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How To Avoid Dairy When Eating Out


Some steps can help you to get a safe yet delicious dairy-free meal. All you require is some research and these tips to help you enjoy your food without any worry.  Opting for a restaurant for people who have an allergy or any diet which restricts certain foods requires some time and effort. Some of the common tips to observe when you want to eat in a restaurant. 

    • Talk to the restaurant beforehand and ask about their policy with dishes for people with specific allergies. For instance, you can discuss the prevention they take for dishes for specific allergies, like using different utensils or grillers. This would demonstrate that they care about their customers, and you will also have a name of a restaurant that cares about your conditions.
    • After getting into the restaurant, you can tell the waiter and the staff that you have a food allergy so that the waiter can avoid any cross-contamination. You can also ask the chef to come and talk to you, as this would help you get the answers regarding the food. 
    • Whenever you order an entree or any bakery item, make sure you ask the chef or waiter about the ingredients used and any possible cross-contamination. For instance, if you order french fries, they might tell you it’s dairy-free, but ask them whether they fry it in the same oil as regular french fries. 
    • Make sure you look at the menu and ingredients before going out, if possible. By looking at the menu beforehand, it will be easier for you to spot the food you want, and you can even ask for any changes you want in your order. If the changes are not available, you can decide 3-4 entrees that you might like to have a backup plan. 
    • Many restaurants have different menus for people with food allergies so that you can ask for them. This is still a rare case; not a lot of restaurants have this service. 
    • There are a lot of vegan restaurants everywhere nowadays. Vegan restaurants can be one of the most incredible options for people who are following a dairy-restricted diet. If we look at its definition, vegan food is food that does not have any kind of animal product in it. As long as it doesn’t have dairy products, the food should be safe enough to consume. But still, try to double-check with the chef as well as the waiter. 


The information about allergy-related food can be found on the Starbucks app or its website (present under the menu section). You have to click on the menu to find out about the food’s ingredients. Shared equipment is used for the Starbucks drink, consisting of blenders and espresso steam wand. There used to be separate pitchers for drinks that weren’t made with dairy products. But now, there is no such provision so that cross-contamination can be a significant issue with any kind of drink. If you have anaphylactic allergies, this can be a significant concern for you. 

    • Iced coffee 
    • Hot teas 
    • Hot coffee
    • Cold-brew

These are safe as no kind of blender is used in the process, and the possibility of getting cross-contaminated will be less than 0 percent. Other than that, you can get drinks with soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk. 

Dunkin’ Donuts

Just like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts has also mentioned the ingredients of all of its drinks on its website and application. All you have to do is download the PDF and get an overview of the drinks. These are a few drinks that are dairy-free and are available in the form of PDF. here is the list of drinks that do not include any dairy product 

    • Strawberry dragonfruit refresher 
    • Chai oat milk hot or iced latte
    • Hot or iced latte with oat milk 
    • Iced teas
    • Americano without milk 
    • Peach passion fruit refresher 
    • Hash Browns 
    • Plain English muffin 
    • Gluten-free brownie 


Similarly, you can also find the allergen menu online of famous food chains like McDonald’s, Subway, and Wendy’s. This is not a complete guide for dairy-free food, but we pretty much covered all the points which must be in mind before deciding to go out and eat in restaurants. Sometimes allergies help us explore different cuisines with a twist; let’s start embracing them with caution.