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10 Perfect Gifts For Your Vegan Friends


Even though the pandemic has taken much joy off this holiday season, holidays are meant to be a happy time. It is time to select some fantastic gifts for your family and friends. Choosing gifts is always challenging, especially if your friends or family happens to be vegan, then it is indeed a daunting task to select the perfect vegan and cruelty-free gifts. To ease your burden, we bring you ten ideal gift ideas that would make this holiday special for your vegan friend.

PF Candle Co. Soy candles

Not only are these unique, but they are also super cute. The Soy candles from PF candle would make your vegan friend fall in love with its super fantastic fragrance. It is made from soy wax and not beeswax and is 100% handmade. The scent in the candles is phthalate-free, and they come in a variety of sizes, from large to small. 

Vegan Leather Cuff Bracelets (Personalized)

These are perfect if your friend or loved one has a buffy era fashion sense. The bracelets are completely leather-free, making it a perfect vegan gift. The USP of these bracelets is that they can be personalized, giving them a unique touch. When you engrave your friend’s initials or name of them and gift it to them, they would be ecstatic.

Pacifica Lip Tint

Lip balms usually contain beeswax, which is not at all vegan. The Pacifica lip tint does not have any animal product. The gloss acts as an excellent moisturizer and has only a slight hint of color. It is due to the use of essential fatty acids extracted from coconut oil and avocado. Besides, Pacifica is known for its cruelty-free vegan beauty products.

A Reduced Plastic Guide

Your friend would be pumped about plastic reduction as a vegan, so gifting a guide book explaining the same would be an excellent idea. The zero-waste plastic-free starter kit is what your vegan buddy needs this holiday season. Through this one can learn different ways to be plastic-free and identify the plastic alternative in our daily life activities. 

Vegan Sneakers

The Vega sneakers were made famous by Duchess of Sussex Meghan when she wore in on a boat at Sydney Harbor. The shoes are made with raw material obtained from ecological agriculture and organic farming, using polluting factors or chemicals. They are indeed pure environment-friendly sneakers, perfect for your ‘Royal vegan’ friend. 

Dr. Hemspter Vegan Bath Bombs

The vegan environment friendly, animal cruelty-free bath bombs are not only a great gifting choice for your friends but also a great gift to yourself too. These bath bombs are made from refreshing eucalyptus oil and calming lavender; they also contain hemp, vitamin E, and coconut oil. It soothes your winter dried skin and gives its refreshing feel. 

Tofu Gouda Vegan Cheese

Now your vegan friend can fulfill his cheese carvings to their hearts fill through Tofu Gouda. It is a great vegan cheese that is 100% dairy-free. It is made from potatoes and tofu and has the same nutty and buttery taste as the cheese. It can be used with paninis, hot sandwiches, and even pizza. 

Dazzle Vegan Dry Nail Polish

Suppose your vegan friend likes to flaunt their nails, then what better gift than the Dazzle vegan dry nail polish—a completely vegan, harmful chemical (formaldehyde) free Hypoallergenic and cruelty-free product. The unique thing about this nail polish is that it can last as long as the gel polish without needing even UV light. 

Reusable Water Bottles

These water bottles can be your vegan friend’s best gift options. It can be useful in the gym, office, or any weekend outdoor activity. It consists of a stainless steel screw cap that gives it an airtight vacuum—making it an ideal companion for adventure and travel. 

The Little Book of Vegan Snacks

If your vegan friend or loved one is a food lover, then they would love this gift. The little book of vegan snacks has over a dozen delicious but easy vegan food recipes. It focuses on giving you some tasty but healthy and fast cooking vegan cooking ideas that would make your every day filled with joy. It is a gift idea that would be with your friends all their life.


A gift is a symbol for showing our love and appreciation to the person receiving it. It not only shows our admiration for them but also tells them that we care for them. Selecting the right gift is important because the wrong gift might not convey what you are trying to say. If the person receiving the gift is a vegan, it is even more important to take the utmost care. The ten gifts shown here are perfect for every vegan friend. You can select your preference and see the smile on the face of your friend when they open your gift.