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10 Delicious Vegan Chocolate Brands


Here is a list of the ten best vegan chocolate brands which will prove being vegan is a matter of choice than sacrifice. Being vegan is a way to say – no cruelty to animals.

Chocolates are symbolic of happiness and love. Chocolates stimulate your brain cells and protect your skin. They have flavonoids which are a plant-based chemical that is essential for your overall wellness. It is an incredible snack, an excellent choice to satisfy your sweet tooth, and a comfortable mix for recipes. If you are a dark chocolate fan, it is even better since cocoa-rich chocolate bars are full of antioxidants. Just remember to look for chocolate bars having cocoa ingredients more than 70 percent.

Can a Chocolate be Truly Vegan?

The main ingredient in a bar of chocolate is the pod of cocoa which comes from a plant. In commercial or standard chocolate bars, milk and milk fats are added with sugar. A vegan chocolate bar contains cocoa, sugar, soy lecithin, and coca butter replaces the animal fat. These bars are full of nutrients like fruits, nuts, coconut, and a few spices like cinnamon, pepper, or cardamom. Vegan chocolates are high in quality with no animal ingredients, no additives, and no milk products. Vegan milk chocolates are also commercially available. These chocolates use non-dairy-based milk such as rice milk, almond milk, or soy milk.

10 Delicious Vegan Chocolate Brands.

We have selected the best vegan chocolate brands that are sweet and bitter, dark and white, and will lift your mood from the blues. 

   HuAlmond Butter + Puffed Quinoa Dark Chocolate

This chocolate bar does not contain dairy products, refined sugar, palm oil, cane sugar, soy lecithin, emulsifiers, sugar alcohol, and this is 100% gluten-free. This bar is 70% dark chocolate along with almond butter and puffed quinoa. Organic unrefined coconut sugar and organic cocoa make this vegan chocolate bar very special. One serving size of 30 grams of this chocolate bar has 180 calories.

   Montezuma’s Absolute Black Dark Chocolate with Almond and Sea Salt

It is one of the best dark chocolate and sea salt recipe that you will ever try. Combination of almond, sea salt with dark chocolate is truly unique. Another wonderful thing about this vegan chocolate bar is that it does not contain sugar. All these ingredients make it a brilliant choice not only for vegans but those on a keto diet as well. It is gluten-free and made of coconut milk. Per serving contains 150 calories.

   Blue Stripe Ancient Cacao Bar 70% Dark

Early native traditions inspire this vegan chocolate, and it retains the distinct texture of raw cacao beans and their wild aroma. Blue stripes vegan chocolate bar is all about the benefits of cocoa. This bar contains many antioxidants, magnesium, and other nutrients; it is low on fats, carbs, and sugar. Per serving contains about 90 calories.

   Theo’s Organic Ginger 70% Dark Chocolate

This vegan chocolate bar is organic, and the product is from smallholder farms; the company’s motto is fairness and wellbeing for all. The spicy ginger adds some zing to its flavor. The ingredients used are 100% organic and gluten-free. Per serving contains 160 calories and does not contain cholesterol and sodium.

   Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

It has buttercups to its wrapper and name, but this is a Vegan Chocolate bar. This bar is all about creaminess with the goodness of peanuts. These chocolate bars have organic peanuts and organic cocoa. The palm oil used in the bar is also sourced sustainably.

   Raw Halo 76% Dark

It is one of the most tempting straight bars of dark chocolate. It does not have regular sugar because the sweetness comes from coconut sugar. It has a high volume of cocoa which means it is even better for your health. You can chew it; however, we prefer you let it melt slowly in your mouth. This way, you will feel the flavor exploding in your mouth. The product is made from ethically origin single base cocoa and uses certified organic products.

   Booja Booja Dairy Free Fine de Champagne Truffles

These are award-winning vegan truffles. If you taste one of these, you will be surprised to know that these are gluten-free, non-dairy, and without soy. It has 56 =% dark chocolate, which is lower than a bar of standard dark chocolate, but it is a good choice. It is silky smooth with a buttery flavor that will melt in your mouth. The packaging is splendid, which makes it suitable as a gift pack too. The chocolate bar provides 583 calories per 100 grams.

   Willie’s Cacao Luscious Orange

This vegan chocolate has an orange flavor which makes it even better. Only your mouth can tell how tangy and chocolaty it is. Its natural and pure ingredients contain 65% cocoa, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, and orange oil. Cocoa for this chocolate comes from the Baracoa region of Cuba’s eastern tip island, and the beans used to produce this vegan chocolate bar have a delicate honey flavor. One serving size of this bar contains 558 calories.

   Vivani White Nougat Crisp Rice Chocolate

It is difficult to find a vegan white chocolate bar, but this white chocolate bar is perhaps the most convincing. It contains nougat and vegan rice milk powder, and this combination makes it creamy and sweet.  This product is gluten-free and 100% certified organic. The high volumes of hazelnuts in this chocolate make it hard to differentiate from the taste of a non–vegan chocolate bar. It is a great snacking option for everyone. One serving size of this bar has 586 calories.

   Endangered Species 88% Dark Chocolate

This soft and velvety dark chocolate that is delightfully dark has only 3 grams of sugar. The vital aspect of this vegan dark chocolate is 88% cocoa with a spicy and fruity flavor. This company donates its net profit to wildlife conservation, which is why vegans love this brand. Its ingredients contain bittersweet chocolate, soy lecithin, vanilla, and cane sugar. Per serving has 180 calories. 

How to Choose a Vegan Chocolate Bar?

Some chocolate may proclaim themselves as vegan, but many of these are not vegan. You may also think that all dark chocolate bars are vegan, sadly it is also not true. Here are the key things you should look out for when you decide to buy a vegan chocolate bar.

    1. Kind of Butter Used. As we are aware, the key ingredient in a bar of chocolate is cocoa butter, also called ‘Theobroma oil.’ This cocoa butter is expensive, so traditional butter is mixed in preparation to cut down the cost. Look for the ingredients; a vegan chocolate bar will have a plant substitute like palm oil or soy-based butter. However, a pure bar will contain only cocoa butter which will melt in your mouth because it has the same melting temperature as a human body.
    2. Check for the Manufacturing Process. Most of the commercial chocolates have milk in them. The sad part is that the production lines for vegan chocolates are also the same. Your vegan bar will therefore contain traces of milk. Ensure that a separate production line is used for vegan bars. Also, be assured that almond milk or soy milk as an ingredient on the label.
    3. Choose High-end Chocolate Brands. If you want a bar of high-quality vegan chocolate, ensure that only cocoa butter is in it and no other kind of butter or substitute. The best way is to ask the manufacturer if they have a separate production line. If they don’t have the right answer, look for some other brand. A good brand will never keep you in any doubt.
    4. Look for the Vegan Symbol. The symbol ‘V’ denotes vegans; lookout for it. 


Hopefully, all you vegans will love these ten delicious vegan chocolate brands. These are safe for people with lactose intolerance, and others should also try these. All these products are free of animal fat or dairy products. These vegan chocolate bars are also rich in nutrients and energy.