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Signs You’re Missing Vital Nutrients In Your Diet


Your body is the projection of your diet. For instance, incorporating too much fat into your diet might make you overweight and your skin oily. Many such signs provide a brief idea about what your body is missing and the nutrients it needs to rectify the problem. It is like deciphering your body’s signal to understand its nutrients. Understanding this language from your body’s system allows you to take good care of your body and live a long and healthy life. It would be best to become an expert to know early signs and change your diet accordingly. 

Here is a list of signs that you are missing vital nutrients in your body. 

Experiencing Weight Loss Magically

Sometimes, losing weight unexpectedly can be a dream come true for some. However, experiencing weight loss in a persistent matter calls for a different reason altogether. Losing weight is a sign of being athletic or achieving the beach body and a sign that you miss out on your diet. This calls for not consuming enough doses of daily nutrients (micro and macro) required for your body, not allowing it to repair and inducing catabolism. 

A Low Bone Density Or Experiencing Symptoms Of Weak Bones

Having weak bones is a hindrance to conducting your daily activities freely. The signs of fragile bones indicate lower performance and hinder your ability to accomplish everyday tasks at ease. Furthermore, you might experience joint pain and more. You might wonder it’s old age is kicking in, but your diet is also to blame. Teenagers also experience these weak bone symptoms, which explains the dietary problems. You can fix this by introducing a calcium-rich diet which includes consuming dairy products. 

Experiencing Night Blindness

Do you experience the inability to adapt to poor illumination in the room? If yes, then you are experiencing night blindness. It happens when your eye is unable to adapt from a well-lit surrounding to a poorly-lit environment. The topmost cause for experiencing night blindness is a deficiency of vitamin A. You can improve this condition by consuming Vitamin A to improve your eyesight. A major source of vitamin A is carrots, eggs, and cod liver oil. Furthermore, other signs of vitamin A deficiency include dry eyes and frequent experiences of chest & throat infections. 

Stunted Growth Problems

Stunted growth is a clear indication that your body is suffering from a lack of nourishment. Lack of nutrients in your body hinders the production of growth hormones, leading to stunted growth. The solution to fix this is adapting to a rainbow diet, i.e., eating loads of fruits and vegetables, and your body will produce the required somatostatin. 

Irregular Periods & Enlarged Thyroid

When women experience irregular periods, it can be attributed to iodine deficiency in the diet. However, one cannot rule out other possibilities completely, and one can only be sure of getting a diagnosis from a doctor. Furthermore, iodine deficiency causes enlarged thyroids called goiter. Again, not consuming enough iodine will show signs of hair loss and heart rate fluctuations. 

Skin Problems

It is quite common where you can attribute the blame for skin rashes to poor hygiene. However, that might not be the case entirely. Many individuals follow good hygiene practices and yet develop red skin rashes on their skin. So, what causes it? The answer is a lack of vitamin D intake in your body. You can fix your skin problems by incorporating an adequate amount of vitamin D into your diet. Good sources of vitamin D include oily fish, lean meat, eggs, and fortified food. It is also important to start going out and get some sunshine in the morning if it isn’t a habit already. 

Poor Cardiovascular Health

Are you experiencing cardiovascular health problems such as hypertension, strokes, or other heart diseases? If you experience uncontrolled high blood pressure, then your diet is lacking seafood. This includes fishes like salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, and more. Fish have the essential omega-3 fatty acid that promotes good cardiovascular health. However, if you do not eat fish, there are other sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which include flax seeds, walnuts, and algae products. However, these alternatives aren’t as good as having fish in your diet. According to studies conducted by the University of Pittsburg, lack of fish in our diet might also be responsible for poor cognitive functions. 

Suffering From Constipation & Gastrointestinal Problems

If you suffer from gastrointestinal problems, then your diet is to be blamed. A poor digestive tract or erratic bowel movements is the cause of incorporating a high fiber and sugar diet. More and more teenagers and middle-aged individuals are consuming processed food due to a busy schedule and suffer gastric problems, and more. Furthermore, some individuals do not drink the required amounts of water a day. This leads to major issues like constipation and dehydration, which make you feel weak. 

Frequently Experiencing Fatigue

There are many reasons for experiencing fatigue and tiredness frequently. You can undoubtedly give the major credit for your inability to be active and exhaustion to your poor diet. Many individuals with a plant-based diet tend to miss out on some of the vital ingredients your body needs to function well and produce the required energy. Vegetarians and vegans often suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency which causes a pale skin appearance and light-headedness. Another cause for your tiredness can be attributed to iron deficiency in your body. Therefore, your body suffers from anemic conditions as lack of iron hinders hemoglobin production, responsible for transporting oxygen all over your body. 

Being On The Down-Low

Do you lash out quickly? The good news is you are not to blame for it. Your diet is the culprit in this scenario. This is because having a diet poor in vitamin B and B6 hinders the production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is the hormone responsible for controlling your mood and making you feel happy. Therefore, if your body does not produce enough serotonin, you feel cranky and experience mood changes. Hence, to fix this and be yourself, it is vital to include vitamin B & B6 in your diet. 


The article is solely based on common signs that your body can show due to missing vital nutrients. However, it is your duty as the sole proprietor of your health to consult with your doctor. Sometimes, the signs might be related to a poor diet or an underlying condition. Hence, it is important not to ignore it and be on a hunt for the cause. If your body is trying to communicate, be patient and understand its needs. A good diet is responsible for your well-being and long life and so, make sure to make changes immediately if you have a poor diet.