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Here is Why Millennials are Drawn to Astrology

Why Do Millennials Highly Believe In Astrology?

Millennials are often blamed for the coddling of the American mind, microaggressions, trigger warnings, safe spaces, but most importantly, they turn to astrology. They are more inclined to consult astrologers and are keenly interested in this field of science. This article throws light on why millennials have begun to turn to astrology. 

What Does The Zodiac Sign Indicate?

You cannot say that a zodiac sign entirely relates to the personality of an individual. But, there is a different logic and a reason for the new generation’s interest in astrology. Astrology draws meaning from the location of planets, sun, stars, and the moon. The sun sign is more famous in the west, but Asians look for their moon sign. 

You likely know your sun sign and zodiac sign, even if you know little about astrology. The star signs are based on where the stars were on your birthday. The total placement of the sun, moon, planets, and stars determine your birth chart.

Why Do People Believe In Astrology?

Apps like Co-Star have earned around 5 million dollars with 3 million subscribers, a majority of them being youth. 

Susan Miller has worked extensively in the field of astrology and star signs. According to her study, millennials and gen Z believe that astrology is a soft cushion and a hope for them to reassure that most things in life will work. They are keen to know everything about their sun sign and moon sign every day. 

Astrology Zone is an app that gets numerous views in a year depicting the interest of young people regarding their zodiac sign. Millennials want a professional astrologer to read their horoscope, so she often gives private consultations in Los Angeles. 

Miller believes in making her followers and people who consult her reach their highest potential through the math of astrology and not creating skepticism among them. This professional astrologer also suggests that knowing the perspective of the birth chart and rising sign helps you throughout your life. Your birth chart helps bring progress and change.

Here Is Why Millennials Are Drawn To Astrology 

Chani Nicholas, an astrologer of Los Angeles, believes that astrology has seen a rise never visible for the past thirty-five years because of the rising turn to millennials’ astrology. 

Your zodiac sign indicates that all the world people are gifted with something special, so an interest in astrology is worth your time. However, astrology is becoming more popular with the advent of social media among millennials and gen Z due to their increasing boredom. 

The young people are called “the burnout generation” because of the high-stress levels with the pressure to check emails and be active on social media. 

They turn to astrology in times of crisis and stress. Astrology seems to be a doorway to knowing the solutions to their present mistakes and the happenings of their life. Young people begin to read their horoscopes daily to know if there is a way out of the crisis. They look for good times in the mirror of the zodiac sign. 

While this new generation is showing an interest in astrology, Saturn returns, birth charts, and rising signs, they are also turning atheists. Astrology is a science to them that has no proof for the existence of God. 

However, many millennials and gen Z say that they do not believe in astrology. They read their horoscope for a guide or navigation because life is highly unpredictable. Looking for the sun sign has become a habit of the current millennials and generations. 

What Are The Adverse Effects Of Relying On Stars?

Young people find it easier to blame Mercury retrograde than the social justice or political system that affects us in some way or another. Pointing to the stars and sun sign or moon sign is like putting the entire blame of everything happening on our planet on the sky. 

We neglect the political origins of happenings. If we believe we have no role to play, and it’s all in the Saturn returns and stars, the personal responsibility of the millennials and gen Z is lost in the process. 

There is also a belief that if a person does not hire you for a job, your moon sign or sun sign does not match with his. The world is not checking the compatibility based on your zodiac sign. 

It depends on your strength and caliber. If you run out of money, it does not happen because Saturn returns. The rise in unemployment and student loans of millennials and gen Z is preferable to be blamed.  


Now that we know why millennials are drawn to astrology, we should also know that astrology requires a mystical thinking pattern. But the core belief of Americans lies in the psychological, intellectual, physical hard work. The people of the United States believe that only being on the morally correct path can lead to success. 

Social justice can only be accomplished if people and the judiciary function well. The young people should think that the stars aren’t going to land on the earth and enhance our lives. In a nutshell, astrology makes life less exciting because if everything is destined in the rising sign, birth chart, and apps like Co-Star, why would anyone ever attempt, after all?