Heart Healthy Foods

10 Amazingly Heart Healthy Foods

10 Amazingly Heart-healthy Foods  Nearly one-third of all deaths worldwide are by heart disease. Your diet plays a vital role in your heart health and impacts the risk of heart

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Protein Shakes

Top Plant-Based Protein Powders

Plant-based protein powders  You can boost your daily protein consumption with protein powder. It’s hassle-free and does the job quite well.   But different people have different needs and lifestyles. Finding

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Tofu vs. Tempeh

Tofu V/S Tempeh! 2020 is all about healthy diets; everyone’s looking out for meat alternatives and obtaining plant-based protein and fiber diets! A lot of research says many different things

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vegan dessert ideas

Vegan Dessert Ideas

Vegan dessert: A healthier choice for your sweet tooth   With nearly 1% of the world’s population and 6% of the US natives practicing veganism, the interest in Vegan diet

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rice pudding

Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe

This creamy vegan dessert is not only delicious, it’s healthy too! Learn how it’s done in this simple tutorial video. Creamy Vegan Rice Pudding 3 Cups Almond Milk or Non-Dairy

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