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Best Seasonings for Veggies


You would likely be bored with the same plate every day being served on your table, and this would have made you want to dismiss these unexciting “healthy” foods from your table, then you need to refresh your plate style. Restoring your old relationship with fruits and veggies, reviving that old nausea-like feeling from your servings. It’s time to try seasoning them so that you can get an exciting plate full of spices and flavors.

Good flavor comes from the perfect blend of all the ingredients, including fruits, veggies, and spices, so that they combine in the most efficient way to give the best taste and nutrition. Seasoning does the same for you. Through seasoning, you can add a pinch of extra flavor to your plate without deteriorating or decreasing your meal’s health quality and nutritional value. Doesn’t that sound yummy? There are various types of flavors, like “sour,” “sweet,” “bitter,” “spicy,” etc., and all leave a distinct taste on your taste buds. Apart from taste and flavors, the fragrance is also a characteristic of the food that makes the food much more enjoyable.

Researches and behavioral studies have shown that olfactory glands work so that by merely having the smell of something delicious, hunger can be revived. Hence, aroma constitutes a large fraction of how the taste would be perceived. With the increase in scent and flavors, we can enrich the veggies and fruits and give them an exciting look.

You can always have plenty of varieties having different veggies and fruit combinations. Still, you can also make your usual diet more delicious by going with the perfect seasoning by your side. Here, we have provided the ultimate guide for the best herbs and spices for your veggies so that you can have a broader perception of taste and better health.

Before diving into the ocean of seasoning, we should get cleared with the difference between a spice and herb.

The difference between spice and herb: herb and spice both are seasonings; the significant difference between them both lies in their origin. Where herbs are seasonings obtained from the leaves, on the other hand, spices are seasonings obtained from different parts of the plant’s body like root, stem, fruits, seeds, flowers, etc. These two have their distinct tastes and aromas. You can always choose to season out your veggies with both of them.

The best seasoning for you veggies


The name itself gives a clear identification of the spice characteristics. Allspice comes with an array of different tastes of spices constituted altogether to provide a perfect blend of flavor. You can have the taste of all the spices like cloves, pepper, and cinnamon in this one allspice. You can have a robust astringent taste with this spice that will make the perfect flavor for you.


This is a unique flavored spice or seasoning made by drying up unripe mangoes. After the raw mangoes are dehydrated and dried, they are converted into a powder that tastes sour. This gives a pleasant taste to your veggies. Many people find it goes well with broccoli, eggplant, etc.


If you love Mediterranean cooking, you would surely love to have sweet basil as a seasoning herb for most of your veggies. “Caprese” is an Italian dish that is very much associated with basil. It is made from a salad with many veggies like tomatoes, mozzarella, and of course, sweet basil as the seasoning. Having sweet basil will highlight the veggies’ taste and flavor, giving a fresh and fragrant aroma. You can try having sweet basil with beetroots, eggplant, tomato, zucchini, strawberries, green beans, bell peppers, corn, etc.

Bay leaves

If you are a lover of robust taste and intense aroma in your veggies, using bay leaves as a seasoning for your veggies would be the best choice. You can try bay leaves with artichokes, pear, and carrots. 

Caraway seeds

These are a common spice in German cooking and will give a sweet flavor to some of the dishes like sauerkraut that have a salty vinegar-like taste. You can try having caraway seeds with cabbage, onion, carrots, fennel, potatoes.


This is a common ingredient used as a seasoning in India. If you are willing to give your veggies a smoky and savory flavor, you should go with cardamom. You can have cardamom with apples, oranges, pears, and sweet potatoes. You would not regret trying this.


If you are eager to add a delicious tropical robust taste to your dish, you should try some cilantro. Cilantro tastes excellent with tomatoes, mangoes, and potatoes.


Whether you are trying your hand at cooking, baking, or anything cinnamon is the magic spice that can add much more taste to your meal and veggies. This is also known as “Christmas-y” as it has a distinct flavor used in many holiday treats. You can try this out with carrots, pears, plum, apples, etc.

Cooking is a way you can show love to yourself and try out experimenting with new recipes incorporating new herbs and spices that taste better.