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Processed Vegan Foods to Stay Away From

Letting go of animal-based products can be incredibly difficult. However, most vegans know that the health benefits of this are numerous. When you vegan, you give up on big portions of saturated fat by throwing in fibrous vegetables in your diet plan instead. This lowers your risk of high cholesterol and heart disease significantly.

That being said, there are some foods that you must stay away from. Just because you are vegan does not mean that you are healthy or that you will automatically lose weight. For example, if you order crispy tofu every day, you are far from being healthy. In this article, you will learn about some of the worst processed vegan foods that you should stay away from.

Frozen Fake Meat

The advertisements of “no-chicken chicken nuggets” are all false. In fact, you shouldn’t believe one word that you hear in these advertisements. These are not healthy at all. In fact, this vegan food is high in sodium content. If you don’t believe us, simply check the packaging- if you find that there is more than 400 mg of sodium indicated for each serving, throw it out.

Moreover, keep an eye out for artificial ingredients, preservatives, and processed oils. When vegan foods have loads of preservatives, the nutrient content is usually low. This means that that particular food item does not contain enough protein, vitamin B12, or minerals such as iron.

When buying fake meat, the first things you should look for are beans or legumes. These should make it high on the packaging list. Beans and legumes are incredibly healthy protein alternatives, along with hemp and quinoa. Quinoa is a great vegan food as it is loaded with the amino acid lysine, which means that it contains a lot of protein. Moreover, hemp contains fiber and protein that can keep you full for hours.

Tofu Deli Meats

Deli meat, on the whole, is terrible for your health. Hence, vegan deli meat isn’t a great alternative either. Remember, meat-free alternatives are the worst processed vegan foods to stay away from. These are full of sodium and may also contain hidden sugar. If consuming meat-free vegan food items, ensure that they have less than 400 mg of sodium.

There are some brands in the market that are great for your health. This includes Tofurky. Moreover, you can also opt for Lightlift Chickpea and Red Pepper Veggie Deli Slices. This vegan food can make loads of wonderful combinations such as chickpeas, red peppers, white beans, and kale – you have a fulfilling dinner ready to be feasted upon!

Vegan Desserts

One of the worst vegan foods to stay away from is vegan desserts. You read that correctly! In fact, you may even consume a conventional blueberry cheesecake or chocolate dessert and still be better off than consuming any vegan dessert.

This is because when vegan desserts are manufactured, butter and eggs are removed. Instead, starches, gums, and pectin are added to mimic the consistency and texture of normal desserts. Not only do these ingredients increase the sugar content of these desserts, but they also increase the calorie count. If we were to choose good vegan desserts, we would opt for Haagen-Dazs Non-Dairy Coconut Frozen Yogurt. Not only is it dairy-free, but it also has a distinct flavor that cannot be matched to any other ice-cream brand.

Coconut Yogurt

Vegans think that coconut yogurt is the greatest snack ever. Even though it may taste amazing, creamy coconut yogurt is extremely high in saturated fat. Hence, you must watch your portion size. Loads of restaurants have started to stock coconut yogurt in cute cups and have been marketing it as a healthy alternative. However, these are twice or thrice more than the recommended portion size. This means that you could consume a lot more calories without even being aware.

If you are really craving a coconut yogurt fix, the best way to measure your intake is to only consume ½ cup of yogurt. Make sure to measure correctly and do not heap your spoon. Yogurt made from cashew milk is also great. It contains a total of 13 grams of plant protein, which is higher than the protein content found in most yogurts, including coconut yogurt.

 Frozen Meals

Frozen food is terrible for your health. Vegan frozen food is no different. This is because most companies do not take into account whole grains, vegetables, and beans that must be included as part of a healthy diet. Most frozen meals are terribly high in sodium, which can have hazardous effects on the body. If you are looking to get a couple of frozen meals, look for products that are made with a small amount of sodium. The trick is that no eatable should have more than 600mg of sodium.

Moreover, you need to keep an eye on your carb intake. Vegans are usually concerned about having enough protein in their diet that they forget about incorporating carbs. Brown rice and vegetable bowls are a nutritious option as they contain protein, fat, as well as carbs.

 Veggie Chips

Veggie chips are the worst processed vegan foods to stay away from. This may be terrible news for most vegans, but it’s true! Not only are veggie chips fried, but they are also loaded with raw slat.

If you want to munch on veggie chips, it is best to search for kale, beet, or carrot chips. However, make sure that these are not loaded with additional seasonings, as this may increase the sugar content, hence increasing calories. The best thing you can do is invest in an air fryer and fry your own chips with the help of some olive oil. You can throw in some salt and seasonings. This helps you measure your sodium and fat intake.


Now that you are aware of the worst processed vegan foods to stay away from, it is time to switch up your diet plan and go back to being healthy!