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Produce Grocery Delivery Without Leaving Home


Going to the market and buying groceries can be time-consuming, especially when you need to drop the kids to school and leave for your job. In the times of Coronavirus, leaving home to purchase fresh veggies and groceries is a hard task. You can order ready-made foods from restaurants, but what if you wish to cook at home. This article brings you the best services to deliver groceries to your doorstep without you needing to leave home. 

How Do Grocery-Delivery Services Work?

These services offer delivery at your doorstep. You can order your list through their websites or by calling a specific number. These services will record your items and deliver them as soon as they can. Generally, these are free deliveries above a certain price. Whenever you want fresh produce, you should go for these excellent services like Amazon Fresh, Walmart, and more. 


This service takes a minimum order of $30 and gives free delivery up to $10. The membership offers unlimited free delivery for $98 per year. However, Walmart offers it as optional. Although you may be familiar with it, this company has launched a new membership system called the Unlimited Delivery System. Whenever you purchase groceries or other stuff from Walmart through this system, you’ll get free delivery on things for the whole year. You can get pre-packaged and produce foods through Walmart’s grocery delivery service, right from bananas to frozen meals. There are around 3000 Walmart stores in the U.S., and the employees will load your car outside the store without extra charges. 


Instacart is a fantastic service for delivering groceries at your door. You can place a minimum order of $10. Instacart personal shoppers select your items and deliver them right to your front door. You may get same-day delivery if you live close to the stores Instacrat provides. Some local specialty stores and non-grocery retailers like fishmongers and butchers have also become partners with Instacart. Your Android and iOS phones have apps, and you can directly order your groceries from them. There’s also a website on Instacart if you would like to order through your laptops.

Amazon Fresh

The delivery of items is free for Amazon Prime members. Others need to pay $10 for groceries less than $35. If you want to have complete advantage of Amazon Fresh, you should be an Amazon Prime member. You can get packaged foods, tons of fresh produce, and so much more from the digital platform of Amazon. A large number of customers use this service to buy from Whole Foods. But, Amazon Fresh also partners with supermarkets and local retailers in many cities. 

These places include Atlanta, Las Vegas, Boston, Baltimore, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, and Miami. We should know that AmazonFresh customers in many cities prefer Prime because they get free delivery without paying extra. Other cities are Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington, D.C., and Seattle. 


FreshDirect brings direct delivery to Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C. Many people love the services of FreshDirect because of meat selections and high-quality produce. If you want to get the groceries delivered on time, you should order one day in advance. People staying in New York can use the site Foodkick, because it is also from FreshDirect, to buy groceries the same day you order. You need to order a minimum of $30. The delivery fee of FreshDirect starts from $6. For unlimited free deliveries, you also get an optional membership delivery pass.


You can order a minimum of $59 from Hungryroot. It acts as a crossover between a grocery delivery service and a meal subscription. What makes Hungryroot different from other services is its use of plant-based products to make food. A person can mix and match all the ingredients like zoodles and grains. The sauces and flavorful dressings let you make them taste better. Delivery of HungryRoot is available in all cities of the U.S. except for Hawaii and Alaska. If non-members buy groceries above $70, they will get free delivery. 


People who prefer their shopping from the shop and stop love buying groceries from PeaPod. It is also owned by Shop and Stop and is among the best grocery delivery services in the United States. It’s majorly available along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard and the Northeast. PeaPod also gives its customers the facility to have their orders loaded in their cars outside the stores. The in-store pickup is free of cost (even in Stop and Shop stores). You can place a minimum order on PeaPod of $60. The delivery fee starts at $7, but you can also buy an optional PodPass of $119 for the whole year. 


You can place a minimum order on Boxed for free shipping above $49. If you buy groceries below this cost, you need to pay $7. There’s an optional membership of $49 for free delivery of all items from Boxed. These bulks of groceries reach directly to your door. If you want to buy milk, fruit, eggs, and veggies in bulk, you may schedule with Boxed Express. The delivery fees and minimum orders of Boxed Express are different. So, you may need to add them up. Due to coronavirus pandemic, the delivery system may work slow, but Boxed will still deliver your items as soon as possible. 

Thrive Market

It focuses on the delivery of healthy foods. You will get organic products, groceries, and fresh veggies through Thrive Market. There are membership plans to choose from, and you can place a minimum order of $49. These are at affordable costs with the no-pollution delivery system. Order the items through your browser or on the Thrive Market app. 


The grocery shopping stores given in this article are for your convenience of buying stuff from home. They may or may not charge delivery fees. Amid a pandemic or leading a busy life, these delivery services come in handy