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Athletes Whos Thrive On a Vegan Diet


If you thought being vegan is just a matter of choice. Think again! Research proves a plant-based diet is great for weight loss, decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure, and reducing the risk of heart disease. A vegan diet is also great for people who have type 1 diabetes and autoimmune disease. No wonder many top athletes in the world draw their power from plant-based protein. We have compiled the top ten world-class athletes who thrive on a vegan diet, from tennis stars to formula one racing giants, long-distance runners, and martial arts champions. All these athletes are vegan.

   Patrik Baboumian

If you are familiar with powerlifting, surely you will be familiar with Patrik Baboumian. He is a power athlete, a strongman competitor, and a former bodybuilder popularly known as the strongest vegan on the planet. Baboumian, an Iranian-born bodybuilder who migrated to Germany at a young age, holds many world records in powerlifting sports.

Patrik Baboumian became a vegetarian in 2006, and he became a vegan in 2011, giving a new powerful meaning to veganism. Baboumian shattered the old age myth of deriving power from meat; he proved plants too are healthy and strength-building nutrients. Baboumian’s powerful body gets its fuel from beans, soymilk, tofu, nuts, and soy protein powder. In addition, plenty of fruits and water provides the required nutrition and hydration to the body. Baboumian inspires the world for a healthy vegan diet by his book ‘Vegan Ganz Anders.’

   Megan Duhamel

Megan Duhamel is an iconic figure in the world of skating. She rose to fame by winning the gold medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics. She is also a seven-time Canadian national champion skater and twice the winner of the four continent championship. Meghan Duhamel has won many national and international titles, including Olympic gold for Canada. In 2008 Megan Duhamel switched to a vegan diet. In 2012 Megan went on to study naturopathy and became a certified nutritionist. Megan’s love for animals and an all-inclusive approach have advocated raising her voice against the use of animal fur.

   Venus Williams

This sensational tennis star is a role model for many youngsters. She is the winner of several titles, including 14 tennis grand slam titles. With four Olympic gold medals and five times Wimbledon titles, Venus William is an iconic name in tennis. However, in 2011 Venus Williams was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome – a disorder of the immune system. In an interview with a health magazine, Venus Williams confirmed to have switched to a vegan diet after she was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. She accepted that the vegan diet helped maintain her performance and made her believe that vegan was doing the right thing for her, not only on the court but even in her life. 

   Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is the US women’s soccer team captain; she won the 2019 FIFA women’s soccer world cup trophy. Morgan is also an iconic businesswoman, marketing tycoon, and role model for young girls. Alex Morgan’s concern for animals made her switch to a vegan diet in 2017. In a video for PETA, Alex Morgan urges people for responsible pet adoption. Alex believes that animals are part of the family and must have a right to live. Being vegan is just a step toward a better world for all species. 

   Lewis Hamilton

One year after adopting a vegan diet, Lewis Hamilton won his fifth Formula 1 world title. Hamilton is amongst the top ten paid athletes in the world. He has a net worth of $172 million. In an interview with BBC, Lewis Hamilton shows concern about the changing dimensions of the world because of humans. He is concerned about pollution, emission of greenhouse gases, and animal species becoming extinct. Hamilton is against cruelty to animals, and that has made him go vegan. 

   Abel Trujillo

Popularly known as ‘Killa,’ Abel Trujillo is the winner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in mixed martial arts. Outside the ring, Abel is a more gentle person than we know him in a ring. His affection and concern for all forms of life made him a vegan. Another reason for choosing a vegan diet is Abel’s devotion to Kundalini yoga. A clean diet is an essential part of Kundalini yoga. Abel knows why the holiest of the people are conscious about what they eat, and meat is forbidden. Food is to purify the body, and fruits and vegetables are the best.

   Jack Lindquist

Jack Lindquist is an American sprint cyclist. Jack became a vegan in 2005 after he was introduced to the benefits of a vegan diet by his friends. Jack views all life on the planet as precious, and he is against the slaughter of innocent animals. As a pet lover, Jack advocated the right to live for all species. He constantly raises his voice against animal cruelty and shows his concern for being a vegan.

   Tia Blanco

Tia Blanco has won many surfing tournaments as a member of the American Surfing Team. She is full of vitality and energy, which is visible in her persona. The secret is a vegan diet right from birth. She has a popular YouTube channel where she shares health tips. She starts her day with lemon water and a delicious, powerful vegan smoothie. She derives her energy and vigor from fruits, nuts, and healthy fats.

   Scott Jurek

Scott Jurek has an incredible record of running over 24 hours and covering 165.7 miles – a world record. As a long-distance runner, Scott is an inspiration for younger athletes. Scott changed to a vegan diet when he was in college. He realized the health benefits of a vegan diet and adapted it to suit his active lifestyle. In addition, Scott’s mother had multiple sclerosis, which made him a vegan to avoid chronic family disease.

   Brendan Brazier

Brendon Brazier is an ironman of strength, stamina, and endurance required in professional trilithons. In his book ‘Thrive the Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life,’ Brazier focuses on adopting a vegan diet at an early age. Brendon is an example for athletes to choose vegan for enhanced performance and healthy life.


Veganism may be a matter of choice, but these world-class athletes prove it a healthy choice. Vegan athletes have broken the myth of strength associated with meat proteins. A vegan diet is balanced, healthy, and much better for all species of the world.