any raw materials that come from animals to do our part in keeping animals safe and away from any cruelty that they might face from people. All these companies make products free of animal products and ensure that the products are stylish and up to date. Try out these products, and you will love them because they are remade well with suitable quality materials, and many times you would not miss the leather after you use these products.