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Healthy Foods That Never Go Bad


It is common in people when they go grocery shopping because they purchase giant packs of food because they think it’s a great deal but unfortunately cannot use it before it goes bad. It is the most pricey mistake a person can make. 

So, here is a list of few grocery items which never go bad:

White Rice 

Whenever you are making a grocery list, it is safe to include white rice because it doesn’t go rancid. Rice can last for 30 years if stored in tumblers that are oxygen-free and stored in a place where the temperature is lower than 40 degrees. 

Hard Liquor 

Wine is not the only drink that doesn’t go bad but gets better with time. Almost every hard liquor can last for a long time. But make sure your liquor cabinet does not include cream liqueurs because there is a chance it might get worse. 

So, fetch yourself a drink, and don’t worry about your liquor getting spoiled because that might sound like a nightmare. 

Dried Beans 

Most people have dried beans in their cabinets. They once brought it because they wanted to try out a recipe. They looked on the internet but, unfortunately, forgot to make it. But you don’t have to worry about dried beans going bad. Exactly like rice, beans are also able to last for 30 years, and the best part? They will still be fresh even after those 30 years. 


Sugar can be considered the ingredient you crave after a long day, but you also want to leave it simultaneously. We all love it and hate what effect it has on all of us. 

Unluckily, sugar is not leaving us for now. And if you think it’ll get spoiled after some time, then you have got it all wrong; sugar will not go bad no matter how much you expect it to be. 

Soy Sauce 

Sometimes when you look into the fridge and find a bottle of soy sauce, do you wonder if you used the same bottle of soy sauce when you tried a Chinese recipe four years back? 

It is possible because soy sauce can last for many years in your fridge before getting spoiled. 

Pure Maple Syrup 

If you consider purchasing a fake maple syrup because you think it will last longer, then let me tell you, you are incorrect. 

Maple syrup has a lot of durabilities as it can slow down the growth of the mold. But if you are a little bit anxious about whether you must use the old maple syrup or not, you can boil it and then remove any dirt, bacteria, and mold with a spoon as it comes up on the surface. 


It’ll be safe to call bees a magician as nobody knows how they make honey from the nectar. Honey is the only thing that lasts forever. 

Because there is a lot of difference between the refining process of bees and the refining process of factories. 

Fun fact: the oldest jar of honey is 5500 years old. 


Salt is a preservative, and that’s a fact because it’s been used from the beginning as it is the most natural thing on the planet. 

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when we tell you that it doesn’t go wrong that easily. However, the ordinary salt we use contains iodine, which might shorten its durability to five years.


Other than these, instant coffee, coconut oil, dried pasta, vinegar, corn starch, nuts, dark chocolate, canned fruits and veggies, dried fruits, protein powders, dried herbs, and spices are a few grocery items that do not go wrong.