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Fast Food With Vegan Options


Over the past few years, people are turning towards plant-based diets to stay healthy, eat sustainably, and stay active and healthy in their lifetime. Eating healthy is the base rule, but typically, diets do not come with options to eat at your favorite fast-food joints. Luckily, big brands have added a lot of vegan fast food options to their menu. Big brands like Burger King, Baskin Robbins, Dominos, or Impossible Foods have included many vegan fast food options that are both yummy and healthy. Here is a list of many vegan fast-food choices that serve as a complete meal loaded with taste.

French Toast Sticks By Burger King

Vegans can now enjoy the yummy French toast sticks by Burger King as a breakfast option. Just dip them in the sweet syrup and satiate your cravings.

Impossible Slider By White Castle

White Castle is a well-known name when it comes to having meat alternatives. The impossible sliders are a must-have meatless option. Enjoy it with a bun and have a wholesome meal.

Chipotle Bowl

A Chipotle vegan burrito bowl is a wholesome meal option. It suits all the dietary restrictions, and you can customize the ingredients of the bowl.

Thin Crust Pizza By Dominos

Dominos offers a great vegan thin crust pizza option. Add veggies of your choice, and just don’t add the cheese. It is the best pizza you can have, that too guilt-free.

Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme By Taco Bell

Taco Bell now offers a vegan version of the yummy Crunchwrap Supreme. Replace the sour cream and nacho cheese with pico de gallo and enjoy the completely vegan wrap.

Beyond Meatball Marinara By Subway

Subway and Beyond Meat have collaborated to bring you the Beyond Meatball Marinara. The vegan Italian bread tastes supreme. It is a must-have meal option.

Carl’s Jr. French Fries

It is a surprise for all the vegans that their favorite french fries are now vegan. Generally, the frying oil contains some animal additives. But the Carl’s Jr. hash rounds and fries are completely vegan.

Impossible Whopper By Burger King

The Impossible Whopper by Burger King is completely vegan. Just cut out on the mayo and cheese and enjoy the satisfying burger.

Plain Baked Potato By Wendy’s

A baked potato is a go-to food option. Customize your baked potatoes by going in for a no butter, sour cream, and cheese option to make it completely vegan.

Papa John’s Breadsticks

The breadsticks are to die for. Eat these yummy breadsticks with amazing vegan sauces and enjoy. You can even have a vegan pizza at Papa John’s.

Eggplant Tofu And Chow Mein By Panda Express

Panda Express has included a lot of vegan options in its menu. They now have vegan versions of eggplant tofu, spring rolls, rice bowls, and chow mein.

Hardee’s Sausage Biscuit

Hardee’s started the Beyond Meat options by adding a vegan-friendly breakfast sausage biscuit in its locations across the U.S. They are planning to expand the vegan menu shortly.

Non-Dairy Ice Cream By Baskin-Robbins

Who could have imagined a non-dairy ice cream option? Baskin-Robbins has come out with three non-dairy flavors. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Extreme, and Coffee Caramel Chunk are the vegan ice-cream options.

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice has a lot of vegan options available on the menu. Apple ‘n Greens smoothies, Greens ‘n Ginger smoothies, Vanilla Blue Sky smoothies, Peach Perfection smoothies, Mega Mango smoothies, Strawberry Whirl smoothies are a few great vegan options.

Fat Burger

The fat burger is another leading brand that has included a lot of vegan meal options. The Impossible Burger, Fat fries, Sweet Potato fries, Skinny fries are all vegan. It offers a lot of meatless burger options.

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets has included a lot of vegan meal options in the menu. The Gardein Black Bean Burger, Vegan milkshake, Impossible Burger, French fries, tots, garden salad, etc., are all completely vegan. They plan to expand nationwide and keep adding vegan options to the menu.


Now you do not have to compromise on taste. You can celebrate turning vegan by having your favorite food at these top joints. Enjoy the vegan meal and choose from the variety included in the menu.