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How To Get Your Friends To Go Vegan


Families and friends are the most important people in your life. They support you, care about you, and love you unconditionally. The last thing anyone wants to do is hurt their family or friends with their food choices. So when someone asks, “how can I get my loved ones to go vegan,” it’s understandable that they might feel a bit stuck on what to say! In this article, we’re going to share some tips on how to get your friends and family members vegan–even if they don’t want it themselves!

Show How Much You Care

It’s one thing to tell people why you go vegan and the changes it has made in your life, but don’t forget about how much these changes mean to those around you as well! When they see that their friend is happier, healthier, and more energetic than ever (not to mention saving hundreds if not thousands of lives), even family members who aren’t interested in taking on a plant-based diet may start thinking twice. Telling them all about this positive change will be an easy way for them to understand that this lifestyle choice isn’t just something silly or strange–it can have real, tangible results with lasting impact!

Invite Your Family Members And Friends For A Vegan Dinner

If they’re worried about what kind of food they’ll be able to eat, you can always bring them somewhere that offers plant-based foods. Whether it’s their first time trying out something new or not, there are plenty of restaurants out there that will offer delicious meals. Having someone cook for them is one thing, but letting somebody else do the cooking while still having access to all their favorite dishes? That sounds like an easy win/win situation for everyone involved. 

Inform Them That There Are Plenty Of High-Quality Vegan Substitutes

As with food items, there are plenty of vegan substitutes for people who wish to replace other things in their lives (i.e., leather goods). Instead of throwing out some information about how animals suffer on factory farms or telling someone they can no longer enjoy their favorite foods because they contain meat or dairy, help them learn more about this subject instead. It won’t seem like such a drastic change after all! Remember: the more they know, the easier this transition will be.

Convince Them To Go Vegan By Showing How It’s Good For The Environment

People interested in going vegan often feel as though it might not make a difference to help out the environment–they’re only one person! In truth, there is much that even those can do with small lifestyles or limited resources because everyone has an impact on the Earth around them, no matter how big or small it may seem at times. Convincing your friends and family members of this fact means you’ll have a much better chance of convincing them about why going vegan is so important for both human beings and non-human animals alike!

Invite Your Family And Friends Over To Watch Vegan Cooking Videos

Many people are interested in trying new things, but they may not feel comfortable doing it alone. Suppose you have a group of friends or family who are on board with the idea of going vegan together. Why not plan an evening where everyone watches some animal-friendly cooking tutorials? You can order some delicious food delivered from your favorite restaurant–and then spend time watching how to make meals that look just as good! It’s always fun when you do something social together, plus it’s an excellent way for them to see what kinds of recipes their taste buds will be enjoying once they start eating plant-based foods.

Ease Them Into The Transition With Vegan-Friendly Treats

One of the best ways to convince people why they should go vegan is by making sure that plenty of comfort foods are available. This means you can either bake up some delicious chocolate chip cookies or buy a cake from your favorite bakery–and then enjoy it with everybody else! It’s not only something sweet for them but also an item everyone will be interested in trying out (or at least giving it another chance). Plus, isn’t sharing desserts one of life’s great pleasures? By easing them into this transition slowly and showing how rewarding it can be on many different levels, chances are they’ll soon realize just how easy going vegan really is!


By taking the time to point out some of these helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way to convincing family and friends that veganism is something they can enjoy just as much as everyone else. This means it doesn’t have to involve a lot of stress or be very difficult at all, so take advantage of these great ideas today! Lastly, never forget to have fun with it and never try to force it on anyone.