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Spices And Herbs Every Vegan Should Own


Going Vegan is not just about eating vegetables and fruits. You also need seasoning, which is crucial for a vegan diet. Having the right spices and herbs enables you to make a variety of vegan dishes. 


Cumin is the most desirable spice and is used by people worldwide in almost all dishes and is an essential ingredient for many recipes. 

Cumin has been used for thousands of years and is used in all delicious recipes and is excellent for adding some spice and chili flavor. And should be included by vegans in their daily diet. 

Vegetable Broth or Bouillon 

Having a soupy dish with veggies, i.e., concentrated bouillon, is necessary to have in your kitchen. Cause adding this to your simple dishes like rice and beans give them a fantastic flavor and create a tremendous stew base. 

You can make your seitan using some vegetables like capsicum, corn, and tomatoes. 

Black Salt

Black salt or rock salt is widely used in South Asian countries and is famous for its eggy flavor. It adds a sulphuric taste to all the dishes. Black salt is perfect for making eggless dishes like tofu and scrambles quiche. 

Black salt is a prevalent ingredient found in the Indian market and can easily be found in stores. 

Ground Ginger

Using fresh ginger is great for adding to your diet. But ground ginger is also a fantastic subtle flavor that adds a little spice and sweet flavor, with a light, peppery aroma in your food. 

Ground Ginger can help make great Pumpkin Pancakes and is essential in savory food like soup, sauces, and veggies. 

Onion Powder  

Many children and people hate onions. And many vegans avoid onions in their diet. Though, adding onion powder to your meal will give a fantastic flavor to all the dishes. 

You can add onion powder in all the dishes, be it vegetables, pulses, soup or stew, and many Indian Dishes. 

Garlic Powder

Using fresh garlic is mainly preferred by people. But if you want a tinge of spice in your food, you can add garlic powder.  It will help in adding that crisp and good flavor to your dishes like Crispy Potato Fries and in salad dressings. 


Paprika is a spice made from dried, ground mild peppers like bell peppers. It is available in many varieties such as sweet, spicy, smoked Paprika, and more. 

It is a fantastic ingredient that can enhance the color and add a tinge of pepper flavor. 

Chilli Powder

Chilli Powder is the favorite ingredient of many people as people love spice. It can transform a bland meal from delicious. Chilli powder adds a smoky flavor to all the dishes like Ramen, Stew, vegetables,  etc. 

Cayenne Pepper

It’s all about the heated spice. Cayenne adds a very spicy zest to every dish. You can sprinkle it on your salad, vegetables, rice, etc. But make sure you do not over-sprinkle it, or else you will ruin the dish by adding too much spice to it. Make sure you taste the dish after adding a very little Cayenne to avoid an extra tang. 

Maldon Sea Salt

The favorite secret ingredient of all chefs is Maldon Sea Salt. This light, flaky salt is the secret ingredient to add a burst of flavor to all your dishes. 

You can add it after cooking the meal as while cooking, and the dish loses its flavor. You can sprinkle it before serving the course, which will add a tinge of crunch and flavor to your dish. 

Soy Sauce and Liquid Aminos 

Adding soy sauce is an intelligent way to add saltiness to your recipe. It is a wonderful marinade for tempeh and tofu. 

If you prefer less salt in your diet, you can use liquid aminos as an alternative. You can find liquid Aminos easily in grocery stores and supermarkets. 

Fresh Herbs   

From pesto to chimichurri and tabbouleh, herbs can do magic for your plant-based diet. Herbs are essential for vegan kitchens, and all vegans should always have fresh herbs in hand. 

Black Peppercorn 

If you use a shaker of ground pepper, then you need to update it with a grinder. Use freshly ground pepper in your vegan dishes; this will make a tremendous difference in your vegan dishes’ flavor.  

Once you start using a grinder for fresh pepper, you will never go back to using a shaker again. 

Poppy Seeds

These seeds have a unique nutty flavor and a satisfying crunch. It can be added to salads, bread, oatmeal, and added to burgers.

Butternut squash salad tastes the best with Poppy seeds. 


Saffron is a very precious spice that producers obtain from the stigmas of the saffron crocus flower. It has a puzzling, sweet, luxurious taste, and due to the price, chefs only use it in a minimal amount in various dishes. 

Kaffir Lime Leaves 

Kaffir Lime Leaves are more or like Asian Bay leaves, which cooks use in curry. You can add a delicious taste to your recipes by adding these leaves, like in Thai Green Curry. 

Whole Nutmeg

Nutmeg is pumpkin spice, famous for its versatile flavors. Confectioners mainly use it in creamy and sweet dishes like Vegan French Toast with Berry Compote. You can use a grater to obtain fresh nutmeg. And always go for whole grains and grounded spices. 


These were some essential spices, herbs, and seasoning that every vegan must own to make home-cooked delicious and fresh meals. They aren’t exclusive to vegans, and anyone can use them to spruce up dishes that have grown tiresome