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Best Grocery Stores For Vegans


In recent times there has been a surge of people going vegan or including more vegan meals in their diet, quite contrary to what we have seen through the ages in our American society. This can be partly attributed to the moral conscience that we have developed and the health benefits that these diets entail us.  

Though more and more people adopt veganism, it is hard to find stores that will cater to your needs. It is difficult to find places to shop to provide you supplies for a wholesome and complete vegan meal. And this is one of the main reasons that deter many from turning vegan.

Hence, given below are some of our finds, which might help you cross over the hurdle of grocery shopping. Listed below (in no particular order) are few shops that provide you with a varied vegan section option.

Whole Foods Market

Organic food, a variety of non-dairy milk, faux meat, bread, supplements, beverages, snacks, you name it, you can get it.

The large consumer-oriented shopping mart gives you ample choices to enjoy and explore the vegan diet without missing out on taste buds and compromising your preferences.

You can also browse through their online store and select the filter to get a suggestion on the vegan supplies available at the particular store near you. Visit for your further search.

Traders Joe’s

In terms of price, Traders Joe’s might be able to fill your supplies without robbing off your salary. The stores are well-equipped with staff who can guide you to your desired alley filled with vegan products.

Moreover, they have their line of vegan products in addition to the other brands. You should try out their soy chorizo if you miss the taste of chorizo. There is no shortage of products and categories for them. Be it a bakery, beverages, cereals, dairy, deli, dried food, and even frozen stuff, you can find most of your grocery list here.

Their online site is also consumer-friendly and guides you directly to the products listed under multiple categories. It is common for this chain to switch out products often, so you may not always find the seasonal favorites when you want them most. 


It won’t do justice if we ignore the most prominent retailers/suppliers. It is hard not to find a Walmart store if you are in the USA. And since it is convenient for most people, Walmart surprisingly comes out to be one of the best grocery stores to go shopping for vegan products. The prices fall in the affordable range, so you try out options without a guilt trip.


Just like Walmart, Target provides an option of convenience. With many shops sprawling across the US, it is an excellent option to get your vegan groceries.

You have the liberty of going around and shopping for many things at Target other than groceries. And you can have the same options as Walmart provides, minus the rush in the latter.


Now, this review might depend on your location. Some Safeway stores don’t have a good customer experience with frequently being out of stock and delivery issues. 

But mostly, Safeway is a good option if you have a store nearby. They have ample choices in plant-based and organic food, and more so in affordable price ranges.

Stop and Shop

Be it plant-based or organic, Stop and Shop have lots on its platter to offer. 

The vegan mac and cheese and the vegan burgers. Those mouth-watering deli meats or dairy-free products. The shop has a wide range of assorted products for vegans that you can look out for while shopping. 


With veganism rising in popularity, retailers and supermarkets are also trying to cater to the new demands.

The day might not be far away when you will have the liberty to get your vegan groceries from the nearest grocery shop, but till then, stay strong and don’t give up. The vegan lifestyle has much more to offer than just good health of the body.