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Fruits and Veggies for Your Blood 

For the maintenance of a proper and healthy body, the circulation of blood proves to be a vital factor. The supply of essential substances, be it oxygen or the food, is done through the circulatory system of our body. The oxygen is carried in the blood, which supplies it to all parts of the body through the blood vessels. The digested food is absorbed by the blood vessels in the gut region, and the nutrients are distributed all over the body. Hence, for the proper maintenance of our body functions, it is vital to ensure that our circulatory system is fine.

 Many times, it happens that our body fails to properly circulate blood through the vessels in some regions of the body, primarily the peripheral areas. This results in the insufficiency of blood (hence oxygen and nutrients) in that region of the body. Therefore our body often feels numb and shows other side effects in response to the impact. Fruits and vegetables are very essential and crucial factors that help in the proper circulation of blood.  


First, let’s understand the facts related to blood circulation and symptoms: 


The blood in our body flows through a minute tube-like structure called the blood vessels. The vessels start from the heart, from where it branches out into finer and finer tubes as it reaches the tip of our body. The flow of the blood is basically regulated by two things— pressure from the heart and resistance provided by the vessels. So either of these can directly impact the rate of blood circulation.

 Generally, if a person is suffering from high blood pressure, then the blood vessel starts to harden and limit the blood flow. If the pumping of blood from the heart is not with sufficient pressure, then it adds on to the problem.

Blood Pressure

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