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6 Easy Vegan Instant Pot Recipes

6 Easy Vegan Instant Pot Recipes 

Whether you are merely trying to eat less meat, cook more vibrant and healthy produce, or plant-based meals, you, of course, need to spend more time consuming than cooking. Cooking is all about making ingredients into a dish that is both fast and tasty. Vegan food may typically be perceived as boring and bland, but with the correct recipes, you can do wonders with plant-based ingredients, and you won’t even miss the meat! 

You undoubtedly must have read and heard about Instant Pots in the past few months. More than you have over so many years of your life. Though these miraculous machines have been in the market for ages, their multiple utilities have made them popular like never before. So you must be wondering what these Instant Pots are all about actually. Instant Pots are these fantastic kitchen gadgets that can be used for various dishes ranging from stews and soups to desserts and yogurts. It has many functions that can do the work of at least six different kitchen appliances, and it is the perfect appliance for creating delicious vegan meals. The Instant Pot functions as: 

a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, warming pot, and much more. They even have a slow cooker function that allows you to make your dinner in the morning, ready for your evening meal. 

It is an essential cooking appliance for any busy person who needs to quickly put meals on the table in just a couple of simple steps. If you are a vegan person and find yourself cooking many vegan staples such as lentils or beans, Instant Pot might turn out to be your new best friend. When you are using the Instant Pot, there is no pre-soaking required, and pulses get pressure-cooked in all of half an hr. Your Instant Pot can also cook massive amounts of perfectly fluffy rice. If you are intrigued and searching for a few delicious vegan Instant Pot recipes to make your mealtime unique, check out these incredible vegan food options.


Moroccan Chickpea Tagine

This incredibly flavorful is inspired by Northern Africa using beautiful Moroccan spices and herbs. This dish has a hint of sweetness and bitterness combined. It also has a tasty combination of the savory sauce and sweet lemon finish. You must be wondering what a Tagine is. A traditional tagine is a cooking vessel made out of clay with a broader base than it is tall, and it has a cone-shaped top. Together, both the pieces make a kind of a clay oven, and then it is placed on an open fire for cooking. It is much more fun and authentic to use a traditional Tagine for cooking. However, you can use your Instant Pot to recreate this recipe, though it won’t be real. This recipe typically serves four people. It is simple to do even if you are just a beginner in the world of cooking. Just don’t let the long list of ingredients needed intimidate you. You can serve this dish with sides such as couscous and chermoula.



Vegan Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a very savory and flavorful dish. It is vegan-friendly too. The traditional style of making Jambalaya is with non-vegan ingredients such as sausage, meat, or shrimp. However, you can customize this dish to make it vegan. It can be made with Italian Beyond vegan sausage for extra flavor, but you can always use the regular Beyond flavored sausage because the dish is spicy enough. This dish defines comfort food totally and is a crowd-pleaser. Most people like to use white basmati rice to get great results. 

The spicy hot Italian Beyond sausage lends a great flavor and texture to this recipe, but you use any different brand of spicy vegan sausages that you like. However, links from other brands might not have the same texture when cooked in the Instant Pot. You can add one can of drained and rinsed canned chickpeas or kidney beans for a fake meat-free and gluten-free version of the recipe. You can mix in fresh parsley as a last touch and enjoy the delicious meal.



Cashew Yogurt

Instant Pot serves many purposes, and one of them is making sweet dessert items like yogurt. This cashew yogurt recipe is delicious and healthy and has the same texture as Greek yogurt. This recipe is super simple to follow and makes a perfect breakfast or dessert. You can also preserve it in your refrigerator for up to a week and make yogurt parfaits for breakfast. You can customize it with fresh fruits and berries such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and you can add a drizzle of agave syrup to sweeten it. This recipe will help you make some thick and tangy yogurt right in your home’s comforts with your Instant Pot. Purchasing yogurt from the store can lead to a lot of plastic waste, and you can contribute to the environment and reduce plastic pollution.

Cashew Yogurt


Healthy Steel Cut Oats

If you wonder about more breakfast recipes you can make with your Instant Pot, here is another delicious recipe. The best option to start your day is with a healthy bowl of oatmeal topped with cinnamon and fresh fruits. It is swift and easy to make and will no doubt become your go-to breakfast oatmeal recipe if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare food in the mornings. 

This oatmeal recipe takes just about 2 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook. This recipe yields delicious results with healthy steel cut oats that are dairy-free, soy-free, oil-free, and free of added sugar. It takes just about three ingredients: 1 cup steel-cut oats, 3 cups of any non-dairy milk, and a pinch of salt. This healthy vegan oatmeal can also be pressure cooked in two different ways- a quicker process ideal for people having worked in the morning and a slower process, though both require minimal hands-on time. For a gluten-free oatmeal breakfast, you need to use certified gluten-free oats.



Family Style Lentil Lasagna Soup

This lentil lasagna is flavorful and fresh and healthier than the traditional style. Lentil lasagna is packed full of vegan protein and is topped with creamy vegan cheese. This recipe is the perfect meal to cook if you are cooking for a family or a large group of people. The lentils in the dish melt in your mouth, and the cheesy topping are the perfect finish to this dish. This recipe calls for most store ingredients and essentials in your pantry like spices, lentils, and powders, making the dish much more flavorful and healthy. Lentils are high in vegan protein and add a great texture to this meal. You can serve and decorate this dish with a side of salad or freshly roasted vegetables. It is super easy to cook and is the perfect healthy, plant-based dinner. For final touches, you can add a layer of béchamel sauce and some vegan mozzarella cheese on top and bake it till the cheese has melted, and the lasagna sheets have softened.


Lasagna Soup


Stuffed Butternut Squash

If you are a great fan of stuffed peppers, you loved this delicious recipe of Stuffed Butternut Squash, which is very similar to stuffed peppers. It is a filly of fresh vegetables and has a topping of creamy vegan cheese. The squash itself is delicate and warm, and you can pull it apart, so it becomes spaghetti squash. This dish will make you feel too light and nourished with all the right ingredients. You can serve this stuffed butternut squash dish with sides of sliced avocado and top it with nutritional yeast for an even ‘cheesier’ finish. 

The filling or stuffing of this recipe is made with cauliflower, various vegetables, and seasonings of salt, paper, garlic spices, and vegetable stock powder. After scooping the filling into the butternut squash, you can sprinkle some vegan cheese and chopped parsley and bake it until it has melted. You can garnish the dish with a mouth-watering lemon dressing made with lemon juice, tahini, maple syrup, mustard, salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning. Lastly, throw the sauce onto the stuffed butternut squash, and you are ready to serve.Stuffed Squash



If you spend way too much of your time cooking but not eating, you must be aware that it should be the other way round. With an Instant Pot with you, you can make the most delicious meals in less than 10 minutes, without having to put in practically no work at all. If you have never used Instant Pots before, you need to hit the ground running and buy one of these as they will make your kitchen life a lot easier. 

You even have some of the most delicious vegan meal ideas in the world that you can try out with an Instant Pot. Instant Pots are a six in one appliance and take away the trouble of using different pots and pans for one meal. It replaces the duties of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, etc. You can go about with your routine activities after throwing in ingredients in the Instant Pot and come back later to find a wholly cooked, appealing meal.