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Best Vegan Meal Prepping Guide


Preparation of meals for a week is a great idea to save time and energy. You can also save money on groceries and have healthy food each day. Everything new for the daily routine may look like a task, but preparing for meals would be rewarding in routine life.  Make up your mind and get ready for delicious and, at the same time, healthy meals regularly. Meal prep can suit everyone; either you are yearning to get slimmer, fitter, or a working mom looking for budgeted ways. It’s a versatile and fantastic tip for all of us to take advantage of every week.

This idea of meal prepping frees up your mind space and helps in saving your decision dilemma. You don’t need to struggle about what healthy food to eat on busy days. This is a support system that allows you to stick to healthier options.  

Benefits Of Meal Prep

Vegan meal pep has immense benefits.  This brings about a change in the overall style of managing your kitchen. The most significant advantage of planned grocery shopping is that you buy only the required items for the week, so you get good deals and save money. Reduction in food waste happens as now you are planned for a whole week, and not purchasing insignificant stuff. This whole idea of prepping healthy vegan meals helps you in consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Meal prep is most suitable for all parents aware of plant-based healthy food and want to provide nutritious meals to their kids. Full-time workers who are always on the run require daily lunches on the go. Sustainable meal vegan prep makes this change more manageable. Considering vegan meal’s nutrients, it feels so relieving as a parent that you are providing the best care to your family. 

Let’s Look At The Contents We Get From Plant-Based Food Sources

  • Calcium from green veggies, tahini, tofu, calcium-rich soy milk, oranges
  • Iron from dried figs, lentils, all sorts of tahini, chickpeas, spinach, oats
  • Zinc from pumpkin, tofu, lentils, almonds, seeds, oats, chickpeas
  • Iodine from iodized salt, nori, dulse seaweed
  • Omega-3 from chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, hemp seeds. Vitamin-D from all sun-grown plants, sun-soaked foods, sun exposure
  • Vitamin-B12 from supplements and fortified foods

Some people love a healthy diet. Gradually it becomes their habit. Surprisingly, healthy food takes less time to cook or about the same time to cook any other regular meal. Healthy meals can be full of flavor and nutrients, and your family will wonder how veggies ever tasted so good. 

Ingredients Of Many Vegan Meals

Vegan meals contain an abundance of starches, vegetables, legumes, healthy fats, and condiments. Meal preparation can be done twice a week for the whole week to make various foods and freshness. You can begin with cooking legumes and grains as you preheat your oven, then bake vegetables and sweet potatoes as you are cutting salads while whisking a simple sauce. Making large batches of rice, hummus, potatoes, and roasted vegetables is an efficient way of preparing a vegan meal for the week.

Precautions While Preparing Larger Plant-Based Meals

Prep, according to your requirement; don’t mistake prep as precooking meals. If your prep a dish too soon, it has a chance of spoiling before you can enjoy it. Consider freezing some portions. This way, contents will remain fresh, and as you require, you can quickly defrost and use them. Segregate and store in different boxes so that when you go back to the freezer, you know what items are what. Give it a moment while prepping and storing ingredients. Keep in advance all different containers for storage as fresh greens and other salad dressings. Use separate storage containers for your prepared vegan meals to save time.

Vegan Recipes 

Simple Tomato Soup

30 Minutes 



Olive Oil

Tomato Puree


Carrot or Celery 




How to prepare Tomato soup?

Take finely chopped onions and carrots, saute with butter, then add tomato puree, broth and salt according to taste, then add basil and mix well, finally add cream. Delicious tomato soup is ready to serve.

Mediterranean Bowl 

15 to 20 Minutes 


Sweet Potatoes (2) 


Tomato Hummus (Sun-Dried) 

Green or Fresh Tomato


How to prepare Mediterranean Bowl?

Dice two large sweet potatoes, chickpeas, zucchini, fresh tomatoes, and sun-dried tomato hummus bake one by one. Set a layer of fresh tomatoes at the bottom of the bowl and put all baked ingredients over them. Add salt according to taste. It is high in protein and has mouth-watering crunchy vegetable cubes.


Meal prep steps include measuring and weighing required portions to peeling and cutting vegetables, making a quick sauce for various purposes. Each one of us has different taste likings and varied nutritional requirements. Surprisingly, a good factor about a vegan diet is that you can meet all your dietary needs. You should know the ingredients to include daily. Including in your menu the main five vegan groups of food fruits, grains, veggies, nuts and seeds, legumes every day, and selecting whenever it is feasible for you whole foods over packed, processed foods. 

Choose a meal time for the following week; take some plant-based bowls with you in the morning. After a long day, if making dinner seems quite impossible, then heat any of your prepped meals. A bit of planning provides comfort at such times, and it is a very efficient way to prepare delicious meals at home.