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Best Vegan Hygiene Brands & Products


When it is about vegan beauty, there is just too much to inspect. Here you’ll get everything you need to know about vegan beauty and the best brands to buy. When a brand provides cruelty-free claims, that implies that it is promising not to test on animals. Whereas for a brand to be vegan, all ingredients should not be animal-derived or animal-tested. According to a cosmetic chemist, “if a product or brand contains honey, milk, or beeswax, it is not vegan.” The ultimate formulation of the product will not include any ingredient that originates from an animal. 

Dimension Nails

Dimension Nails is strictly committed to being cruelty-free and vegan. It has nature-like themes for its colors and designs—for example, ‘vegan chocolate,’ a milky-brown hue that matches every outfit and every season. 


What could be better than an affordable makeup-tool brand? Ecotools makes only synthetic, vegan makeup brushes, bath accessories, sponges, and applicators. The top pick from this brand is the ‘Start The Day Beautifully’ kit with all the brushes you would need for a gorgeous face. It also comes with a handy case to take it everywhere. 


The fact of Biossance being a vegan brand is the icing on the cake. The brand is a fan favorite, and the Marine Algae and Squalane Eye Cream leave users in awe. It has squalane to lock in moisture and para cress extract to smooth fine lines. This is a must-have eye cream!

E.L.F. Cosmetics

E.L.F. Cosmetics is an affordable brand that surprises everyone with innovative launches and bite-sized eye shadows. The mini palettes are in an array of colors and perfect travel size. 

Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is an all-vegan skin-care brand that keeps impressing us. The ‘Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum’ has, as you might have inferred from its name, bakuchiol, a botanical extract with the same type of effects on the skin as retinol (but with much less irritation). It can help smooth the appearance of fine lines and keeps your skin hydrated. 


Kaike declares itself a plant-based skin-care brand, but it is more than plant-based — it’s cruelty-free and vegan. The star product from them is the Melt Cleansing Oil, as it can take off makeup in a bit and would not strip your skin, thanks to the excellent blend of nourishing ingredients like hemp seed oils, grapeseed, and apricot. Just pump the formula into the hands, massage and then dry your skin, rinse, and you’ll get a moisturized, clean complexion.

Summer Fridays

This vegan brand started its journey with Jet Lag Mask. The hydrating treatment has to brighten niacinamide and vitamin C to calm irritability. Glob it on the face any time of the day, thanks to the clear formula. 

Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty started with an iconic collection of vegan lip products and now includes everything in the line, including skincare and eye makeup. Agave Intensive Lip Mask is the best lip treatment, and it does not contain lanolin (an animal-derived ingredient) and instead is filled with agave nectar to produce loads of moisture. 


Amy Liu founded the brand, Tower28. The brand includes a wide range of shade cosmetics, but 2020 Best of Beauty Award-winning ‘Bronzino’ Illuminating Bronzer is an absolute game-changer. It holds skin-loving ingredients such as mango butter to moisturize and green tea extract to calm, and the pigment is a creamy bronze with a radiant finish. 


There’s just too much to love about vegan beauty, beginning with the fact that vegan skincare and makeup have evolved a long way from the outdated stereotypes. Vegan makeup today provides serious long wear and pigment, everything without the requirement to involve animals in the process. Make the switch to vegan brands and take the time to find a product right for your skin type.