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Best Animal Friendly Skincare Products


In this fast world of the 21st century, when we all seem to be working 20 hour days, we don’t have time to pause for a second and think about the products we use in our daily body care or skincare routine. Have you ever wondered how so many products that claim to be perfect and long-lasting are made? If it’s durable, there must be some chemicals or unnatural substances which go into it. But is everyone aware of this? Do we even know what the substances used in our daily cosmetic or skincare products are? It is a shame that not many of us put much thought to ponder these questions. 

But now the world is changing. Some people are breaking the stereotypes and are being mindful of the products they use. And the percentage of these people is rapidly increasing day by day. People are starting to apply the vegan route, whether in diet or skincare routine. They are actively breaking the cycle of using convenient mainstream cosmetics and beginning to use cruelty-free brands despite the temptation that mainstream brands offer. Fortunately, there are more and more cruelty-free and vegan brands that are on the rise now. You can make that conscious decision right now and switch over to the vegan brands out there for your skincare routine.

Difference Between Vegan Brands And Cruelty-Free Brands

Though many of us tend to think that the terms cruelty-free and vegan are interchangeable, they both have different meanings. When you are trying to bring a change in your lifestyle, you need to take baby steps. The first and easiest step is to go cruelty-free. As the name suggests, cruelty-free implies not testing any products on animals for checking and understanding whether any mild or adverse reactions show from the substances used in the product. It is a torturous process and is cruel to animals. 

Knowing this should automatically make us switch to cruelty-free brands and products. Cruelty-free brands do not test any of their products on any animal. They do not cause harm to them either during the formulation of the products. Mostly, these brands conduct their experiments and procedures in an artificial lab setting. Many even test their products on synthetic skin, but in any case, animals are never involved.

But vegan is a lifestyle. Vegans use only those products that are natural, wholly plant-based, and generally organic. Vegan products do not contain any by-products from animals such as bone powder, beeswax, fats, etc. You do not need to follow a vegan lifestyle either to use vegan products. It would be best if you remembered that all vegan products are cruelty-free but not vice versa.

The Best Vegan And Cruelty-free Skincare Brands

Below is a list of the best cruelty-free and vegan brands where you could buy your skincare products.

Pacifica Beauty 

Pacifica Beauty is one of the best vegan brands that you have out there. You must have come across the common belief that natural products are not as good as mainstream cosmetics products. You also must have heard that they do not deliver such good results. Many believe that natural products’ efficacy is not the same as that of the products formulated with chemicals. But fortunately, brands like Pacifica Beauty and such others are helping change that notion. 

Pacific Beauty is a brand that takes particular care in formulating its products. They make products that are 100% vegan and do not have any unnatural fragrances and are gluten-free. Some of their bestsellers are the coconut milk foam face wash, kale and charcoal detox mask, and vegan spice rehab mask.

Drunk Elephant 

You will find that most skincare products we use every day come from Drunk Elephant. As with many other brands, many people do not know that the Drunk Elephant products are entirely cruelty-free. Drunk Elephants never test any of their products on animals and source ingredients from vendors who might test on animals. This brand goes one step ahead and doesn’t sell any products in Mainland China. Mainland China has a law that brands must test every product on animals before being launched in markets. 

Most of the products by Drunk Elephant are vegan as well, though not all. Thus they do not claim to be vegan brands. Whether you want toners, serums, cleansers, or even a regular sunblock, you can buy from Drunk Elephant. Some of Drunk Elephant’s best-selling products are the B-Hydra Intensive Gel, their Umbra Physical Sunblock, and their glycolic night serum.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush is a ubiquitous name when it comes to the best skincare brands. In truth, they have redefined the idea of products made by hand and how people shower with their shampoos, hand lotions, body lotions, bath bombs, etc. Their brand is not only cruelty-free, but the maximum of their products is vegan as well. They list the ingredients and label their products so that customers may choose according to what they prefer. 

Lush cosmetics is known for its values revolving around giving back to the world’s people, ethical practices, going green, and using natural ingredients. They also take a firm stand against any form of animal cruelty. Some of their best-selling products are tree water toner, shower scrubs, and hand and body lotions.


Whether you are looking for products for your skincare routine or regular cosmetics, Tarte leads in all things beauty. Each one of their products is formulated after in-depth research and is ethically sourced. The products by Lush are free of synthetic ingredients and gluten. 

Tarte firmly believes in giving back to the world’s people as a community, protecting our environment, and making a difference while maintaining excellent quality in their products. The cost of their products ranges from medium to premium as the quality of their products is never compromised. Tarte has many best-selling products: maracuja oil, rainforest cleansing gel, and the H20 Hydrating Boost.

Paula’s Choice

One of the leading brands in the cosmetic industry is Paula’s Choice. Though it isn’t common knowledge, all the products by Paula’s Choice are cruelty-free, which means none of them test on animals. Paula’s Choice does not claim its products to be vegan as many of the ingredients in its products are from different vendors. Thus, not all of them can be wholly vegan at every level. But one thing is absolute that they always source the ingredients to their products from cruelty-free vendors. 

They are also planning to turn vegan with technological advances and as soon as they gain control over their entire supply chain. Paula’s Choice is a trustworthy brand as they are transparent and sincere. Some of the best-selling products by Paula’s Choice are the Niacinamide Booster, the skin balancing toner, and the skin-perfecting liquid having 2% BHA salicylic acid.

The Body Shop 

The Body shop is another prevalent name in the beauty and cosmetic industry. It is safe to say that everyone knows this brand. But what many people do not know is that The Body Shop is another one of those cruelty-free brands. Most of the products by the Body Shop are vegan as well. 

They pledged and also took it upon themselves that they would ban testing on animals forever. We wish that to happen; we also can’t ignore the Body Shop’s excellent quality products. Among the many best-selling products they sell, some of the products are tea tree oil, shea body butter, and face wash.

Nourish Organic

When it comes to being good to the environment despite doing business in the beauty industry, Nourish Organic leads the spot. Nourish Organic proves that being a small brand or a big one does not matter. What matters is doing the right things. By constantly striving to do the right thing, Nourish Organic has become the pioneer of being approved by USDA for being 100% organic and free of chemicals in its formulation. 

If you are a person who scrutinizes what goes into each product and how they are made, buying products from Nourish Organic will be the ideal choice for you. Some of their best-selling products are ultra-hydrating face cream, restorative night cream, and face cleanser.


Whether you are just starting with making a lifestyle change and want to start with cruelty-free products or go the vegan way, you must know that you are doing an excellent deed. It is great to be doing your bit to protect the environment, taking a firm stand against animal cruelty, and causing a ripple effect for the world’s good. Based on your preferences, wants, and needs, you can choose any of the above products and incorporate them into your daily skincare routine.