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8 Homemade Natural Stain Removers


People are leaving the ‘chemical’ behind and adopting the organic lifestyle. Be it growing their own food or making their own soaps, and people realize the power of DIY. Soap making, particularly, is like a relaxing art. It gives a gratifying sense of satisfaction upon making those pretty soaps. DIY detergents and stain removers are pretty much the same way. Homemade stain removers are cheap, and they do not contain any harmful chemicals. Chemicals that can destroy your fabric’s quality, cause allergic reactions, and health problems for you, and are really bad for the environment because they do not decompose and cause water and land pollution.

Commercial cleaners can often also be pricey. So, homemade ones are really quite the life-savers. And while commercial detergents can be more convenient to purchase, homemade stain removers are less toxic to you and your clothes in the long run. Also, it can be your fun little art project; where’s the fun in purchasing detergent from the store?

 1). Vinegar And Water 

Pets are adorable and great companions until they poop and vomit on your carpets. A vinegar and water mixture can help you with that, though. Instead of using a commercial cleaning agent, use a cup of white vinegar with two cups of warm water. First, use towels to clean the spot and absorb the stain as much as you can. Use a cloth to dampen the stain. Then spray the vinegar-water combo on it. Pat the carpet dry. 

 2). Hydrogen Peroxide And Warm Water 

Hydrogen peroxide has got you covered if you’re dealing with stubborn food stains or unshakeable perspiration stains. Soak the stain in warm water first, then spray a good amount of peroxide on it. Rub the peroxide into the stain with a towel so that you can remove all of the stains. Finally, rinse the cloth with warm water to draw the stain out. 

 3). Lemon Oil 

Stains on your wooden furniture can be an unsightly sore to the eyes. Sometimes when water seeps into the wood and later evaporates, it leaves white rings on it. Clean them up with a steel wool scrub pad soaked in lemon oil. The lemon oil polishes and lubricates the surface, and the scrub cleans it. Just don’t use too much pressure on the scrub, or it’ll scar your furniture.

 4). Club Soda And Salt 

Sometimes you’re drinking red wine, and there is an accident. Spilled wine can ruin your carpets and couches. Start on it immediately, or else it won’t be salvageable. First of all, use paper towels to soak off the excess liquid. Then, sprinkle generous amounts of salt, and pour club soda on the stain. Leave it be for a few hours. Then finish off by blotting off the salt and soda with more towels. 

 5). Teabags

If your floors are hardwood, you need to clean them frequently to keep them shining. You can remove dust, marks, and stains with chemical cleaners, or you can just use tea bags and hot water. Let the tea bags soak in hot water for a while. Take a cloth, drench it in the mixture, drain out the excess by wringing the cloth, now use the damp cloth to wash the floors. It will make them shiny and remove any stain.

 6). Lemon Juice


Rust stains are truly the worst. They are quite hard to remove and do not come off even in multiple rounds of laundry. Only lemon juice can help you in a way that doesn’t destroy the fabric. Pour lemon juice on top of the stain, then apply cream of tartar on it as well. Let the mixture sit for a while and work its magic. Wash off the cloth in the laundry to remove any remaining traces of rust or lemon juice. 

 7). DIY Detergent 

Make your own laundry detergent at home. Mix together two cups of grated soap, borax, and washing soda, each in a quart of boiling water. When it’s well blended, add two gallons of water to finish. For fragrance, you can also add a few drops of your preferred essential oils.

 8). Vinegar, Water, And Newspaper 

Water and dust stains don’t look good on windows. And you can’t wash it off with water because that’ll leave more stains. So, mix two spoons of white vinegar and a gallon of water and fill up a spray bottle with that mixture. Spritz it on the glass surface and wipe it clean with newspaper to get a squeaky clean finish.

Conclusion: DIY stain removers will help you solve all your cleaning problems. Switching to homemade products will keep you and your clothes healthy. If you are too lazy to run to the store and get something, you can always use stuff already present at your home to help you get rid of stains immediately. And if not, there is always the sun. Yes, just soaking off the stain in water and then placing it in sunlight helps fade the stain.