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Items You Never Knew Contained Animal Products


Surprisingly, many everyday products have animal byproducts that you might have never thought about, even in your wildest dreams. 

You can find animal-based products in places where you never thought you would. Industries that manufacture them know that customers will stop purchasing them if they reveal such information because people do not like to buy such products that contain the weird body parts of innocent animals. Some companies make a list of ingredients that are only for the customers to see so that the product looks harmless. So, we have listed a few products which have hidden and bizarre animal body parts as ingredients. 

Plastic Bags 

If you were not ready to cut out plastic bags, well, this can be a sign for you to throw out all the plastic bags in one go. The fact that surface lubricant (which helps the plastic bags NOT to stick together) has stearic acid in it must be convincing enough to abandon all the plastic bags. Stearic acid is a long-chain fatty acid from beef fat. Now, what should you do if not plastic bags? You can invest your money in reusable bags like paper and cloth bags as they are pure and biodegradable, benefitting your decision to abandon all animal-related stuff and benefit the planet. 

Shampoo And Conditioner

The chemicals commonly found in shampoo and conditioner contain animal byproducts. Twenty animal-based chemicals are in your ordinary shampoo and conditioner. Many chemicals are extracted from plants or animals, making it a big challenge for you to pick the one with plant extraction. Keratin is trending because it tends to make your hair smooth, but you might want to stick with home remedies to make your hair smooth if you look at its origin. Keratin is from animal hair, hooves, scales, horns, and other body parts. Your safest option for opting for any shampoo is the one with the least cruelty. 


 The most general ingredient in a lot of toothpaste is glycerine. It gives the toothpaste a pasty texture. Experts found out that glycerin is in the fat of the bones of animals. It is also in plants, but getting it from animals is proven cheap. It is not only a toothpaste that has bone marrow in it, but it has also been under the eyes of the media for a long time now. It is doubted that glycerin chips off the minerals from your teeth, making them weak.

Beer And Wine

The most saddening product to add to the list is beer and wine. The manufacturers use animal products in the filtration procedure. A membrane called isinglass is present in the bladder of some fish. Isinglass filters the yeast extract from your favorite beverages. 

Gummy Candies

Gummy candies are a perfect snack to soothe your sweet tooth, but did you have any idea about what it is? Well, the gummy candies have gelatin in them, which is not an animal-friendly product. Instead, it originated from the collagen from animal’s bones, skin, and connective tissue. It is mostly a stabilizing and thickening agent. You will commonly find it in gummy candies and jello. 


Musk is the fragrance that people have come to like a lot. But do you know how it is made? Musk is dried secretion from the genitals of civet cat, beaver, otter, and musk deer. Many fragrances are beginning to take the synthetic version of musk, but you have to be careful about what you are purchasing. Because the companies do not list the ingredients on their bottles, it will be best for you to purchase a perfume that is 100% organic and also 100% cruelty-free. 


Crayons can be considered as the base of our childhood because let’s admit it, everyone loved coloring and drawing in their childhood. So, the smell of crayons is the one that reminds us of our childhood. Sorry for ruining your childhood but, that smell of crayons was of stearic acid, or you can also call it processed beef fat. Stearic acid helps it with its waxy and solid consistency.


Processed sugar is not healthy enough to be ingested. Ordinary white sugar is not in the natural form of a sweetener. The normal white look comes from the filtration process of sugarcane by the cow bone char to process it finely. Fortunately, it is simple to prevent the refining procedure. Therefore, purchasing the unrefined form of sugar will benefit not only you but also those innocent cows. 


These are some products that consist of animal body parts. By opting for much safer options, you are not just keeping your word of abandoning everything which involves animals. Still, you are also benefiting those innocent souls by saving their life.