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Best Vegan Cookbooks


Veganism is the healthiest diet accessible. All animal products, including milk, dairy, fish, meat, honey, and fowl, are prohibited in vegan diets. Fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes, healthy grains, seeds, and nuts are all part of a well-balanced vegan diet. Everything from vegan sandwiches, soups, and spaghetti to salads, quesadillas, and indulgent desserts are vegan favorites.

A lot of health research has been done on plant-based food habits, including the vegan diet. Through population-based studies and random clinical trials, the plant-based diet reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome, chronic diseases, heart disease, several cancers (especially prostate, breast, and colon cancer), diabetes, frailty, and depression.

The best vegan cookbooks and recipes

These vegan cookbooks and recipes will indeed teach you more about exploring empathetic eating so that you could always make anything your stomach desires to based on your preferences. These recipes and cookbooks have been standing out for quite a time now, and we believe they shall continue to somehow be useful for you in the coming time as well.


The vegan culinary video site has racked up thousands of views, and the authors can now brag that their book is the quickest selling cookbook of 2018 (includes non-vegan books!). Furthermore, because it features recipes for brunches, party appetizers, lunches, desserts, and drinks, acquire your book before it sells out.

Richa Hingle’s Richa’s Indian Vegan kitchen

Do you want to make your favorite Indian dishes at home? With recipes like avocado naan, mango curry tofu, and tempeh tikka masala, Richa HinglHingle’sbook has you covered. You’ll have familiar flavors, new dishes, and flavors to tempt your cravings as you work your way through this cookbook. Cauliflower, lentils, split peas, and tofu are among the pulses and vegetables used in the vegan recipes of this book. If your pantry is not stocked with the essential components, Richa offers substitutions and alternative spices.

Jenné Claiborne’s Sweet Potato Soul 

Do you eat a vegan diet but find yourself craving non-vegan items like fried chicken or cinnamon buns? Then, Jenné Claiborne’s book is essential for a vegan food lover as she offers vegan solutions to almost every craving.

Jenné was born in Atlanta, having soul food such as collard greens, biscuits, and potato pie. She’s been honing her delectable vegan adaptations of classic comfort foods as a plant-based chef. Her inventive dishes are accompanied by stories about classic soulful food recipes and nutritional information on the components.

Ryland Peters Plant Kitchen

In The Plant Kitchen, these 100 simple vegan dishes can help you transition to a more vegan diet in the long run. This new cookbook begins by showing you how to turn vegan versions of everyday items like mayonnaise, cheese, and milk into healthful snacks, lunches, and meals that will leave you wondering why you ever needed dairy or meat in the first place. The vegan meals are simple to make and avoid using expensive ingredients common in more wellness-oriented vegan cookbooks. This is an easy-to-follow, colorful, plant-based cuisine that everyone can master.


A plant-based diet or a vegan diet is a healthy option to adopt since it decreases the chances of chronic diseases and keeps you healthier, so why not? It is not necessary to drop out all the milk, poultry, meat, or seafood items from your diet in a go; you can change your regular diet to a vegan diet slowly and gradually, with one meal at a time. Vegan cookbooks and recipes can be your savior to make your vegan or plant-based food taste as good as your regular food.