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Popular Vegan Items At Trader Joes


Turning vegan is becoming a well-thought-of dietary choice. Trader Joes respects this choice and offers a variety of vegan food options. It is an ideal place to shop for vegans. It is a place that provides you with numerous possibilities for vegan foods. The grocery chain’s dairy and meat-free products are a super hit.

Walking through the Trader Joe’s store is an eye-pleasing sight for any vegan as they offer several vegan options. It is a pleasant experience to find your favorites from every section of the store. There are not just numerous raw options, but also many delicious cooked meal options too. Let us have a look and figure out the best vegan options available in the store.

Cashew Fiesta Dip

Cashew fiesta is a dairy-free dip creamy and great as a side dish with many food options. You may dip your crackers or nachos and relish the dip. You can add your veggies to the dip and serve it hot. You can even heat it and make pasta with a creamy texture. 

Cauliflower Gnocchi

Cauliflower gnocchi is a go-to meal whenever you feel lazy or just don’t feel like cooking dinner. You can easily pan-fry the ready-to-use cauliflower gnocchi. It is super delicious and crispy. Just add your favorite dressing or sauce to it and toss it up with some green veggies to enjoy a wholesome meal.

Mango Mini Mochi

Trader Joe’s is the place where you find non-dairy Thai tea or mochi. All tea lovers will adore the Thai tea-flavored mochi. So now you can satiate that sweet craving and not feel guilty too! The mango flavor added to the taste is perfect, light, and a must-have for that sweet craving.

Chocolate Chip Soy-milk Ice Cream 

Trader Joe’s is a paradise when you wish to have some unconventional flavored ice-creams and that too vegan. The cherry chocolate chip ice cream is a must-have. The vegan ice cream is just perfect while you enjoy a weekend with your friends or family.

Jasmine Rice With Yellow Jackfruit Curry 

Here is another attractive vegan meal option that is ready to cook. Just microwave and enjoy! The jasmine rice coupled with yellow jackfruit curry is so delicious that you can ditch any other meal for this combo. The soft jackfruit gives a feel of shredded chicken mixed with the perfect blend of spices and curry. Eat it with your veggies or jasmine rice and enjoy a delicious meal. 

No Chicken, Mandarin Orange Morsels

The ready-to-make Mandarin Orange Morsels are perfect in taste. The tangy and sweet flavor adds to the beauty of the texture. Cook and eat with a plate of rice loaded with veggies to get wholesome nutrition and taste. 

Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups

The Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups at Trader Joe are a big hit. They are delicious and affordable. This gluten, dairy, and soy-free options are a big yes for people allergic to peanuts. 

Popcorn With Spices And Herbs

The pack of popcorn is a perfect savory treat, and it is a low-calorie option with a great blend of spices. The flavor of celery seed, onion, and nutritional yeast gives an excellent tangy taste. It is a perfect go-to snack while chilling and watching your favorite show.

Bagel Seasoning With Sesame Flavor

The famous bagel seasoning is one of the best products of Trader Joe’s. The sesame-flavored bagel seasoning is just perfect with toast; add it to a salad, on top of your avocado toast, or to a veggie stir fry. Add the goodness of this seasoning to enhance the flavor of any dish. It is a perfect mix of poppy and sesame seeds, sea salt, and dried onion and garlic. 

Organic Baked Tofu

Organic Baked Tofu is a must-buy to make life easier. It is available in Sriracha and Teriyaki flavors, and you can add it to your stir fry or rice. The pre-baked version saves a lot of time and energy to cook. 

Meat-less Protein Patties 

The Turkey-less protein patties provide a boost in the amount of proteins required for the day. You get around 23g of protein by consuming one patty. It tastes great and is much lighter than the standard meat burger replacements.

Fully Cooked Falafel 

The ready-to-eat falafels are a perfect companion for your pita pocket, salad, or rice. Just eat it in the oven or air fryer and relish! The ready-to-heat and eat falafels provide that much-needed taste and nutrition.

Kale, Cashew, and Basil Pesto

The kale, cashew, and basil pesto have no milk products or parmesan cheese. It is full of nutrition and taste. The salt content is just perfect. Add your favorite seasonings, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes to it, and enjoy!

Cookie Butter

Trader Joe’s has a variety of nut butter, but this cookie butter is a sure-shot winner. It is a great partner for your toast, oatmeal, or gulp it as it is. You will surely not regret your purchase. 


All these options and much more are waiting for you on the shelves of Trader Joe’s. Grab them and relish every bite. Stay healthy, eat right and enjoy the meals!