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High Calorie Plant Foods To Help You Gain Weight

There are undoubtedly limited resources devoted to healthfully increasing weight than losing weight, but it can be equally complex and challenging. It might seem fascinating to turn to foods high in fats and processed sugar as a method to gain weight, but these foods aren’t right for your body if taken in excessive amounts. With proper diet and strategies, there are various healthier ways to gain weight. 

There are various reasons an adult may want to consider gaining weight. People who follow a vegan diet have lower BMI (body mass index) scores than the general population. It may take some extra care and attention to ensure you eat enough calories from fats, carbohydrates, and protein to maintain a healthy weight. It’s certainly possible to maintain a healthy weight while following a plant-based lifestyle.

Gaining weight can often involve modifications to both your diet and lifestyle. Also, eliminating animal products from your diet plan makes it even more challenging to increase weight and requires you to make strategic food choices. There are loads of nutritious vegan foods that can add extra calories to your diet needed for weight gain.


Avocados are an excellent source of good monounsaturated fats and calories good for the heart. They are varied in their use and can be added to any meal, dish, or combined into smoothies. You can cut them in half and eat them topped with herbs or spices that can add a delicious taste to a plain avocado. Avocados provide 240 calories approximately in a 1 cup serving.

Nuts And Nut Butters

Nuts are incredibly high in protein and calories. You can enjoy nuts and their products in several ways. Nuts are a great source of calories, protein, and healthy fats. If you’re looking to gain weight, then nut and nut butter are an excellent choice to add to your diet. Walnuts contain 185 calories and over 4 grams of protein in a single serving of 28 grams.

Consuming nuts daily like pecans, almonds, walnuts, or cashews, can add enough calories to your diet to promote healthy weight gain. Nut butter is high in calories and is a quick and convenient option for a snack. For a boost of calories and protein, add nut butter to smoothies, snacks, and sides meals.


Quinoa provides about 200 calories serving per 1 cup. Quinoa has a little more fat than other grains, which gives it an additional dose of calories. It’s pretty high in protein as far as grains go. A one-cup serving has around 4 grams of protein. You can add quinoa to soups, salads, as a side dish, or as part of an entrée.


Rice is an excellent option for high-calories. It can be incorporated into an entrée or served as a side dish. Rice provides approximately 200 calories per cup and has various recipes to add to your diet. White rice is less in fiber than brown rice, but the advantage of this is that you don’t get as full as fast, and early satiety can be a problem with those trying to gain weight.


Tahini is a regular in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines high in calories, protein, healthy fats, and fiber, made from ground and toasted sesame seeds. Just 15 grams of tahini boasts about 90 calories, 1.5 grams of fiber, 2.5 grams of protein, and fat of 8 grams. Adding a few tablespoons per day into the diet can virtually increase your calorie intake and support healthy weight gain. Tahini has a peanut butter-like paste consistency. It makes a healthy addition to salads, wraps, and sandwiches. You can also stir it into soups, a flavorful dip, or blended it into a creamy dressing and served it on cooked veggies. Tahini is high in protein, healthy fats, fiber, and calories. It has a creamy consistency, a paste made from sesame seeds, and works great as a dressing, spread, or dip.


A potato provides around 163 calories. Potatoes can be incorporated into an entrée, served as a side dish, or in a soup. There are many ways to add potato in a meal, like, whole, diced, mashed, or shredded. Adding extra vegetable oil to potatoes makes them higher in calories and extra tasty. 

Sweet potatoes are a starchy vegetable chosen for their nutrients, vibrant color, and delicious flavor. They’re high in calories and fiber, along with various essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in high and healthy monounsaturated fats and is well known for its health-promoting properties. Monounsaturated fats increase HDL cholesterol levels in the right amount, help improve blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes and reduce blood triglycerides.

Olive oil is high in antioxidants, useful compounds that reduce your chronic disease risk and prevent oxidative damage to your cells. Also, with 120 calories and 13.5 grams of fat in 14 grams, olive oil is an excellent, healthy way to add extra calories to a meal. Sprinkle it on cooked veggies, add it to marinades, or mix it into a salad dressing to bring a burst of calories and flavor to your meals. Olive oil is high in calories, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fats. Try adding it to cooked veggie dishes, marinades, and salad dressings.


The dates are delicious and super sweet. In addition to being high in calories, they’re also high in iron, fiber, and potassium. Dates provide about 200 calories per half serving of cup approximately ten dates. You can eat dates as a snack or dice and add ingredients such as entrees, oatmeal, desserts, and smoothies. 


Legumes contain the right amount of calories, protein, and fiber, like chickpeas, lentils, and beans. Black beans contain around 250 calories and 15 grams of protein and fiber in 1 cup. Vegans love legumes because they are generally high in essential minerals and vitamins, including potassium, folate, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Add beans to vegan meatballs or burgers, salads, casseroles, soups, spreads, and dips. Legumes are high in calories, fiber, and protein, ranging from lentils to black beans and various vital vitamins and minerals.

High-Calorie Smoothies

High-Calorie Smoothies are also another excellent option for high-calorie vegan foods. High-calorie smoothies can easily include plant-based options and are high in calories for weight gain. Smoothies can incorporate anything you love or anything that you have in the house. 

Final Thoughts

There is plenty of high-calorie and nutrient-dense vegan foods that can make gaining weight fast and easy. Including these foods in your diets and meals can promote weight gain and boost your calorie consumption. With your other nutritious ingredients, make sure to combine these foods, including whole grains, fruits, proteins, and veggies, for a healthy and well-balanced diet.