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Best Vegan Yogurt Brands And Flavors

Yogurt is such a staple item in most people’s daily diets, including both children and adults. One of the best things to have happened to this basic yet delicious dairy product is that it became available in many different flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, peach, lemon, banana, key lime, and so many others.
Another good news, especially for vegans, is that there is vegan yogurt available now as well which basically imitates your regular, traditional dairy yogurt with the help of non-dairy alternatives.
Vegan yogurt is typically made from plant-based sources like coconut milk, soy milk, and almond milk, to name a few.
You will find so many amazing vegan yogurt brands made from a variety of different plants in so many delicious flavors.
Explore some of the best vegan yogurt brands and flavors that you ought to try if you are looking for a healthy and tasty dairy alternative.

Forager Project

This is one of the most famous vegan yogurt brands that brings you an excellent plant-based alternative to traditional yogurt in the form of creamy vegan goodness.
Forager Project is an organic creamery based in California that has been crafting plant-based foods since 2013.
Other than vegan yogurt, it also produces a variety of other daily alternatives like sour creamer, creamers, milk, butter, and protein shakes, all made from plant-based sources.
When it comes to vegan yogurt, Forager Project has a number of great options for you to choose from. It offers:

⦁ Traditional style dairy-free yogurt in the flavors vanilla bean, blueberry, peach, strawberry, unsweetened vanilla bean, and unsweetened plain.
⦁ Drinkable cashew milk yogurt that contains live active probiotic cultures in the flavors blueberry, mango, blackberry, strawberry, and unsweetened.
⦁ Organic dairy-free Greek yogurt that features more plant-based protein content in the flavors strawberry, vanilla, and unsweetened plain. The added protein boost comes from brown rice, pumpkin seed, and watermelon seed.
This vegan yogurt brand’s flagship product is the cashew milk variety that they further extended to cultured probiotic drinkable yogurts.


Silk is an American plant-based giant that makes a variety of dairy-free vegan yogurts in multiple flavors.
It’s best known and most popular for its almond milk yogurt that comes in seven incredible flavors including vanilla, plain, unsweetened vanilla, peach, mixed berry acai, strawberry, and coconut & dark chocolate.
Another range is the oat milk yogurt alternative in mango, vanilla, mixed berry, and strawberry flavors.
Lastly, it has a soy milk dairy-free alternative as well that is available in blueberry, tropical pineapple, plain, strawberry, vanilla, and peach mango.
Silk is one of the must-try vegan yogurt brands with an extensive variety of flavors.

Kite Hill

Known for its ‘game-changing plant-based goodness’ Kite Hill is another excellent vegan yogurt brand to look into. Its ultimate goal is to create foods that are sustainable be it dairy-free yogurt, cheeses, pasta and so much more.
Kite Hill is one of the most well-known plant-based artisans and its journey initially began with a simple question, “Why not use an artisan approach to give plant-based cheeses all the taste, texture, and integrity of dairy varieties?”
It offers a variety of different plant-based yogurts such as vegan Greek yogurt, coconut milk yogurt, and almond milk yogurt.
The almond milk yogurt comes in plain, plain unsweetened, peach, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and key lime.
Greek yogurt and coconut milk yogurt both have only two flavors, plain unsweetened and vanilla unsweetened.


With an aim to make full use of plant-based foods to their maximum potential, Lavva is one of those vegan yogurt brands that has brought quite a transformation in the dairy-free industry.
This brand uses a star ingredient in its products which is pili nuts, one of the lowest carb nuts on earth.
The research and development team at Lavva works the magic of pili nuts to create a rich, creamy texture along with a combination of real food plant-based ingredients such as coconut, cassava, and young plantains. Some yogurts also feature other ingredients like lime juice, live vegan probiotics, real fruit, coconut powder, cream, and Himalayan salt.
The best thing about Lavva’s vegan yogurt is that it’s completely free of added sugar, flavors, and gums. It comes in three main varieties that include: raspberry dairy-free pili nut yogurt, blueberry dairy-free pili nut yogurt, and original dairy-free pili nut yogurt.


Daiya is a Canada-based vegan brand and soon became quite a popular name in North America’s plant-based industry. It was initially quite famous for its vegan cheese and soon introduced vegan varieties of ice creams and yogurts as well.
Daiya came into existence on the basis of a single belief: ‘plant-based living was better for our health, better for the planet and better for animal welfare.’
It has quite an impressive product portfolio that provides an opportunity for everyone from vegan and vegetarian to allergic and flexitarian, everyone in-between.
The base of Daiya’s vegan yogurts is coconut cream and pea protein isolate, which boosts its overall protein content. It has quite a limited range of vegan yogurts that comprises of six flavors including plain, blueberry, strawberry, peach, black cherry, and vanilla bean.


These are just a few of the many vegan yogurt brands out there, each of which has something unique to bring to the table in terms of flavor variety, plant-based ingredients, different milk types and so much more.
Whether you’ve been vegan for long or have recently embarked on the journey to veganism, you must try these vegan yogurt brands and flavors for they are excellent dairy-free alternatives to traditional yogurt.